Miami, center of the sports universe

  • Two Miami area teams in the Final Four this past season, the Florida Panthers are in the Stanley Cup Finals, and of course Christian Braun is most likely facing the Miami Heat in the NBA finals provided they can finish off the Celtics. All of you KC area fans have had a decent run with the Royals WS win a few years back and the Chiefs, and of course the Jayhawks bookending those wins with titles of their own.

    Me? Glad I got the Jayhawks because it’s been slim pickings otherwise.

  • Going to a royals game tomorrow night to remember the good times, but, yeah, Miami is having a fun run and I’m happy for them.

  • @DanR Eat before you go. Unless you’re independently wealthy.

  • @nuleafjhawk no friday buck night?

    Happiest day of my life was back in 2015 when I opened my buck night hotdog and it had TWO shriveled wieners on it.

    We’re going to tailgate a bit before the game, so we’ll probably avoid most of the overpriced stuff in the stadium.

  • @DanR lol!

  • @DanR last year my wife and I went to a game in KC. We’d been running, around all day and didn’t eat before we got there. We ordered 2 chicken strip baskets (four pieces of fried toothpick ?) A bottle of water and a diet coke. No fries. No chips.


    But still better than the new KC airport prices…

  • @nuleafjhawk I haven’t been to the new KC airport, the old concourse was a horrible. That airport was a joke, do they have better connections now? I usually end up going to Denver or Wichita they seem to have better pricing for when/where I travel.

    Uhh back on topic - the royals should be paying fans to show up with the product they are providing.

    Miami…I’ve got nothing. Honesty if they win any championships in any sports I still just think of the beaches and debauchery. The only sports I associate with Miami is the U from back in the Jimmy Johnson days.

  • @dylans The new airport is first class. Everything about it is great. Except for the food prices. I travel quite a lot and they are the highest of any airport I’ve ever been in.

    Example : at one un-named place (but they’re all bad) you can get a brisket sandwich (I know I use hyperbole sometimes, but not now) which consists of a Hawaiian roll and two strips of brisket which are the size of 2 small strips of bacon for $18. If you want to add 6 or 8 fries, tack on another $9.

  • Strange world in hockey where the power lies at least professionally in the south. Stanley Cup will likely be Vegas vs. Florida (Miami). Tampa has won multiple cups. Meanwhile original 6 teams like Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Rangers have gone decades without winning a cup.

  • Vegas and Florida in the Stanley Cup finals. Hope the stadium refrigeration systems are working well in arenas with 90’s-100’s outside!

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