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    As most of you already know KU has been instrumental in just about everything basketball. It was the nursery as basketball was in it’s infancy. It watched over the game as it grew and spawned the idea of actually coaching, and teaching the game. It was respectful and thoughtful enough to realize that just picking a champion (east coast basis) (some things never change) was not the best way, and was very instrumental in a tournament (looking out for the game) deciding a true champion. As the game grew KU decided that a party or celebration was in order to show it’s love for the game. Late Night was born and the seed was planted. Now a plethora of schools have followed suit. KU has been in the forefront of all things basketball since it’s inception. Has that time come again?

    With the advancement of technology and social media has come new doors for advertisements to open and make your experience almost hateful. So many sites demand you have a facebook account to just respond. They ask you silly questions like what kind of underwear do you wear, or what do you stick up your ass when your alone. (Sorry about that one) You get my point though. How many fans don’t even share their voice because of this hassle?

    I’m so glad and feel so lucky to have found KUbuckets. I don’t have to answer silly questions about whether I’d buy this or shove this up my ----. LOL. I don’t have to have a facebook account to talk about my beloved Jayhawks. My question is KU Buckets the game changer that all fans and not just KU fans have been looking for? Is this the new concept that KU Jayhawks add to the game. A place where fans can come and talk basketball without answering advertisement questions (yes I wanted to say ass again) and having some membership to a social media site?

    If this is that moment? What could we do to make this site even better or spawn more sites like it? Could we offer a blueblood section? Where the bluebloods come to argue whose the best? or how do we let more KU fans (as they are everywhere) know there is KUBuckets a place where KU fans can come engage with like minded fans? I would love to here you ideas. BTW I have nothing but respect for those that have created KUBuckets. It’s the first site I look at when I turn on my computer. I just thought it would be an interesting topic and the new concept that KU adds to the game.

  • @DoubleDD have you been drinking again? Jk

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    @Crimsonorblue22 I’m afraid so my friend. 😉

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    It is interesting to wonder if any fans of other schools and basketball programs have elected to start and frequent their own web sites. I don’t know. I hope so. I suspect it was pretty rare to have some one like @approxinfinity and @bskeet with the digital skill, knowledge and love of the game to put this site up and keep it up and running for the reasons that they did. It is an interesting idea to reach out to other similar online communities, if there are any. I suspect some here have been out searching for the feeds, news and recruiting links, and statistical info that gets discussed here and will have some insight into whether other similar sites exist, or not. Thanks for making me wonder. Rock Chalk!!!

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    @jaybate-1.0 I was pretty sure about approxinfinity, had no idea about bskeet. I thank you approxinfinity and bskeet for your sacrifice and if there is anything I can do? Please let me know. I’m a jack of all trades master of none ;). As I think you may have started a revolution with KU’s name on it.

  • Aprrox and bskeet (and others if I left them out) are most appreciated indeed. I don’t Facebook either. I also remember civil hawk keeping things civil early on. One thing I love about this site is the civil tone. That and I learn from others on a regular basis.

  • I am very thankful we have @approxinfinity and @bskeet donating their time for everyone and for the love of Kansas basketball!

    I’ve been on several other school sites but haven’t found anything near the quality of our site. I do have to admit that Kentucky fans possess a lot of energy. And some of them do have a decent knowledge for the game. But… they don’t maintain the same consistent high-level of threads, creativity and respect that everyone in here keeps up every single day!

  • I would be willing to bet there are other sites like this for fans of other teams. Just about every major school has an IT major, so I would imagine that every fan base has at least a few hardcore fans that have the skill. Whether they have the dedication and time that @approxinfinity and @bskeet have shown is another question.

    I too appreciate this site. I enjoy being able to banter with everyone here without the names because that allows you to judge someone on the quality of the content they write rather than judging them based on their name or job. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or a curb cleaner, or whatever - if you love the Jayhawks and can bring something to the discussion, you’re welcome here, no judgment. I like that.

  • I don’t have Facebook or twitter, don’t want them either.

    I think it’s funny when a national news anchor uses Twitter as a source and gets burned. Duh!!!

    At least with you can go on for free to read, the Omaha world herald has now made it that you need to be a subscriber to read it’s articles online. How smart is that in the digital age?

    I enjoy KUBuckets and the people here. Now that summer is over and I am feeling a little better I should be on more. I have been gone most of the summer and like the new updates, is there an ap for the site for smart phones?

    Well here we go another season of KU sports is upon this weekend. I can’t wait tip kickoff Saturday so I can look at my wife and say “There’s always next year”

  • @JRyman I’ve been wondering how you were doing!!! You told us about your health problems and then disappeared. How are you??? We care!

  • @JRyman “I can’t wait tip kickoff Saturday so I can look at my wife and say “There’s always next year””

    Thank goodness someone said it before I did!! Lol

  • Other schools have similar restricted “boutique” type forums that fly under the radar and do not attract the usual assortment of trolls that ruin the experience. I believe this is done by design.

    There is no question that the basketball IQ for member of this forum is well above the average of the basketball fandom population at large. Also, many of us have very different opinions on different subjects but, by and large, the content and arguments are of high quality and presented respectfully; this is by far the best part. If you ever wander into the comments section of ESPN stories and most other forums, the first thing you notice is that after a few post it tends to degenerate into a name calling/insulting slug fest with no redeeming or informational value; UK fans seem to be the most opinionated, close minded and least knowledgeable; perhaps (and hopefully) they have a forum similar to this forum where the better informed fans post. In comparison, this is an oasis of knowledge and civility…what else can we say or want?

  • Been enjoying the posts intermittently over the summer, thanks to all posters for keeping the site alive. Hadn’t logged in for awhile, so thought I’d give this ‘reply’ a shot and test whether I’m still enrolled. Looking forward to another season of KU hoops and the continuing growth of the program under the tutelage of college basketballs’ best staff and sharing it with College basketballs’ best fans. Rock Chalk, bring on Late Nite!

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. It’s really nice. Glad this place is holding up, and happy to be part of this community.

    @JRyman Really glad you’re feeling better. There’s no app, but the site seems to work pretty well on mobile web. Posting is still a little tedious, but probably would be in an app too I guess.

    @Clydecito Don’t be a stranger during bball season. If you have a different take on something, please jump in and give it to us!

    @DoubleDD I’ve always enjoyed your heart-string-tugging diatribes.

  • @approxinfinity I had been doing pretty good through June, then July hit and I’ve been fighting sever headaches everyday all day. No answers, too many doctors and pills to mention. But I fight and keep going. That’s who I was brought up to be by my dad, my grandpa’s, coaches and life itself.

    I’m just glad that football is back both college and pro. Glad to see USA basketball play well, even though they do have the token Duke player on the team(that isn’t schoolist, is it?), and all that means that the greatest place for the greatest sport for the greatest team is about to open it’s doors and tip off another fun ride.

    Thanks for noticing and caring

    Rock Chalk!!!

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