Sanders and the Buffaloes

  • There has been a huge about of hype since Deion Sanders has been named the head coach of our former conference rivals. I’m just curious everyone’s take/predictions for this season. I personally think they’ll be lucky to win more than 4 games this year. I think he did solid at Jackson state getting several blue chip players to commit to the lower ranks of D1 football. But as Lee Corso would say not so fast my friend. It’s tough to turn around a program that down ridden in one offseason. I also question how good of a coach he really is. Had several 3-5 star players going against players with 1-2 or zero stars every week. The coaching is also considerably better on the other sideline once you hit the power five level. I see absolutely no way he is still coaching there in 4-5 years. Either it blows apart and he’s fired or they actually are good then he leaves for a SEC job in that time frame.

  • @kjayhawks do you think his health could be a problem too?

  • I don’t think he wll do at Colorado at he did for sur at Jackson St. - Colorado wasn’t that far off like us - -they have been a sad program for years now–I think if he wins 4 he has to feel blessed., I also think his recruiting tactics will jump up somewhere along the line before to long and bite him right square in the ass

  • I have literally no idea how it is going to turn out for him. He took 51 (YES FIFTY ONE) commits in the transfer portal. How that is within the rules I have no idea. But what a phenomenon. I don’t think it is fair to say the coaching is better in one spot or the other necessarily. The talent level is definitely down. But is isn’t like he underperformed with his talent or something.

    Personally, I think Shedur Sanders will be a very good quarterback. His level of competition was down, but he’s also throwing to players at that same level. His arm strength is as good as anyone in college football. Even if his stats go from 40 TDs to 30 TDs and his INT numbers go from 6 to 10, that is still an explosive offense.

    They may only win 4 games, but it would still be an incredible turnaround to even do that. Colorado was absolutely David Beaty Jayhawks bad last season. I’m guessing they will win 5 or 6. They absolutely have to win one of the first two though against TCU and Nebraska to make that happen.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Certainly an issue. But good head coaches at that level have to be exceptional delegators anyways. Crazy to think he may actually lose his whole foot.

  • @Kcmatt7 damn turf toe. (Flashback humor - too soon?)

  • I think Sanders is a buff-oon. 😉

  • @nuleafjhawk said in Sanders and the Buffaloes:

    I think Sanders is a buff-oon. 😉

    that makes two of us

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I haven’t heard anything about his health since he was on a scooter

  • @Kcmatt7 interesting take, they have been bad but not to KU Beaty level winning no more than 3 games in a year for over a decade. They won 10 games in 2016 and 4 or 5 every year between but last season.

  • Wowsers fairly impressed with Colorado this far in Fort Worth leading 24-14 early in the second half. Think it’s safe to say the glass slipper is gone from TCU. Honestly thought they were dam lucky many times last season not sure I thought they would lose this one tho. Still a lot of game left.

  • @kjayhawks Super long run for TCU from their own end zone ends in a pic right at the goal line ending that potential go ahead score. You’re right, good game. Gus Johnson calls add to excitement. I like him except for games when MSU or Michigan is playing because he only yells for those teams.

  • This is insane, one of the best games of the year right here in week one.

  • Wow!

  • Colorado lost to a Washington State team last night that had previously lost 6 consecutive games 56-14 ending Colorados chance at a bowl game. My original prediction of them being lucky to win more than 4 games turned out to be a true assessment.


  • Couldn’t happen to a better guy . al that kickin kids out bringing didn’t do much huh – - - he just a big agorrant douche - -makes me happy

  • @BShark Ever since the arrogant coaches arrogant son taunted the AZState student section (after a stirring 3 point win against 3 win ASU) the Buffs have gone 0-5.

  • @wissox said in Sanders and the Buffaloes:

    @BShark Ever since the arrogant coaches arrogant son taunted the AZState student section (after a stirring 3 point win against 3 win ASU) the Buffs have gone 0-5.

    Truly, a real shame.

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