• I just read through the “Maui Wowie” posts from last night’s game (that I didn’t watch because of the late start).

    Wowie, indeed.

    I’ll admit that I sometimes say stupid things and get a little heated, but it went next level last night. I hope it stops. Because all I thought of was how the K-State crowd must be eating this up. We’re acting like them.

    Hopefully, everyone on this site is a loyal Jayhawk fan. Please - argue. Disagree. State your opinions. But do it respectfully. We don’t need to lose AND look stupid at the same time.

  • @nuleafjhawk If you remove an account or two the entire complexion of the board changes. Haters gonna hate. It’s just their personality, unfortunately some just enjoy wallowing in misery.

  • Kevin, Hunter and our bench had 52 of our 59. The bench also had only one turnover in 41 minutes. Shaka came right at us and that was that. These games are so hard to watch when we never get closer than 9 points. Poor KJ was just going through the motions and understandably so. The Tennessee game at 1:30 today becomes very very interesting.

  • @nuleafjhawk I kept thinking that too about if other team’s fans came to our board and gloated over how crappy our fans are during a loss. That’s not who we are, well at least who most of us are.

    Not that I really care what other teams think. It’s just the constant negativity sucks all the fun out of it for me. Almost like a troll stirring divisiveness on purpose here. Probably not but still, totally kills the vibe here for me.

    I forget who posted it last night, but the “there were more blocks in the thread than were on the court” cracked me up this morning. Sad, but still clever and funny. Almost like something Jaybate or HEM would say back in the beforetimes.

    A final thought on blocking… if you call in to a talk show and start talking crap, and I turn the volume down on my car stereo while you’re talking, that is not censorship. You’re still free to broadcast your crap, I’ve just chosen not to listen to it.

  • We are losing decent posters cause of the negative guy. He can’t wait to jump in if Juan makes a mistake. He’s no KU guy. Reminds me of a ksu fan who told me he’s happier if KU loses than if ksu wins. We know when we aren’t playing well and something isn’t working, we just don’t destroy our team and/or our coaches. How many times have we come back? A lot! He tries to kill our hope but we have @DanR and @wissox who always hang in there! They are fun! They are knowledgeable too. There are others too.

  • @StLJhawk Thank you for alleviating my guilt for being the worst censor of all time…I don’t ever tune in to talk shows!

  • This isnt our first rodeo. Remember back when we separated the board into dark side and light side for pessimists and optimists?

    This comes down to some people saying the same tired negative crap over and over and over and over. I may harp on a few points, some of them positive, but at least i attempt to read the crowd and desist before it becomes obnoxious. If you know youre annoying as shit and you keep doing it, well yeah thats bannable, because the bottom line is we come here to enjoy ourselves not have some jerk blaring his negativity to win some fictitous pissing battle he has constructed in his mind. That isnt a conversation. We come here to converse. Go get a chalkboard and write your redundant nonsense on it a thousand times. Torture.

  • @mayjay You are the worst which makes you the best.

  • The interesting thing is we’re a fairly knowledgable group and when things go south like last night we are all honest about it. We’re all not just rah rah love my Jayhawks they can do no wrong type of fans. I yelled at the TV last night frequently at DaJuan. He was bad and I was mad at him. But he’s a dynamic player.

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