Moving Companies?

  • Have any Bucketeers had good experiences with a particular company? There are so many and they all have terrible reviews, so I’m kind of lost. The one I used last time was meh, so any help would be appreciated!

    Context: I just signed a lease for a house on the east edge of South Park in Lawrence. I’M COMING HOME FAM 😎

  • Nice!

  • I’m pumped. It’s an old WWI era house on 12th. Yeah it has some warts because it’s 100+ years old but that’s what you get on that side of town 😂

  • Congrats! Wish I had something to offer on moving companies, but alas, no recent experience.

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in Moving Companies?:

    I’m pumped. It’s an old WWI era house on 12th. Yeah it has some warts because it’s 100+ years old but that’s what you get on that side of town 😂

    They literally tore down the house I grew up in after my family moved out in the 90s. XD

  • @FarmerJayhawk Lol, I took this as you were looking to change companies for work and were asking for general info on “companies” and I was like, that’s a very general question. Good luck with the move. (And wish me and my reading comprehension luck as well)

  • I’ve heard too many horror stories. I like my stuff - I always packed and moved myself - only moved a few time to be fair. Last move was just across the street and it took 3 years to find a few thing my wife moved while I was working. - amongst them was a Tom Brady rookie card that I sold for 23k as soon as it turned up. Also a Mahomes auto rookie that I can’t afford to replace and would not sell. - thankfully I won’t move again until I retire.

  • @FarmerJayhawk I can’t remember exactly where you’re at (North Carolina?) or if you’d be in their service range, but these guys out of Knoxville did a pretty good job moving me and my wife to Lawrence from Knoxville 12 years ago.

    We got quotes from Allied and United also. All three were about the same price, so we went with the local company. We used United to move TO Knoxville, and those crooks held our stuff ransom until we paid them $500 cash for “extra weight.” (I didn’t doubt the extra weight part, but the cash part was suspect)

    My parents and sister have had pretty good luck using ABF. They drop off a trailer. You load it (or in my parents’ instances three times, I load it). They pick it up, drive it all around the country and eventually drop it off at your new place.

    I guess they go by upack now>.

    Whoever you choose, I would suggest: Offer to go buy the workers a generous lunch, on both ends. Stay out of the way, but help a little bit. (Don’t ask them to set up the living room first so you can watch TV while they unload the rest of your stuff)

    Good luck, and welcome back to Lawrence!

  • @DanR awesome, great stuff! I’ll check them all out.

  • UPDATE: packing is the woooorst but I’m headed west in a week. I ended up getting a POD. Pro tip: playing sales people off each other can save you a boatload of cash. Ended up saving close to 50% after passing quotes around like a bong in a dorm

    Starting 8/1 you can find me sipping Storm Chasers at the Lyon or a good bourbon at John Brown Underground. Ya boy is a slut for a good Mass St bar. I’m blessed to be able to live out my townie dream

  • hahaha

    Good luck my man! Glad to hear you excited about the next chapter.

  • @FarmerJayhawk safe travels!


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