Scoring leaders (offseason topic to fill the time)

  • Like @BShark and his post yesterday the offseason gets pretty tedious and we have to invent new topics to discuss.

    Every year I look at the scoring leaders in DI and think, wow, that kid scored 31 points a game at Canisius, or 29.8 at Wright St and wonder if they could do that in a major conference?

    A look at this years top scoring players, 3 are known to the average college hoops fan, Zach Edey, Drew Timme and Trayce Jackson Davis. The rest are pretty much unknown to anyone outside of the conference he plays in.

    This years leading scorer was Antoine Davis of Detroit Mercy who at least became a little bit known because he needed one more game in which he likely would have broken Pistol Pete’s career scoring mark. Of course Pete did his in 3 years with a shorter schedule than Davis’ four years and upwards of 34 games a year. But still he averaged almost 29 points per game!

    So put Davis on our team or UCONN, or any other major player and how do they do? I assume he doesn’t score that many but why? I’ve got some reasons, just want to hear yours. How many do they score for game with another team?

    Every year one or two of these guys makes a name for themselves in the dance by shooting just as proficiently but in the dance and upsetting some teams along the way. Some become stars like Curry, while others fade to the background quickly and become todays Harold Arcenaux, one hit wonders.

  • Davis not playing for his dad would certainly decrease his production lol

  • @wissox Actually played 5 years, showing even more how amazing Pete’s record is!

  • @mayjay Oh I didn’t realize! I love youtubing Pete Maravich. With todays social media I think he’d be a mega star.

  • Jalen Wilson’s highest scoring games this past year were KU losses. One guy scoring most of your points isn’t a path for success. On a stronger team, with better teammates, I’d predict the point production of higher scorers from lesser teams should go down, in general.

  • I agree!

  • @wissox

    Watched a bunch of Davis this year in his pursuit for the record. Elite level shooter but I think at a higher level he would struggle to be anywhere close to that scoring level playing alongside other good players and playing against them. I didn’t see the intangibles outside his scoring ability to predict success at a Power 5 school. He flirted with the portal last year and I think he made the right decision going back to where he was. I thought athletically he would struggle moving up and most certainly defensively.

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