Nick Saban retires, Kalen DeBoer in

  • I’m sure everyone has heard Nick Saban has hung up his whistle after an amazing run in Tuscaloosa. Washington Head Coach Kalen DeBoer has reportedly already accepted the deal and it will be announced in the coming days. I’m hearing Washington is after Chris Klieman and is preparing to offer him as soon as tomorrow. Wow could be a very disastrous offseason in Manhattan.

  • KStates hold looks tenuous at best. Here’s a scarier scenario. Ryan Day gets canned because he can’t beat Michigan. Luke Fickell, an Ohioan and former assistant at OSU for 14 seasons gets plucked out of Madison, despite his word he’s a lifer in Madison, then our guy, despite his word he’s here for good goes home to Wisconsin. I’m just a little worried that this will happen.

  • Lance is named as a very desirable candidate for both UW and UMich, but only based on how good he’d be not on any info he is looking.

  • @wissox That sounds like a worse case scenario, similar to the thoughts that run thru my mothers head, constantly! - you took the car out with that girl, her older brother tracked you down and hung you from your toes in the woods, so your brother was late to school making him unable to defend your sister against the raging cheerleading captain so she missed the bus because she was crying and her dad had to go get her so we are going to be late to super where he was supposed to meet his boss and therefore we will all be homeless instead of getting a raise. 😝.

    I know you know this, but it will be ok. It always works out somehow in the end. My best advice - don’t worry too much about things you can’t control. It’ll eat you alive if you do. Have fun, enjoy the ride. Lance has done more for KU football in a few years than pretty much any coach KU has ever had. I hope he sticks around, but if not I’m glad he set us on the right path.

  • @wissox I would think if they was gonnna fire Ryan Day it would’ve already happened. Would be worried if they have a bad season next season.

  • @dylans That’s why i said “just a little worried”. Not sure how you took out of my post that I was being eaten alive by this.

  • @wissox Nah. Just took your worst case scenario and ran with it. Really no one cares about Wisconsin football the way their fans do. It’s not a national brand any more than say an Oklahoma State. They really don’t tip the scale. They would fit in nicely in the Big12 - flyover country.

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