Well, it ain't over yet....

  • As some of you may remember, my wife and I scheduled, and due to the pandemic canceled, 5 cruises in 2020-2022. In August 2022, we finally set one for departure Feb 3 and waited 1.5 yrs for it to arrive so we could celebrate our 25th. Departed from Ft Lauderdale and had a wonderful time. Aruba, Bonaire, Curacoa. Explored the islands, bought souvenirs.

    So, of course…

    Tested positive for covid today (just a cold I thought; no fever or aches) and will be in isolation for the last 2 days until Sunday. Just days at sea, though (no stops). Wifey is still negative but she is seasick because we are hitting 6 ft seas until tomorrow afternoon. At least I can get room service for free, but she doesn’t. Tonight is lobster night, but she likely won’t go. Don’t have to dress up anymore, at least.

    Fortunately, I love reading on the veranda and watching the waves. And I still have 1/2 liter of Scotch… Being from Kansas, I think I have genetic immunity to motion sickness–our families survived the rocking wagons onto the Plains, while my wife’s ancestors stayed in the east on stationary ground.

    We are probably done with cruising. Nice while it lasted…

    Driving 500 miles back home on Sunday, hopefully in time for Chiefs!

  • @mayjay oh jeez!

  • @mayjay Sorry for your troubles. I hope you’re not done with cruising though. When it’s right, it’s SO FUN. Give it another go sometime.

  • @mayjay Sorry Buddy, kind of sucks I’m sure - -hope you get feeling better , and your right it isn’t over – -don’t think it will truly ever be totally over kinda like measles -flu things like that. - -Now a far as the refreshment lol -Scotch- -eh for me not so much but hey you know - -Now if it was Bourbon not picky just about any kind - -we would be fine lol - -get well buddy - - ROCK CHALK

  • All the best in full recovery

  • just read another story on cruise ship that left Ft Lauderdale on the 22nd of Jan - -1129 passengers and 25 crew came down sick with vomiting & other end too, hmm sounds like not a good time to be on cruise lol- -on the ship Queen Victoria --dang that’s rough

  • Thanks everybody! Crew is making this very easy. Food is great, and we both get free room service after all. On Sunday, we get our own exclusive gangway along with our disease-ridden fellows. They wouldn’t tell me how many have come up positive, but I will count and report to the cruiser blogs.

    @jayballer67 That one would be the traditional norovirus caused by inadequate hand washing (after…well, you know) and then touching handrails, doors, food implements at the buffet, theater armrests, deck chairs, etc. Supposedly quite miserable. Haven’t heard of it here (yet) fortunately.

  • @nuleafjhawk I know! I would cruise again in a heartbeat. But with my wife sooooooo sensitive to any rolling of an 1100 ft vessel, I think we will go places for land vacations instead. We are very anxious to visit Italy, and going on land will be a great chance to explore Rome, Florence, and Naples. Interested in Anzio, Pompei, Vesuvius…can’t see much in the few hours you port in those places on a cruise. We have timeshares we can trade, too.

  • @mayjay An Italy trip sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Sorry for your troubles. Hopefully you missed me whining about the refs at KState and all the others whining about the Jayhawks at the same time!

  • @wissox I see all! Bwah ha ha ha!!!

    Well, I do know when there will be ref complaints…

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