An Attempt at Reviewing An Attempt At A Kansas Football Scouting Report


    This is what happens when a Texas fan, definitely not a sports writer, tries to write a scouting report on Kansas.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Nothing would please me more that to provide a whooping to the arrogant Longhorns. They stole one win in 2004 with a bogus offensive interference call and a second one in 2012 with a TD with 12 seconds left. Maybe this time lucks is on our side.

  • Texas has something KU still lacks - talent.

    KU has probably fifteen legitimate major D1 starter quality players. Texas probably has 25 (well, probably 20 since Strong has been cleaning house a bit).

    Still, KU doesn’t have much and I am not exactly brimming with confidence that Weis is the man to turn things around. He’s a below average recruiter, a poor defensive coach and, when tasked with being the head coach, merely average as an offensive coordinator. Weis as head coach is the Peter Principle in full view. KU will probably keep it close because Texas isn’t very good, but will fold late because KU isn’t good, either.

  • @bskeet - thanks for the assist. What am I doing wrong? I clicked on the “link” icon and the address turned blue, but when I clicked on it, it did nothing. Since I’m a computer guru ;), I’m sure I’ve got all the technical terms down, but I can’t make it do what I want! Just like my wife.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    The format that comes up when you hit the link icon has two parts.

    Part one is in brackets “[” and “]” Anything between those brackets will show up as text. That’s where you put the headline or title of the article or page you want to link to.

    Part two is in parenthesis “(” and “)” Anything between those brackets will be considered a URL. That’s where you want

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    Hope that helps!

  • Read the comments after the article, if that’s what you can call it. Not sure how great of a scouting report it is really because it’s more of a blog to poke fun at the KU players names’ and Weis. And at what point do people grow tired of making the same lame ass fat jokes over and over??? I’d guess never since people still make very unoriginal “Do you know Toto?” cracks all the time.

  • @Kip_McSmithers Has there ever, in the history of college sports, been an away game where one or more of the opponent’s fans has not had this sign?

    You’re not in Kansas anymore!

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    When I am on the coast(s) I always get the…you are not in Kansas anymore.

    One time I was in Sunnyvale doing work for NASA at the Vertical motion Simulator at Moffet Air Station. The first evening there, my friend, who was the NASA science adviser to the astronauts, and I decide to go get a drink and asked at the front desk for recommendations for a place nearby. The concierge goes…there is the gay bar a few doors down, the lesbian bar in the next block, the transgender joint 2 block away and the S&M place further down…at which time my friend turns to me and says…Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore…which felt perfectly appropriate at the time…ahhh, California…

  • I took the time to read the comments-some were typical and some were funny. My favorite was: Who would win a sumo wrestling match between Weis & Mangino. The answer given was “gravity”.

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