AFH Gets a Facelift!


    Wow! I miss the old days when it had the dirt track inside! lol NOT!

    This looks like a big-time facelift and I applaud it… just so we keep the original AFH spirit alive!

    After this… emphasis on “pay HEED!” will change to “PAY heed!” 😁


  • I’m usually all for modernization but wasn’t enamored by the video. Some things look like reasonable improvements that will benefit many. But some parts look like they are exclusive.

    That feels somehow counter to the spirit of the building and the program. It’s always felt open to all.

    I know the renovations don’t happen without large donors and so there are perks for the donors. But carving out parts of AFH to serve that purpose feels a bit sacrilegious.

  • @bskeet

    Good points. I think the exclusive part relates directly to fundraising in the future. Seems like we could always use large general spaces that enhance the AFH experience to everyone!

    Just how much do we need to raise our “bottom line” when operating as a state-governed not-for-profit?

    I’ve questioned for many years the structure of big university endowment funds. Tuition rises, program cuts, while the actual “wealth” of the university goes out of the roof! I know it is a different area than operational funds, but where is the transparency in how those funds will be used?

    Does the Kansas Board of Regents have their thumbs on these funds?

  • @drgnslayr donors usually give to the Endowment for a specific purpose, like a scholarship fund for a department or to maintain a specific building. The university can’t use these funds for anything but that purpose. Like I’d be super mad if my annual donation to SPAA went to engineering. You can look at the Endowment’s audit if you want to check out how all of it works. From memory only about 10% of Endowment funds are unrestricted.

  • What do you have against engineering, pawl

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich hehe you all already have plenty of cash, you don’t need my scraps too 😂

  • I think this is a little over the top, I do think the concourses need some upgrades. I love how Allen Fieldhouse looks, feels and even smells the same as did 20 years ago.

  • @FarmerJayhawk

    I’ve always thought endowment funds were largely collected from alumni estates at the time of death.

    How many billions do we have in the endowment fund now?

  • @drgnslayr that’s a small chunk of overall donations, less than 10%.

    Current endowment is about $2.8 billion. Only around $200m is in unrestricted funds

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