What if KU matches their pre-season ranking of #5?

  • We don’t know how the season will play out, but based on what we know and our instincts, let’s imagine that KU actually ends up with a final ranking of #5.

    Are you:

    1. Satisfied… because that’s about where you expect they will be.
    2. Disappointed… because it means they under-achieved.
    3. Excited… because it means they over-achieved.

  • I think Self and Co really learned a lot from last years squad which was clearly one of the most talented teams but had issues playing Self ball consistently. I think Self has made major strides in changing the status qua and trying to mold this team differently then the past. I think if those changes translate to the court then I’m confident we will go far and have a great yr. If we don’t improve upon last years mistakes then we could be looking at more L’s than last yr because the big 12 is stacked again, the round robin schedule only furthers the difficulty of staying on top. We’ve had the most remarkable run in recent sports history regardless of sport.

    5 would mean an Elite 8 finish with a stellar record, most likely meaning another league crown, and league tourney championship. I would be okay with it on paper. Now emotions of how we lose in the tournament would certainly play a role in how okay I would be with 5 in the end. Its a lot easier to say its okay when you don’t know what the future may hold

  • As a fan, this is what I try NOT to do.

    Things are going to happen during the year, and hopefully we will be in a good position at the end. Injuries, ineligibility, etc., all impact what happens.

    I never want to go into a year with EXACT expectations. Sure, I have expectations, but those will adjust as the year plays out.

    I set my expectation bar low by many Jayhawk fan expectations. I expect us to make the Sweet 16, and I think that is still a very high expectation. Expectations and desires are not the same thing. What if Cliff and Wayne go down to injuries, Kelly commits a crime and is booted from the team? Then what? To be honest, I’d still hope we could reach my base expectation with what we have left.

    I desire another NC. I want it bad! We are due! But I’m not going to expect that or anything close to it.

  • I am with drgnslayr on this. My hopes are: conference championship; don’t care about conf tournament; get past the first weekend; play to our seed. If we lose our streak or don’t make the sweet 16 yes I will be disappointed. How I take our last loss depends on how we lose.

  • During a “normal” season, I expect KU to make it to the Sweet 16. A first round loss is a major disappointment, a second round loss a minor disappointment; advancing to the Sweet 16 is the minimum expected outcome, any thing beyond that is as bonus. Of course, depending on the team, some losses can be more disappointing than others, such as the 2011 loss to VCU, when KU had an easy path to the finals, and some wins more rewarding, such as the 2012 run to the finals.

  • You know my answer. Elite 8 sucks.

    I contrast that to what we’re seeing with the KC Royals. Everything is gravy. If they don’t win the world series, I will sleep well. If they would have gotten swept by the O’s, I would have slept well. Once they beat the A’s, the rest was/is to simply be appreciated.

    Different expectations. Different justified expectations.

    We are Kansas.

    I take @drgnslayr’s quote and modify it just a bit, “I desire another NC. I want it bad! We are due! And I am going to expect it.”

    It is a national championship season until it isn’t.

  • It’s interesting that Final Fours are probably the goal for all but about 15-20 college teams. While it’s nice to be recognized for it, and we count them as fans, (8 since I came to KU in 86), ultimately they’re not real satisfying. 2012 may be the exception, as that team exceeded what was expected.

    I really don’t see any team standing in our way of playing for the NC this year unless we run into Kentucky.

  • @wissoxfan83 We’’ see them the first time in the Champions Classic in Indianapolis Nov 18th, & for the marbles appx 4 1/2 months later, April 4th or 6th, also in Indy but this time in the dome…and we will !! Rock Chalk !!

  • @HighEliteMajor …But what you really want is another Conference Championship…

  • @HighEliteMajor

    “I take @drgnslayr’s quote and modify it just a bit, “I desire another NC. I want it bad! We are due! And I am going to expect it.””

    HEM… you are a NBC (Natural Born Coach)! You have what it takes!

  • National championship. I think we have all the tools necessary for a title. We will be back to our usual perch among the nation’s best defensive crews, and our offense will have multiple weapons. We should be a better ball handling team, with much better passing than last year. The sky is the limit with this group.

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