Catching games online.

  • Hey KU Fans. I am considering cutting some expenses. Cable is stupid expensive here and I was wondering if anyone knows a good way of catching all the KU games online. I have a subscription to espn.go and watched the KU game online last night since it was not on the tv channels where I am. Is there a way for me to be sure of catching all the games? Or at least most of them?

  • If you have Comcast and get a package with all ESPN channels, you should be able to get about 80-90% of the games. Basic cable might get you the games shown by CBS (3 games) or FOX (1 game), although, when I lived in Vermont (89-91), any simulcast would favor a Big East or ACC matchup rather than a Big12. Be prepared to watch more of Syracuse, Pitt, Georgetown and Villanova than you ever wanted.

    If you look at our schedule you’ll see that nearly every game is covered by ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU or ESPN Networks (that would be ESPN3).

    ESPN3 webcasts the games provided by the Jayhawk Network. But you can’t watch ESPN3 (legally) without a Comcast account.

    The games that I am not sure about are games listed as Jayhawk TV (3 games). I think those games have different rights and can’t be viewed online and require some special package to be seen on TV… I could be wrong.

    Hope this is accurate and helpful.

  • @Lulufulu We are cutting cable soon as well, we bought AppleTV and it has the WatchESPN ap on it, but you have to have a cable subscription to use it.

    In our research for live sports, it seems that most of the web sites have been shut down by the NCAA or FBI, such as Others that are out there are basically scams to infect your computer with Malware.

    I guess you could tap into your neighbors cable, er i.e. get their login and pw for their cable, so you can use watchespn or espn3. I have no knowledge if this is legal or not and can not say to use it. It’s just a thought.

    Some of the streaming services also blackout the local market for games online, so depending on where you live KU games might be blacked out.

    Let me know if you find any other ways of streaming them.

    ps we are waiting until at least Tuesday to cut our cable.

  • @bskeet

    You wrote…

    "ESPN3 webcasts the games provided by the Jayhawk Network. But you can’t watch ESPN3 (legally) without a Comcast account."

    That is not exactly true. ESPN3 is not limited to Comcast; you can have ESPN3 as long as your ISP has a subscription to it; I am with Consolidated Communications/SureWest in Olathe and it has a subscription to ESPN3 and I can watch any sports program except KU’s teams. ESPN3 is blacked out for all ISP provider in Kansas.

    The only way to watch these games is if your ISP has a subscription to Metro Sports, the Time Warner Channel that has the contract with KU’s Athletic Department. Comcast has a subscription to Metro Sports (at least in the KC Metro area) so the games can be seen on the regular channel Comcast assigns to Metro Sports. The ESPN3 stream on Comcast Internet is also blacked out on Comcast Internet. BTW, The Metro Sports Channel is not part of Comcast’s basic package, you have to get an updates package with an extended channel lineup (most of them truly worthless) that includes Metro Sports. It is a racket and KU’s Athletic Department is smack in the middle of it.

    By the way. did you know that the black out of ESPN3 in the State of Kansas is not limited to football and men’s basketball? It includes all sports including women’s basketball and volleyball. Un-effing-believable!!!

  • First row sports is always an option. It’s certainly not the best quality, but it works. I stream the games from first row on my playstation. Better than not watching.

  • @JRyman Im going to hang on to my cable until I know I have a viable option. I really dont want to miss any games at all! Thanks for the words of wisdom.

  • @MoonwalkMafia interesting. I’ll check that out, thanks!

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