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  • Prayers answered. Chiefs, Jayhawks, Seahawks all win. Packers lose. Too bad I’m not a betting man.

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    @rockchalkjayhawk They say that thinking you aren’t crazy is one of the first symptoms…

    If only it were ONE symptom! 🙂

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    Packers ^

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    Packers ^

    Doesn’t upset me that much. Even if they had one this week- - they were done last week. The Rodgers era is over , he has seen his last game as a Packer.

    Had a very sub par year most INT’S for a Season in his career , a lot of badly thrown balls. - -just flat missing receivers - -underthrown balls - - over thrown balls .You can’t blame it on the defense. They had started to play the way thy were projected in the beginnng as a top ranked defense

    This is the Scenario I see playing out VERY EASILY for next year. Aaron will be traded - w all know or should know if you know anything , he is done at GB. - I can very easily see him going to the Raiders, - reunite with Adams - he grew up on the Coast - -was lots of talk about him going there earlier - -see him taking over for aCrr, – Who knows Raiders benched Carr he could end up in GB maybe, Don’t be surprised if you see Aaron in the Silver & Black next year.

  • @jayballer67 I feel like he should retire.

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    @jayballer67 I feel like he should retire.

    oh I do to actually, he has lost speed, accuracy on his throws, PLUS truthfully I think he cashed in -he got his big payout and basically said meh - who cares this is my last year. - I think he knew this was gonna be his last

  • Gosh you really hate to see Throw Rogan hang them up*

    *as a Bears fan, I do not, in fact, hate to see it

  • Throw Rogan lmaooooo

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sure am hoping the Jaguars can pull off a miracle today so we can avoid the Chargers.

  • And they did!

  • @rockchalkjayhawk And next week we may wish we will face the Chargers.

  • @mayjay said in Jayballer's place for Chief's complaints:

    @rockchalkjayhawk And next week we may wish we will face the Chargers.

    Nah. Chargers have way more game changers than the Jags do.

  • Bills got a late Christmas gift on the game ending first down call.

  • Bills and Bengals in two rock fights before playing each other in what should be another fist fight for the right to (hopefully) play the Chiefs. Just need to take care of business and beat the Jags.

  • Man, can you imagine…so close to both the Bills and Bengals losing today. Drat.

    The Ravens just shat the bed a few times.

    But yup, gotta beat the Jags.

  • Some great news this week - Carl Cheffers and his Chiefs hating self will be reffing the Bills/Bengals tilt, meaning they can’t ref the next game that those teams are in - no Cheffers for the Chiefs unless he and they make the Super Bowl. Dodged a bullet, he makes games tuff to watch.

  • Ok guys you know Chiefs not my # 1 teem but just thought I would throw out some possible encouraging news for you. - -Maholmes was a full participant in practice today. He said he is doing good and fully expects to play. - -That’s encouraging for you. Should be a really good game

  • OK all Chief fans, 1st want to let you know, that I will indeed be rooting for KC , as they are the 2nd team I root for - -will always root for them unless they are playin GB.

    For what it’s worth , my take on the game - -bottom line I think a major role is gonna be and to how it may turn out- - I think a lot is going to be how well the KC offensive line hold up against Philly’s Defensive front- - Philly has some beasts – they have I thnk they said they have 4 guys with double digit sacks. - they have 70 sacks on the season.- -That scares me–Line ha to protect Pat, if he re injuries thattAnkle - - he running for his life most the day could be not good.

    They have been throwing out stats all week. - -Philly Red Zone defense is ranked 11th in the NFL - - KC Red Zone defense is ranked 30th in the NFL- - which means on average KC opponents score 65 % of the time if they reach Red Zone- again not good.

    Having said that stats are exactly that just stats - let’s play it out, a key I think KC defensive Cord gonna be dialing up A LOT of Blitz’s ON HURT. --got to keep them out of short down situations 3rd & 3 - - 3 & 4 downs - -put them in obvious passing situations - -make Philly beat the Chiefs with the pass - -NOT the run game. -Since he has come back from his injury Jalen hasn’t been good at all throwing the ball- -don’t think is fully recovered - -make him THROW - -not run.

    Will be nice to be able to sit back watch and cheer with not tripping like if it was my # 1 team. just be able to watch a good game- -have my refreshments and kool-aid kick back in my recliner - -enjoy-- like I said stats are stats.

    My prediction in the end - - CHEIFS-- - 30- -PHILLY - -24

  • If you look at common opponents the stats tell a different story - KC and the eagles have nearly the same sack numbers on D, but the KC line/Mahomes gives up less sacks. Philly feasted on a weak schedule. That being said the eagles D is excellent, I fully expect Mahomes to get sacked a couple times as his mobility is still likely to be impacted a bit by his high ankle sprain. I also expect the Chiefs to score enough points to win. What I’m most curious about is how the Chiefs defense does. Should be fair, they’ve been playing well. If the offense can get a lead early and make the Eagles mostly abandon the run that would be a huge help.

  • What scares me is Carl Cheffers, that guy hates KC. He’s responsible for 20% of the flags thrown on the Chiefs this season despite only calling 2 games. I wish they would give each team one veto on the ref crews.

  • Robbed from another site -

    My friend just won a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl. Seats are on the 40-yard line, lower bowl. The problem is that his wedding is on Sunday.

    If you’re interested in taking his place, here are the details: It is at Cure of Ars Catholic Church on Mission Road in Leawood at 300pm. Her name is Sophie and she is 5’6" and around 105 pounds. She loves dogs and camping.

  • @dylans Thank you for that! My wife, after going into a coughing fit caused by 5 minutes of laughing, decided to remind me that (1) I’m not Catholic, and (2) I’m already married.

  • @BShark said - Eagles fans have been MUCH better online than Bengals fans. At least in terms of what I’ve seen. Bengals fans will be crying until September.

  • @bshark Bengals fans will be complaining for years. They are the worst since they beat the chiefs in the afcc a year ago. I enjoy arrowheadpride for Chiefs chat, but the Bengals fans constant presence during the last few weeks was tiresome. Eagles fans were much better, I’m tired of hearing fly eagle fly, but they were much more entertaining to interact with. Butt hurt Bengals fans will be on the Chiefs chat boards again next year, but I doubt Eagles fans would act the same way. They’re just classier, I suppose having won a SB fairy recently helps.

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