• @kuballin10 to the courtesy phone. Hasn’t been seen since the Hawks lost to Tennesseeuh. I’m thinking KSU or Missouri grad.

    @Crimsonorblue22 thoughts? 😀

  • @BShark my folks taught me better! 🤐 I know more than him about BB. So does coach.

  • Good thing with having skeptics around… eventually… we get to prove them wrong and sometimes “eventually” isn’t far away!

  • @BShark @Crimsonorblue22

    Definitely still lurking but took a break from posting all my negativity. After last year, I said I was going to enjoy every season moving forward and was getting way too frustrated over a stupid game.

    That and my Dad who’s already lost 1 kidney due to cancer has a not favorable report and will find out in the coming months regarding the 1 good kidney he has. Not looking for any pity but it puts things in perspective real quick.

    My Dad got me hooked on KU ball when I was 10 he took me to a game and we always go to Lawrence really early I’m talking like 2-3 in the afternoon before a 7 p.m. game. We’d eat at Taco Johns (it’s not the best joint in Lwr by any means but what we do) and then we go to Allen and just walk around as the students are all camped out. Well Wayne comes out and starts just shooting as we are the only people standing on the floor in AFH (students are in the halls outside camping). He asks me to rebound for him and after about 20-30 minutes ask me if it was okay to show me to the locker room in which my Dad of course goes, “go for it!”. I was hooked ever since.

    I’ll post another message on my thoughts about the team they are really looking good right now. We have some holes but so does everyone.

  • @kuballin10 - that’s tough about your Dad. Sending prayers for him…

  • @Gorilla72 said in Paging:

    @kuballin10 - that’s tough about your Dad. Sending prayers for him…

    I appreciate it - I’m a man a faith (funny I know with all my negativity as I’m always that way towards the hawks, chiefs, royals ect) so we are praying hard as well but trusting that whatever the outcome is.

  • @BShark @Crimsonorblue22

    We are playing REALLY good right now and that is even after the Harvard game. Typically that is a Sprint center loss and our guys still gutted out a 14 point win.

    Juan - Absolutely must play as many mpg at the 1 as possible. He was a stud in the IU matchup after coach woke him up. If he could just see 1 three drop I think he starts to average 1-2 a game which just opens things up more for him. He must play the most minutes at the 1 every night. Bobby is not what they’ve billed so far.

    Kevin - This is who’s changed this team. He’s an animal defensively just flat out taking the ball from guys even as they drive on a fastbreak. The difference and not sure if anyone noticed but his back injury was THE BEST for him. Here is why: MJ Rice got to get some confidence and score. This put just a little fire under Kevin and all of the sudden he is a WALKING DOUBLE DOUBLE. His stroke looks great and with him shooting it like that we have a 3 headed monster with JW, GD and KM.

    Gradey - I’ve seen neenyo on 247 talk about him needing more touches and I agree. When a guy goes 8-12 in a game and 5-5 or 5-6 from 3 then he needs more shots until proven he isn’t on fire. He is okay at driving, having some layups under the basket, his pull up game and just any way he can get a shot up in deadly. Neenyo at 247 views the game similarly to me and is as negative but does enjoy a good debate as someone finally analyzed why JW has skills for the nba. I feel as he posts reason and people just say he sucks instead of debating him.

    JW - Leader of the team but cooling off of late. He looks to drive but NEVER kicks opposite to Gradey (he does if KM is in the corner). He can mainly drive hard right but man he is GOOD doing it. Dude needs to look to penetrate and kick more but it’s difficult as a coach to say that without making him hesitant. JW needs to keep doing what he’s doing BUT when Gradey can’t miss get the guy more looks. JW and GD need to average the most shot attempts each game. I don’t like seeing 15-17 shots for JW and only 8-10 for Gradey especially when Gradey is so darn efficient.

    KJ - Draymond JR is money analysis from Self (he must know a thing about basketball). KJ is becoming great at the pick and roll, he gets off the floor so quick that he’s rejecting 6-10/6-11 guys. Now that we trap stud bigs like TJD (IU game) it shows we are going to be just fine moving forward. KJ is the starter and I’m 100% on board. He needs to learn JW’s hard drive right because no big can guard him from the top of the key or elbow.

    Bobby - Needs to penetrate WAY more and look to dish or finish those layups (as he did against IU but was back to average against Harvard). When he’s in the team just doesn’t run the same. The Juan & Bobby lineup I absolutely hate especially when Juan doesn’t look to score. Bobby needs to ATTACK and try a 3 one of these days and he will be okay. Curious how he does next year with some stud guards we have in.

    Joe - He’s a good defender but I’m seeing what Bill probably has seen for 2 years now. He’s hit some 3’s in limited minutes so that’s all we can expect.

    MJ - Needs more minutes but still lost out there at times. Bill has to let him learn in-game to grow through it. He’s a better athlete and defender (when he knows what he’s doing) than Joe and Bobby. He needs to be the 6th man and scorer off the bench as many have said. His interviews he’s saying all the right things.

    Zuby/Udeh - Neither are where they need to be but getting better. Zuby should be 1st big as Self mentioned Udeh was “whipped” 1st defensive possession in the post against Harvard. They are the future though just need to be patient and give us good spot minutes for KJ.

    Clemence - Not seeing it and will probably transfer this offseason if I had to guess

    IU game was perfection, the guys played great and dominated. IU is a solid team but not as good as their ranking was. I’d love going at Tenn again to see how our adjustments work. When you double the ball you are daring guys to shoot wide open 3’s.

    Our D is nasty with Juan & Kevin. Gradey is getting steals (had what 4-5 the other day) and JW pulls more boards than Barkley.

    This team can get to a final 4 just need some breaks like last year. We can hang and beat any team in the country.

    Ready for this big 12 slate to see how tough we are. Us dominating missery on the road was awesome and after watching them dominate ILL (who’s in a free fall but still) it shows these older guys + stud frosh in GD can get it done.

    Self will dominate continuously with the portal. Get older guards like KM and then some good big here or there.


  • The man of many names. I prefer your other names, Mr. Hat. This one gets REALLY negative.

  • @kuballin10 good take! Like the Draymond comparison for KJ, except more athletic. Draymond may be a poor man’s KJ! 😉 His evolution and the evolution of his role has been really fun to watch.

    Sorry to hear about your dad’s health, but glad to see you! Merry Christmas man!

  • @approxinfinity yeah Coach Self was spot on with that one.

    Draymond would hit a three a few years ago now he’s brutal.

    Kj better athlete by a mile just needs draymond to show him how to rebound defensively (offensively he’s already solid).

    Merry Christmas!

  • Well this went better than expected. Good to see you are okay. Sorry to hear about your dad, always a difficult thing to go through.

  • @kuballin10

    You have a good perspective on the game. It will help if you can remain positive… not just about KU basketball.

    Hope your dad’s medical situation improves or stays good.

  • @kuballin10 Praying for your dad. My dad also lost a kidney to cancer a few years ago. The man has had everything that can go wrong with someone go wrong. Over his lifetime, he’s burned his legs so badly they said he’d never walk again (they were wrong), he’s broken more bones than I can even count. He’s had bladder cancer 6 or 7 times (they treat it with live tuberculosis!!!). He’s got melanoma on his head and it’s awful. His back, neck and spine are deteriorating and he’s in constant pain.

    The thing is - every one of us is going to have stuff go wrong if we live long enough. I pray to God that my attitude is as good as my Dad’s if I start having these kinds of problems. If he ever gets frustrated, he never shows it. He just accepts it, goes to the next doctor’s appointment and starts planning the next cruise or trip to Las Vegas.

  • @nuleafjhawk thanks for the encouragement about how your Dad keeps on living - that’s awesome to hear!

  • @kuballin10 Thanks for your reply to BShark. Social media, particularly when we’re kind of anonymous outside of our love for a team really can make us uncaring for people. We see a negative comment, insult them and write them off as someone we hate. We all have lives that include way more important things than sports. None of us want to see our loved ones suffer. But you gave us an peek into your world, and of a Dad who shaped who you are now. Again, thanks for opening up a bit and glad to have you here. Will pray for your dad too and God bless you and your family.

  • Thanks @wissox and God bless you and your family as well!

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