Bill Self will answer questions for 30 minutes

  • Big 12 media day is here. At 3:40 HCBS will be answering questions for 30 min. Hopefully it clears up some of our questions Like the pg situation and how Mickelson/Lucas are developing? I personally cant wait!

    The link and count down is here:

    Kansas men’s basketball coach Bill Self will discuss the upcoming season at the team’s annual media day inside Allen Fieldhouse Thursday. Scheduled to speak at 3:40 from the media room, Self will field questions from the media for about 30 minutes.

  • @Statmachine 8 days to late night-Like Mills Lane said…“Lets get it on !!”

  • HCBS doing stand up last night did you guys watch this? Its pretty funny…

  • @Statmachine said:

    great video, class act right there in Bill Self.

  • @Statmachine

    Best lines of the video…

    "You guys are so damn smart…you think you are because I don’t know anything about anything other than what I try to do which is coach ball, but you are so damn smart that you not only know everything about what you do but everything about what I should be doing and I don’t think it’s really fair, I don’t evaluate your trade every time you open the door for business…"

    Or words to that effect. Priceless.

  • Self compares Graham to Aaron Miles. Wow. That’s a positive!

    He says Alexander is physically the same as T-Rob… also promising!

    Self is considering pressing this year… he thinks he has the players that can make the press work…

    Self says that last years team wasn’t as tough as typical KU team… and says the staff didn’t do what was necessary to toughen them up.

  • @bskeet someone needs to post uniform pics, traditional fans will like them! Some interesting stuff!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @bskeet NP it was fun. I had some help from Approx.

  • Sounds like Lucas, Traylor, Ellis, and Alexander will be our front court rotation. Bill Self sounds like he Really Really likes our guards a lot! Putting Greene, Svi, or Oubre at the 4 at times to play a 4 guard line up sounds good as long as they can defend. HCBS said Wayne, Oubre, and Mason were our best defenders.

  • @Statmachine I thought he said Svi instead of Wayne

    @mctait: Self highlighted Frank Mason, Kelly Oubre and Svi as three guys that could really get out and guard guys… #KUbball

  • @JRyman I knew you would!

  • @Statmachine nothing to encouraging about Conner or Hunter.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    They are:


    Old school

    Nothing Baylor would never think of wearing.

    Something OKst, KSU or Mizlose could ever come close to wearing let alone touching.



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  • @JRyman said:


    They are:


    Old school

    Nothing Baylor would ever think of wearing.

    Something OKst, KSU or Mizlose could ever come close to wearing let alone touching.



  • @JRyman

    I like them. They are classic and traditional…just like us old fans like them.

  • Here’s my favorite photo:

  • @JayHawkFanToo Now we know how Coach Self really feels about this subject. I am very happy he put it out there. Thanks!

  • Basketball is here! Heck, I’m still pulling tomatoes and peppers from my garden.

    Svi better shorten his name or grow a broader chest to make it easier for the embroiderer.

    What popped out on me was Self’s praise of Landen… saying he’ll compete head-to-head with Cliff for minutes. I know, I know… it’s Self talking… maybe it means he’s trying to motivate Cliff to distinguish his game. Or… maybe Landen really improved his game as much as Self has inferred. I’m hoping for the second… and so far, Landen has made major leaps each year. If he improved over the summer as much as he did last year, he will earn some minutes.

  • @drgnslayr it will be a bonus if Landon can give us minutes! Anyone think there’s a negative vib about Conner and Hunter?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    “Anyone think there’s a negative vib about Conner and Hunter?”

    I didn’t really pick up on that.

    I would have liked to hear Coach say that Conner has strengthened up quite a bit over the summer. I think he nailed Conner’s issues concerning becoming a top-notch college player. He has to be more than a shooter. I think he is such a competitor that he’ll do whatever it takes to find a way to contribute to this team. Look what he did down the stretch last year. You can bet he will be more capable this year, and so I’d expect him to find a way to contribute to this team.

    It sounds like Devonte will be hard to keep out of the lineup… great! He must be very talented if he gets the nod so early on in his career.

    I picked up a positive on Hunter. Self said he is definitely our best shot blocker and pointed out that he had better numbers than JoJo did last year (when he was at Arkansas). We’ve all heard he has improved his vertical something like 6 inches. I kind of expect him to be another Cole… who was a nobody until he showed up in the NCAA tournament. I just think Hunter will show up a long time before March!

    I kind of think Self wants to keep Hunter under wraps mostly until later. These young kids need to learn how to play defense, and the motivation is there when they can’t count on being bailed out by a shot blocker. Last year… everyone played soft and a part of that was because they knew JoJo was around to clean up their mess. It is wise to keep Hunter on the bench for the early part of this season while this team forms it’s identity.

    The identity of this team needs to be “scrappy.” That is the last identity I would give last year’s team. We’ve got so many tough, athletic kids now. We should be able to become a scrappy defensive team. That will help us gain more possessions… hopefully enough to counter if we don’t rebound as well as previous teams. But if we are true scrappers, we’ll own a nice rebounding margin, too.

    Last year was a strange year. The NCAA played with these kids’ heads with their rule enforcement mods that went over the top early on. The allowance to play physical ball was constantly tinkered with by refs mixing up how they call games. I think they did a great job of throwing a monkey wrench into the works for all coaches who count strictly on a M2M defense. We are one of those teams.

    So let’s all hope this year doesn’t start with the NCAA trying to re-educate everyone on a new philosophy. I know I’m not expecting that. I know the old strong defensive armbar is gone from the college game, and that’s okay. But what isn’t cool is the NCAA trying to educate everyone by having refs call ticky-tack touches to prove a point.

    We should all be glad that players like Marcus Smart were around last year to experience the “experimental year” in college basketball. His flops accentuated how games were being called too tightly and how the focus was on calling strict on the defensive player while letting the offensive player do anything. I’m positive that the mockery created by players like Smart helped kick the NCAA into a bit fairer medium. If they didn’t do that, March would have been a huge mess with everyone screaming at how games were called and how refs decided the National Champion.

  • @drgnslayr

    While I did not necessarily get a negative vibe on Hunter, the fact that the seems so exited about Lucas makes me think he will get more minutes than Hunter. Again, nothing specific, just a gut feeling and I could be wrong.

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