2023 Coaching Changes

  • It’s a pretty extensive list so far, but here’s the list of schools that have lost their coaches so far, either through firing or leaving for a new school. 40 schools so far.

    American, Arkansas State, Army, Austin Peay, Bowling Green, Bucknell, Buffalo, Cal, East Tennessee State, Fairleigh Dickinson, Georgetown, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, High Point, Holy Cross, Idaho, Iona, Manhattan, McNeese State, New Hampshire, New Jersey IT, New Mexico State, North Carolina A&T, Northwestern State, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Providence, Southern Utah, St. Johns, Syracuse, Temple, Texas, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Texas Tech, USF, UT-Arlington, UW-Green Bay, Western Kentucky, Wichita State, Wofford

  • Some of the notable hires so far are Rick Pitino going from Iona to St. John’s. Ed Cooley going from Providence to Georgetown. Chris Beard to Ole Miss, Will Wade to McNeese, Damon Stoudamire replacing Josh Pastner at Georgia Tech, Adrian Autry replacing Jim Boehiem at Syracuse. Tobin Anderson who led FDU to the second ever 16-1 upset was hired to replace Rick Pitino at Iona.

    Current power conference openings are Cal, Notre Dame, Providence, Texas, and Texas Tech. Temple and Wichita St. are also programs where the right coach can have a lot of success, especially with Houston and Cincinnati moving to the Big 12.

  • Wsu hired Paul mills, from oral Roberts.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in 2023 Coaching Changes:

    Wsu hired Paul mills, from oral Roberts.

    Drew’s coaching tree >>>>>> Self’s it looks like. WOW!

  • @BShark Oral Roberts is an anagram for Labor Resort. What a relaxing job!

  • @BShark fans aren’t excited!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Hmm, they should be. Upgraded. He got Oral Roberts out of the toilet. He has a good eye for talent.

  • @BShark they’re more into wife beaters, chokers, player beaters, random guys in the parking lot in his space beaters, coach beaters, and must have alcoholic, trashy wife!

  • I think the shocker fan base and administration are high on themselves. Issac Brown whom is 2 years removed from the AAC regular season championship and coach of the year is fired for going 17-15 when half is his team left due to the lack of NIL Deals. They had former players come out and say that WSU gave them zip, if they had anything in place, they would’ve stayed. They expect a top 3 finish in the AAC and NCAA bid every year. I just don’t think that’s realistic playing in the AAC for them.

  • @kjayhawks

    I’m surprised… they were lucky to get Mills.

    I read some of their blogs after they dumped Brown. Wow! They were thinking Pitino was coming their way! lol

    Now some are already second-guessing Mills because he comes from ORU. What the heck did they expect? They continue to not realize how lucky they are.

    They crapped on Brown. Look how many players they lost because of no NIL and who made it to March… we faced one with Arkansas. Alabama…

    Hard to look at that and not see the possibility of race playing into it. They screwed him without a NIL program after he took a team over that was PTSD from Marsha… and won league and COY! He went into summer with like 1 player.

    I wonder what they have to pay Mills? They are now paying 3 coaches!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in 2023 Coaching Changes:

    @BShark they’re more into wife beaters, chokers, player beaters, random guys in the parking lot in his space beaters, coach beaters, and must have alcoholic, trashy wife!

    It must be hard to find a coach with all those great qualities! Guess they will just have to live with boring Mills! 😂

  • musicalchairs.jpg

    College sports have become musical chairs.

    Schools changing conferences and all targeting the same chair.

    Players entering the transfer portal escape their commitments.

    What a complete clusterf*ck!

  • @drgnslayr I agree, them thinking Pitino is funny in itself.

  • Notre Dame hiring Micah Shrewsberry from Penn St.

  • That’s a great hire by ND. He’s by all appearances a really good guy. Doesn’t get all hot and bothered by every ticky tack not called and is a great interview. Most importantly he appears to have the coaching part down pat.

    Tuesday Badgers beat Oregon in front of 3-4000 fans in Oregon. UW had 10000+ (Badgers drew more Sunday than the biggest home crowd of the season for Oregon when UCLA came to town) Sunday afternoon against Liberty and Dana Altman was not pleased at all and said if he’s the problem then they should fire him. Fans want him gone, which is absurd, do they remember 2017? So I’m not sure if his seat is hot, but he’d be a real good get for someone like Penn St.

  • Rodney Terry signed a 5 year deal to be the head coach at Texas.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Dickie V has been rabidly calling for him to get it. Called the UT AD “classless” if they didn’t hire him.

    Of course, he says everything pretty rabidly, so…

  • Mark Madsen has been hired at Cal to replace Mark Fox. That’s a program that’s been an absolute dumpster fire the past few years.

  • Read off the Texas Tech Boards , they have their new Coach. Supposedly isn’t to be announced till after the NIT Championship game BUT they are reporting the Grant McCasland th Coach from North Texas will be their new Coach. - -hmmm OK

  • Former Self assistant Jerrance Howard has taken an assistant coaching position at Southern Illinois after taking a year off where there was speculation he might become an agent.

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