2024 recruits

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in 2024 recruits:

    Very solid addition. Able to play safety or the hawk https://x.com/Devin_Dye6/status/1737193919266631843?s=20

    In what I read from Swain , he said Dye was our 2nd portal commit Farmer , do you know who the other one is – haven’s seen anything on another.

  • @jayballer67 yep, the TE we talked about last week!

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in 2024 recruits:

    @jayballer67 yep, the TE we talked about last week!

    Oh ya that’s right thanks. I swear my memory gettin bad, had already forgot about him

  • Got our third portal transfer DE — - Dylan Wudke - -pretty solid stats , played last year at Youngstown St. - -6’4 -will just have the one year, hope he makes the most out of it.

  • Got a really great start to signings. - -looks like we got or committed 17 High School and 3 portal players. – Just waiting on only 4 left high school kids. - One big one yet to send his letter- -Austin Alexander- – come on Big fella we need you in the Nation. - one of the top CB’s i the 224 class, hs offers from Iowa , Michigan USC & Wisc to name a few

    We got a couple of our BIG STUDS already - -we got our QB , first one to sign at like 608 this morning - -HUGE, kid going to be incredible. , some services name him a the MOP in the State of Michigan , led his team to the 6 A title, 3rd ranked overall player in the State of Michigan.

    Then we got out Big time player- - Deshawn Warner this kid - -wow - -been invited to the All American game , had 16 sacks this season , highest rated recruit KU has ever gotten in the inernet eera ranked the # 148th best overall player in the Nation - -held off Ohio St & Michigan for him- - they tried really hard to get him to visit -but NOPE

    One other that was a huge get in this class is Dakyus Brinkley -4 *- DE- - incredible player. Can’t wait to see Warner on one end and Brinkly on the othre - -mercy.

    Had offers from Bay , Oklahoma , Oreg , Penn St , Texas , Texa A & M to name a few. - -LOVE THIS CLASS

  • Got them all - -All 17. - -Dam Marshall looks sweet, great arm - - -speed, can’t wait to see him on the field, gonna be tough for him next yr. Be patient buddy , your future awaits

  • Highest rated recruit ever signed today. Exciting stuff to see someone choose us over OSU and Michigan. Deshawn Warner. Your tables ready.

  • KU got a commitment today from the D2 Remington Award winner for best center in D2.

  • Here is your future Leader. - -Marshall already showing leadreship, quoted from twitter " Same Team - -Same Goals - -No Switching up , Warner throwing in comments also - -That’s our boys

  • Well went back and watched so video, from this past Season and gotta say I’m am so stoked , got the juices really flowing, gave me goosebumps just hearing the crowd thought out loud dam this is actually KU and their fans making this kind of noise - it was the KU / K/State game , Devin busting loose for 36 yard TD and crowd just roaring. with what we got returning and the guys coming in - - Big 12 put on notice - - WERE COMING trap em up - -your gonna need it. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Good Grief - - -has anybody seen the Calves & Thighs on our Running back Harry Stewart?

    We have some Bruises with Stewart & Hishaw— they gonna punish some people

  • Red Martel, freshman RB entering the portal? He’s been there 3 months.

  • @Gorilla72 said in 2024 recruits:

    Red Martel, freshman RB entering the portal? He’s been there 3 months.

    Good grief, must of not worked out, buried on depth chart–RB room is loaded.—Morrison still here---- Stewart think gonna be a stud—then I guess Johnny has been running some with 1st team then of course Hi-Shaw - and then our real stud.

    But dam he afraid of competition, earn his spot?-- -I mean come on - -nothin given

  • Yeah Red more or less disappeared awhile ago. Stewart was way, way better.

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in 2024 recruits:

    Yeah Red more or less disappeared awhile ago. Stewart was way, way better.

    Nos sure ,yet pretty sure year 25 recruit I’d love to land would make my legs weak if we could land is —Linkin Cure i believe is the correct name Farmer.—In stat kid just about everyone after- -would love to pull him in

  • @jayballer67 he’s going to Silo Tech in all likelihood

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in 2024 recruits:

    @jayballer67 he’s going to Silo Tech in all likelihood

    Ya that’s what I’m afraid of. I would rather he go to some BIG school or SEC School anywhere then K/Straight.— K/Straight always was President Nixxon’s favorite High School. Always was-- Always will be. -

  • Also, “On Thursday, safety Akili Hubbard entered the portal and on Friday defensive end Davion Westmoreland and running back Red Martel went into the portal, sources tell 247Sports.” Is there that much depth at these positions? I know RB is good.

  • @Gorilla72 safety is easily the deepest position on defense. End is… opposite

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in 2024 recruits:

    @Gorilla72 safety is easily the deepest position on defense. End is… opposite

    you beat me to it—I think we are in really good shape at Safety—like who w got thee a lot.–Our CB’s are studs—RB’s is crazy wish we were a little deepr at or in D-L—hopefully have a couple really good Edge rushers

    Robinson pretty decent, & if Warner develops like we all believe and he was in High School - - look out

  • Really BIG commit in Portal player transferring in from Michigan . 6’3 /6’4 - O Tackle, might be turned into Guard or Center,

    Amir Herring red shirted last Season 4 Seasons of eligibility left. - -OH YA FYI - -another example of Coach L & Staff - -they can’t recruit lol. - - -Keeps the Detroit pipeline still open- - right there with Isiah - -ROCK CHALK

  • Bryce Foster ✅

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in 2024 recruits:

    Bryce Foster ✅

    Another ? - -now who is he Farmr ? - -Position ? - that’s good news

  • @jayballer67 center from A&M

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in 2024 recruits:

    @jayballer67 center from A&M

    Oh ya , I remember hearing about him

  • Huge get for our team for THIS Season today. - -Got the commit from a kid e targeted through the portal , he was rated as the 89th ranked player coming out of High School # sixth ranked interior lineman coming out of High School Was recruited by Auburn , Georgia , LSU , Okla , Oreg & Texas

    Bryce Foster a Center from Teas A & M - -started all 12 games as a Freshman, played four games I believe then got hurt his Soph yr and then took Medical Redshirt – has a nick name of Mountain - -understandable , kid is huge - -6’5 - -and 330 lbs

    The addition of this kid really solidifies our O-Line , our O-Line gonna be really solid , This allows Ford to move back out to Guard instead where he graded out as a top 5 guard in the Big 12 - - Foster who was named All Freshman team in the SEC by multiple outlets , made multiple Fr all American teams Logan Brown , who is also really big and former 5 * player , then you have Cabledo anchoring line. O-Line should be a major bonus we have capable back ups also , looking really solid to help protect our QB & Backs – you have to love this

  • I’m wondering if anyone has seen a projected depth chart? Or, is someone brave enough to put one together? I’m ready to get to know our guys during these dog days of summer.

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