Royals Take the Wildcard-YAAAAY-YA!!!

  • It was a mini marathon & the Royals outlasted the A’s in 12 innings by the final of 9-8. I’ll be honest with you brother & sister board rats, this is the first game I’ve watched start to finish in so many years I can’t even estimate the number. When they tied it in the 9th, I slipped out for a nip & sipped a couple every inning till the 12th when I was down to the last in the bottle & purposely saved it for an indulgence with a potential symbolic Red Auerback victory cigar. And that’s where I’m headin’ now boys & girls, the taste of victory is…Christian Brothers, aged in oak barrels & a real Cuban Cohiba from the humidor (fridge). What the hell, I’ll smoke it anyway !!

  • @globaljaybird that was awesome!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 The deed is done girl. The 29 year monkey is off their backs. Vaguely reminds me of the 08 NC when I was too wired to rack out but had to get up at 4:30 am to get to work. Damn sure made it too. Am a little more soothed now, but this time am off tomorrow & after all, it’s just one game. Still, is PDG-not real pretty but we’ll take it.

  • I have to say that I don’t really care much about baseball and don’t really watch many games, partly because the Royals have not done much of anything in a long time

    However, I watched the entire game and I have to admit it was pretty intense. The crowd was heavily involved…I guess you would be if you wait 29 years to cheer for your team in post-season. Last night the crowd at Arrowhead was also unbelievable and broke the Guinness World record for loudness one more time. I f you ever attend a Sporting KC soccer game, the crowd is probably the best in the country, and the favorite place to play for the National Team and the stadium is always sold out. All in all, the KC area has some of the best fans in the country, and since KU has the largest alumni base of any school in the KC metro area, it is a safe bet that most of those fans are also KU fans…which explains a lot. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • So happy right now… sitting in my Royals gear in Northern California 😉

  • @bskeet Gotta admit. I can relate to @JayHawkFanToo with what he posted above. The Royals have been so pitiful for so long that I’ve been a typical fair weather fan for decades. Don’t recall the last time I sat & watched an entire game. Poor Ned used pert near all his pitchers last night so haven’t yet heard if he’s named a starter for game 1 in Anaheim. Also I have to laugh thinking cheap O David Glass probably bought them cases of Andre Cold Duck for the clubhouse celebration instead of Dom Perignon !!

  • That’s one of the craziest games I have ever seen. They tried to lose and found a way to win. Just absolutely nuts.

  • @JayHawkFanToo While my sisters in KC are Royal & chiefs fans, one is such a KSU homer she and her husband refuse to wear red or blue clothes.

  • @JayhawkRock78 They must be a BLAST during basketball season!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @nuleafjhawk They go into hiding as it the winter is unbearable.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    Doesn’t she know that Both the Chiefs and the Royals wanted to wear Crimson and Blue uniforms and ended up splitting in half, the Chief wear Crimson and the Royals wear Blue…and purple (and black and gold) is worn by the concession attendants where most KSU and MU grads work anyway. 🙂

  • @globaljaybird lol - I’m glad you thoroughly enjoyed the game! I opted to watch " The Voice " (which I also thoroughly enjoyed) then flipped channels for a few minutes. When I saw the game, KC was behind 7-3 in the 7th, I believe. I said out loud, to myself, " stupid Royals " and decided to go to bed early…

  • @nuleafjhawk In resignation I hit the shower when they went down 7-3, but am off today so came back to the game in the 8th & was so thrilled I toughed it out. Sometimes you actually get a chance to see a little bit of history made when you least expect it. Like @JayHawkFanToo stated above, was really intense. Lots of stolen bases, scoring, crowd involvement, most exciting game I’ve seen them play since the 1985 game 6 of the Series. I also thought they would fold, but those scrappy little mutts found the damn bone then buried it. Even one of the announcers called it “small baseball” That’s what players call Japanese BB-bunting, sacrificing, few homers, etc. Typically when a MLB power hitter ends up in the Japanese league, he’s intentionally walked time & again & rarely gets the op to do his thing. As far back as the late 60’s I can recall Reggie Smith of the Red Sox calling it “Little Baseball.” But even Aioki got a huge sac fly in their comeback. The best adjective I could think of at the moment Salvy hit the game winner was “astonishing.” He was like 0-5 or 6 when he came through in the clutch.

  • @nuleafjhawk if you watched them at all this year, they never give up and have come from behind, way to often!😬

  • Hell of a ballgame made even more exciting by a bonehead pitching change on the part of the Royals. And Finnegan, from college World Series to 2 fantastc relief innings in a wild card game. Plus a ballsy theft of third base by Dyson. What a ballgame! (beer)

    @globaljaybird Those 0-5 guys are the ones that scare me in late innings cause you know sooner or later they’re gonna make good contact. And instead of “small ball” I think of it as excelling in the fundamentals.

  • @brooksmd +100 !!

  • I was sitting 11 rows behind home plate from 1976-1978 when they won three straight division championships. Harold Ensley and all the player’s wives were around us. I never watched another game until the 1985 World Series. Was happy to hear that they won last night and hope they keep it up.

    I have a George Brett Christmas ornament that I put on my tree every year that was issued by Hallmark on the 20th anniversary of the 85 World Series.

    Remember Al Hrabosky (The Mad Hungarian or Hungo)?

  • @RockChalkinTexas Glad you mentioned Brett. Great camera shot of Brett at the end of the game with his hands on his head and a smile. Looked like he’d been holding his breath.

  • @RockChalkinTexas Heavens yes I remember Hrabosky-psyching himself up behind the mound, rubbing krap outta the ball, slamming it in his glove, then stomping up on the hill & staring down the hitter like Mike Tyson after he watched someone eat a flippin squab. I remember old Harold Ensley too. I believe it was the late 50’s when we used to watch his fishing show, The Sportsman’s Friend, from Wichita tv. One of the nicest older gentlemen we ever met. Year after year my sons & I talked with him at the Sportshow at Bartle. Darrel Porter was often a regular there in the early 80’s too. When my boy’s place was burglarized a couple weeks ago, his autographed George Brett BB was one item that was not taken. He was really tickled to still have it. Our baseball roots run deep. He called me from the jobsite outside of Augusta last night & asked me to tape the game for him as he’s flying back for the weekend to meet with police & insurance reps. Then, out of the blue he told me he has 2 tickets to a vendors suite at the Sprint Cup race Sunday, pit passes, parking pass, the works. The pre race concert is Joe Nichols, whom I really dig, but have never seen live. Should be a great finale to a special week in Metro sports this week…Now if we can swipe one from the Angels…

  • loads of memories with your posts. I remember my grandfather watching Harold. “Gone fisin”, instead, of just, a-wishin’"

  • @globaljaybird That’s what I remember about Hrabosky too! Was always a treat to see him and guess what he would do next. Darrell Porter was a fav too. Freddie Patek, Frank White, Willie Wilson, Clint Hurdle and Hal McRae showed up every game and were workhorses. Harold Ensley had to have been in his late 80’s when I sat by him and was such a gentleman. Have fun at the Speedway. My brother worked for the concrete company out of Leavenworth that poured all the concrete there and he got a special deal on a suite.

    Great week for KC Sports - Chiefs beat Brady, Royals Win Wild Card and the soccer team getting recognized by President Obama at the White House today. “So, clearly, something is going on in Kansas City,” Obama said during a White House ceremony honoring the city’s soccer franchise. The President also praised another proud Kansas City product, White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

    P.S. The attorney I work for is representing Huston Street, pitcher for the Angels, on some real estate deals he is doing here in Austin. He’s a really nice guy!

  • @RockChalkinTexas Thanks. Even though there will likely be an open bar in the suite, good behavior will be plan. If we had a designated driver could be different, but we’re on our own & will definitely fly right. In the past when the other half is with us, she is the chauffer, but will be absent this time. She loves racing but doesn’t indulge in the spirits. First time we went to the Speedway was like damn this must be redneck paradise !!

  • @globaljaybird If you’ve never been and get the chance you gotta go to Bristol at night. Besides a great racing venue I’ve never seen so many flat tummies with navel rings in all my life. I’ve been to the Brickyard, Charlotte, Darlington, Dega, Bristol and Atlanta. Of course the very first Brickyard with Gordon winning is the highlight. I am jealous of the arrangement you have for this weekend. Have fun.

  • @brooksmd Thanks brooks, I’d take ya with us if I could. Been many years since I’ve been this spoiled at a sporting event. Back in the 90’s when it was good & often, it seemed it would last forever, but I’ll raise a glass for ya Sunday. On that you can bet !!

  • I, being a Sox fan, got to Royals stadium every time I could when the Sox were in town during my KU years. I was there the night Bo played his 2nd MLB game. His first he was hitless, but that 2nd night was eventful! 1st ab Bo hits a towering drive down the line. He hit it over the top of the foul pole meaning the ump had to make a judgment and he called it foul. Bo was flying around the bases, between 2nd and 3rd as I recall when the ump called it foul.

    His 2nd AB he scratched out an infield hit, his first hit in the majors.

    For his 3rd AB he came up with the Sox and Steve Carlton (you read that right) leading 2-0 in the 7th. Runners on 1st and 2nd, no one out. The crowd is going nuts when he rips it down the 3b line, but the Sox 3rd baseman snares it, steps on 3rd, throws it to 2nd on to 1st for a missed it by an eyelash triple play. I never saw a replay, but from my vantage up top I thought the Sox had him.

    Memorable night indeed!

  • @wissoxfan83 If you ever get the op to see the 30 for 30 espn piece on Bo, don’t miss it. Phenomenal athlete, just phenomenal. And to think he played here in KC 50 miles from where Wilt played his college ball is just amazing. Two of the greatest athletes of the 20th century IMO & we were blessed enough to enjoy them both. Billy Mills, Al Oerter, & Jim Ryun were damn special too, but the most difficult things just seemed to come ever so easy for Bo. The years he played with Brett, Wilson, & White were really, really special for me & my sons. I coached & they played Babe Ruth & Little League at the time & we were absolutely baseball fanatics. I think I got them their first pitching machine when the oldest was about 3. He’ll be 40 his next birthday.

  • @globaljaybird I saw most of that 30 for 30. Another memory was seeing Bo at Old Comiskey Park in Chicago. It was long down the line, 350 feet. Bo caught a fly ball and threw a dart to the plate, almost looked like a pitcher throwing a pitch 60 ft 6 in! He didn’t get the runner out that was tagging, but goodness, what a throw!

  • @wissoxfan83 FWIW, the 30 for 30 0n Bo is available on YouTube.

  • Anyone still up? This game may last forever!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yeah, top of the 11th & Moustakas just hit a dinger. Now Holland will try to shut the door. We’re 3 outs away from a game one “V” !!

  • Well they only needed 11 tonight and the big ball to take first game. My heart will last longer if they do this in 3 straight games. (beer) (clap)

    @globaljaybird First A hr on that hanging curve, I think you could’ve hit that one.

  • @brooksmd these guys never give up! Not getting much sleep though!!!

  • @brooksmd Along with all the hubbub going on in the metro this weekend-Nationwide & Cup races at Kansas Speedway Sat-Sun, Royals/Angels Sunday evening at Kauffman, the prestigious American Royal Barbeque Contest is at Kemper & Hale Arenas tonight, Sat & Sunday. This one helluva party in itself normally. Live bands, fireworks, anywhere from 20,000 people up each night. It’s a real blast if you’ve friends that are in the completion & have the motor homes & tents set up for the entire weekend. Think it was in about 2002 or so there were like 60,00 people there the first night and so were we. There are shuttles running from miles away as the parking lots are where the contest & shindig is. It can get pretty insane for sure. I live about 35 miles South of there & when the wind is out of the North like today we can smell it way out here in the country. Usually the weather is starting to turn crisp this time of season & the American Royal BBQ, equestrian shows, & PRCA Rodeo are a real historic tradition & treat for people who live in the Midwest that continues on for weeks. At a concert following a rodeo performance a few years back, a white Cadillac limo pulled ut in front of the stage during Neal McCoy’s show. Turned out it was Chiefs punter Louis Aguilar who is good friends with him. Neal jumped up on the hood of the Caddy & danced during one of his numbers before telling who was inside. Thru the years we have seen Lonestar, Mickey Gilley, Charley Pride, Steve Wariner, Leroy Parnell, Collin Raye, Sawyer Brown & so many more entertainers after the rodeo performances I can’t begin to name them all.

    And just so “ya’ll” know. Always remember rule # 1 in going to a rodeo, NEVER EVER sit in the first half dozen rows from the arena floor. The bucking horses & Brahma bulls will piss all over the place & I’ve seen some damn hilarious action from people sitting too close wearing formal gowns & tuxedos !!

  • @globaljaybird Sounds like you’re gonna have to do some hustling if you’re gonna take in all that. I tell everybody down here if you want great bbq they need to go to KC. When we lived in Topeka there was a little place called Pat’s Pig out by Forbes we always ate at. Wife and I did a date weekend in KC one time and ate at Haywards in Overland Park. Thought we would split a rack and ended up getting a second one.

    Think I’d rather sit in the first 6 rows of a Gallagher show. At least what you got hit with was edible even if not identifiable

    Down here just about every weekend there’s festivals of some sort ranging from shrimp, crab, mudbug, strawberry, jambalya, you name it and somebody’s doing it somewhere. Of course in Nawlin’s if somebody sneezes they have a party.

    And just so we don’t ruin our friendship I won’t ask you what driver you’re pulling for Sunday.

  • @brooksmd Nah, can’t take in anything tonight. Have to pick up my son at the airport & work in the morning. He was delayed enough out of Augusta today the airline is shuttling him to Atlanta & he may not get out of there until 9-10 pm.

    Gallagher was good in the day, but 1200 to 2000lbs of raging animal will get the adrenaline up & the heart racing mighty damn fast. I’ve a fiend that is 76 yrs young & team roped for fun till he was 70.

    Way too many good BBQ places here in KC but my fav for ribs is the Oklahoma Joes at 47th & Mission Road. They are in, of all places, a gas station. Is owned by founders of the Slaughterhouse Five BBQ team that has won the American Royal multiple times. Jacks Stack is great for brisket, Arthur Bryants, Gates, Johnny’s, man the list is endless.

    If Dale Jr. doesn’t pull the rabbit outta the hat Sun, I really don’t care who does. But I would prefer a driver in Chevy or Ford though, I think Tyote gets enough advertising. Besides, my retirement comes from the auto industry so I’m not what you would call an import kinda guy.

  • @globaljaybird See, you had to go and jeopardize our friendship. I’ll let it slide this time. I like his teammate from Vallejo, CA who rocked the midwest dirt tracks in midgets and sprints as a teenager before he became a dominate force in NASCAR. (beer) (clap)

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