• Someone the other day mentioned on Twitter, (or maybe it was here?) the KU/Davidson game in 2008 when Steph Curry near ruined our long awaited chance for another championship.

    I remember sitting on the porch watching the game on my computer and live chatting the game. Pretty sure at the time it was at KUSports and @Jesse-Newell was our voice of reason.

    There were some great chatters at that place that stayed when the LJW decided to go to a facebook account required model which irked some of the commenters. Many declared they were done. I didn’t mind but all the people saying they were done with a couple of exceptions were the people I enjoyed the most.

    I remember a pit in my stomach. People who in a very modern way had become my friends. People I never saw in person and had no way to contact any more. In my mind a lot of you were gone.

    I forget now how the effort was made to reach out to us about KUBuckets but the invite was given and i suddenly had an outlet to chat about my favorite team outside of the White Sox. And here we are 15 years after that championship still chatting. I’m almost 60 so this has been a quarter of my life.

    I only met one of us in person. I cant remember except his name had md in it and I though he was a doctor but he wasn’t. He lived near NOLA and we were in Baton Rouge at the time and he got me tickets for the championship in 2012. ETickets not a thing even that recently so I met him in a parking lot and met a fellow bucketeer.

    That’s it. I could be standing in line at the walmart with one of you and not know it. It’s a strange thing. There’s one person we all know and remember (unless you’re approximately 3 years or less here) Jaybate. He’s disappeared, and for the longest we didn’t even know if he was alive. Because who really knows? Maybe he moved to Kentucky and became a Wildcat, or even worse a Wildcat of a purple kind.

    Someone let us know because he is his relative that he’s still alive and well. Others just fade away. Some dramatically quit, some join.

    I’ve told my wife if something ever happens to me to come here and explain so people know! Because as we’re all aware in one way or another we’re a community here that’s been a significant part of our lives. For those of us who don’t live in Kansas and don’t have KU blood in the family, this is it for us. My KU roomie lives an hour away and we get together to watch games from time to time. But he’s my only contact.

    Thanks to @approxinfinity for his significant role in this enterprise. He was the knight in shining armor way back when we were momentarily dazed and confused about where to go.

    Hoping this is with me and the rest of you for the rest of all of our days. RCJHKU!

  • @wissox Mike

  • Love it! I probably should write instructions on who to transfer the board costs to and how, and how to (minimally, i.e what I do) maintain it so if I get hit by a bus we’re not all screwed! haha. Love the kind words. I feel the same way.

  • @approxinfinity Do you remember when this started?

    @Crimsonorblue22 Some combo of md and mike?

  • @wissox brooksmd, I think.

    He quit after getting called out for making political comments, as I recall.

  • @wissox we started 2013, Frank’s freshman year.

  • @approxinfinity Our 10-year anniversary! We should celebrate.

  • @mayjay him and global

  • Well theyre welcome to come back. Would be happy to see them. There are very few people that really got run off. Dont think that’s what happened with global and brooks. They deleted their own accounts. Basically DoubleDD and the viagra bots (band name?) are the only people (I can think of) who have been permabanned. HEM could come back if he wanted too. Was only banned for a couple days for telling everyone to f themselves. He chose not to come back.

  • @mayjay Yes, that’s the one!

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