Wiggins gets NBA career high-Timberwolves win.

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  • I hate to give this video it’s own thread so I hope you don’t mind if I tag it along here. It’s about Sleazy Cal and addressing his vacated FF.

    Sleaze Warning

    In the video JC talks about “getting players to the NBA”. This has always bugged me when people (coaches, sports reports, fans) talk about a coach getting kids to the NBA. Does anyone here in Bucketland ™ actually think Bill Self got Andrew Wiggins to the NBA? Was Wiggins not already a for sure thing??? Just like Anthony Davis, D. Rose, Nerlens, DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall, ect… Did Rick Barnes get KD there? Did Frank get Beasley there? Did any of these coaches really get these already top level talented guys to the NBA? Can Kobe’s and KG’s high school coaches say they got them there? If the NBA didn’t have the OAD rule and all of these guys could have gone pro right out of high school would any of them went to their respective schools??

  • @Kip_McSmithers Kip, never a worry man-most likely your post/link will run more comments anyway. RCJH

  • Interesting-sure sounds like a great pitch to recruits and their families. What kids and families will hear from this is “College Titles vacated doesn’t stack up to degrees and/or NBA.” Sounds like a very convincing counter.

  • @Kip_McSmithers Great reply. If I had three flippin thumbs they’d all be up !!

  • Calipari -

    What a tool. He turned his defense into being a nice guy only there to help kids and their families. Really? He turned the entire thing into a recruiting sales pitch.

    He spoke like he was Santa Claus to half the world. What about the reputations of the institutions UMass and Memphis? Why didn’t he try to stay and fight the fight? The only thing any of us really have is our character and reputations. Money is printed paper.

    What I found funny about this interview was Seth. In the beginning he seemed to want to defend Cal, but by the end of the interview he couldn’t hold back the laughter from interviewing a clown.

    So Cal creates $300 billion that he sprinkles out over the heads of humanity, to help all the hungry children of the world. Why doesn’t he just feed Africa with that $300 billion? And HE graduated 80 kids. Really… well… maybe so. Maybe while the Justice Department is investigating UNC they need to follow the paper class trail to Calipari. Maybe he did actually graduate 80 (personally).

    And the answer is a resounding “NO!” Bill Self didn’t get Wiggins to the NBA. Bill Self and Kansas had just a little more impact of taking Wiggins to the NBA as United Airlines did in flying him there. I mean a little, tiny, weensy bit!

  • @drgnslayr Correct. But he totally deflected it and put a different spin on it. Most folks on this board can see it plainly and care about the institution and the program and the kids and families. He ignores the institutional and program damage. This seems scripted for recruits and parents heading to NCAAB.

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  • @Kip_McSmithers Barnes said a few years ago he would rather get his players drafted than win titles.

    To me that shows he has no loyalty to Texas, the team it’s self or the role players.

    Then again if you retire and hang a jersey from the rafters for a guy who played one season at your school who only split the Big12 regular season title with KU and lost to KU in the finals of the Big12 turny. Only having a 4 seed in the NCAA turny and getting upset by USC in the second round.

    Then sure I get Rick Barnes being more concerned about getting guys into the NBA.

    He couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag.

  • Here’s the thing with Calipari.

    The UMass thing is not connected to him at all. The allegations were always that two agents approached Camby and gave him things to represent him when he left for the NBA after the season. There was no alleged recruiting violation, as this happened during Camby’s junior season. Calipari was not ever alleged to have been involved. UMass forfeited the games because Camby was ineligible, not because Calipari had some wrongdoing in the scenario.

    With Rose, the allegation was twofold. 1, that his SAT score was invalid and 2, that his brother had traveled with the team for free. The SAT issue is a bit misleading, because the score was not invalidated until after Rose’s freshman year in college. Basically, his score was good until after he declared for the draft, then was retroactively invalidated, making him ineligible after the fact. He had a valid score during his entire freshman year and was technically eligible that entire time. As for the travel, that was a violation, but it was a violation in much the same vein as some of the travel issues that have hit many programs (KU included) regarding impermissible travel.

    Other than the travel of Reggie Rose, Calipari was not involved in any of the alleged misconduct. He didn’t introduce the agents to Camby. He didn’t change Rose’s high school grades or test scores. Yet everyone links him with alleged “cheating”.

  • @justanotherfan To play Devils advocate, Pete Carroll left UCS before any violations came down by the NCAA even though he wasn’t linked to Reggie Bush’s agents or parents house.

    It makes them look guilty because they left before the Fit hit the Shan. As would you if you were walking out of a house before the cops got there and there was a dead person inside. You may not have killed that person, but since you left and didn’t call 911, you look pretty damn guilty in the eyes of the people.

    Perception has a lot to do with things.

  • @Kip_McSmithers Great post and thanks for trashing Cal. Always fun.

    Cal does not develop players. He gets NBA ready talent to come to college for a year (two at max) and as you say he uses it to his best recruiting advantage. Coach Self seems to be getting more and more NBA ready talent in the last few years but he truly did get certain guys into the NBA and / or playing pro ball over seas. Jeff Withey would not be where he is without Bill. The Morris Twins, TRob, Darnell Jackson…hell, I think you can say Tarick Black even with only one year of Bill Self. Self has an incredible ability to develop players into NBA players and often into lottery picks.

  • I can’t prove anything with either Camby or Rose. But like @JRyman says, if you find yourself routinely walking out of houses with dead people inside people are going to start to wonder about you. This article links D. Rose to Detroit, which is WWW’s hometown. And WWW is Sleaze’s BFF.

    This article claims Cal had a hand in the SAT

    When these scandals follow you around it’s hard for most to believe you had no part in it. Does HCJC actually have that bad of luck?? If HCBS had a kid get paid by agents at Tulsa and then another kid have a falsified SAT plus high school transcript at Illinois would you have your doubts??

    @jaybate-1.0 : you might like that article. Has a connection with WWW, Nike, and one of our former recruits Malik Hairston.

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    The article you link to alleges Calipari’s involvement, but the NCAA report never identifies Calipari in having a role in it. I am quite sure that if the NCAA could nail Cal, they would.

    The truth is that, much like our own Darrell Arthur situation, the allegations about Rose go back to high school grades. There are allegations that Rose and several HS teammates had grades changed then to keep them eligible. Trying to tie Calipari to the Rose grade and test situation is tenuous at best, as it looks more likely that some folks in the Chicago school system played a role in that to help out Simeon HS moreso than Cal did for Memphis.

    Simply put, there has never been any proof of Cal’s involvement with either scandal. He walked away, but many coaches walk away from smaller programs (UMass for an NBA job, Memphis for a power conference job at a historic school). There aren’t many coaches that would not make those moves if offered.

  • @justanotherfan

    It is called “plausible deniability” and Calipari is the master of the trade. He gets other people to do the dirty work while conveniently staying away and apparently “uninformed,” this is why nothing seems to stick to “Teflon Cal”…so far.

  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S_JjGZYpy7I

    Wiggins video This is funny! Hopefully some nice person will fix this! Thanks!

    Here you go…

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I’d argue he uses the same methods that it appears Roy Williams has used regarding the academic issues at UNC. Whether that sticks to him (or Roy, for that matter) is still to be determined.

  • @justanotherfan

    It is called the Hillary Clinton Defense. During the White Water scandal, the clients claimed that they followed the legals advice received from her; of course, she claimed amnesia. Now, if she knowingly gave them bad advise, it makes her a corrupt attorney, if she gave them poor advice then this makes her an incompetent attorney, it has to be one or the other, amnesia notwithstanding.

    Now if Roy Williams knew about the classes and did nothing, then. this makes him corrupt, if he did not know about them (knowingly or not) that makes him an incompetent manager, claims that it was not really his job notwithstanding. You can not really have it both ways…

  • @justanotherfan : The article I linked claims Rose’s SAT score that made the cut for the NCAA was taken in Detroit though. Does that not seem odd to you? Is there not a testing site closer?

    Here’s more on World Wide. GQ article IMO, just being associated to this guy makes you shady. Funny how Selby was suspended but Wagner wasn’t back in the day?

    You bring up Shady. Did you know that he was actually cleared. Rose wasn’t though. That’s the difference. Arthur’s Grades Cleared

    I’ve brought this up before and I’ll say it again. Cal + UK = $$$ for NCAA. The NCAA are gold diggers. You think they want to divorce their sugar daddy??? 😉

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    I never said that I didn’t believe that something shady happened with the Rose test scores. I said that I don’t believe Calipari was involved. Big difference.

    Let me regress a bit. Back when I was in high school there was a kid that made money taking the ACT for other students. In the Kansas City area at the time there were probably 30 test sites within reasonable driving distance. This kid would basically show up at a random test site and take the test for a kid. He wasn’t testing for athletes, either. He would basically take the ACT for kids that wanted to score 30+ on the ACT for academic scholarship purposes. It was easy to do because this kid was just a regular dude. Normal looking high school age guy, not really any sort of standout features or anything. Whether he took the test on the Kansas side or the Missouri side, chances that anyone would recognize him were pretty low because he was pretty unremarkable. And this isn’t the only case of it. You can look here, and here for more on that phenomenon.

    So let’s apply this to Derrick Rose. He was a bit of a celebrity in high school. Anywhere in Chicago he would have been easily recognized. So he travels up to Detroit to take the test (there was proof that he was in Detroit the weekend the test was administered). Nobody has ever been able to indicate who actually took the test for Rose, though. Something happened, and it was questionable, but no one has ever been able to connect it to Memphis or Cal, other than the fact that the score was thrown out, making Rose retroactively ineligible.

    @Kip_McSmithers, another thing to ponder is that had both Rose and Arthur been declared ineligible, the national final would have been completely vacated for that season. The NCAA can’t have that happen. One of the most interesting what ifs is the what if of Mario’s shot missing. If that happens, I think the reverse happens - Arthur is ruled ineligible, Rose is cleared. That way you have a champion, but you also have the NCAA nailing a “cheater”.

    I guess that’s why I have always taken a very casual approach to this whole situation - glass houses and such.

  • NCAA didn’t investigate Shady’s grades. Dallas schools did. Why Detroit? Why not Milwaukee? Fort Wayne? Madison? Somewhere not 4.5 hours away?

  • Good stuff!

  • That’s crazy about the kid taking others ACTs. I can’t recall the protocol for when I took the ACT wayyyyy back in the day but when I took my boards 7 or so years ago they didn’t mess around. Just short of DNA testing to prove my identity 🙂

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