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  • Thought I would share a bit of personal news here.

    My son’s football team, Archbishop Mitty High School, won Friday night and will play in the Div 1 Northern California Championship this coming Friday against Serra HS (Tom Brady’s alma mater and powerhouse with a dozen or more D1 commits). Mitty was seeded #6 in the 8 team playoffs and won the quarterfinals and semifinals, both in OT. Even more incredible, Mitty was 1-9 last season and 0-9 the season before that (covid). They flipped the script this year, all the way to the Championship game.

    Now you might think that the winner will go to SoCal to play the California State Championship (televised) against the winner of Mater Dei v St. John Bosco (also this Friday, nationally televised, I believe). And you would be sort of correct. If Serra wins, they will play in SoCal for the championship, but not the same for Mitty. California has some sort of committee that picks the team to represent NorCal. Because Mitty was an underdog (lost to Serra earlier in the season), the committee would pick another team from NorCal such as De La Salle, which is another powerhouse up here (but was beat by Serra earlier in the season). It’s not as simple as when I was in a 2A Kansas HS and when you won regionals you went to semi-state. And when you won semi-state, you went to state.

    There are a lot of D1 commits on the teams that Mitty plays. Hardly any of Mitty’s players are getting looks. Sacramento State is interested in a couple guys. No disrespect to SacState, but that is ridiculous. The Mitty QB and RB should be on the radar of P5 schools. The RB is small, but so was Sproles and Deuce Vaughn. He is strong and fast.

    Anyway. I’m thrilled that my son gets to experience playing HS football after Thanksgiving. He’s the center (junior) and will be in the thick of it Friday night at 7 Pacific.

    It’s a David vs Goliath story, so appreciate any good juju you can send.

    Oh, and the coach’s first name is Danny, which led one reporter to call the team “Danny and the Miracles” after the second OT win.

  • Wow man! Are these games televised?

  • @bskeet really special! Congrats and good luck!

  • @bskeet To be fair, Sac St. is ranked 2nd in FCS and probably better than quite a few FBS teams.

  • @bskeet That’s exciting. I miss my days as a HS dad going to wrestling and soccer matches screaming my head off like a fool! Have fun, enjoy the time!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 That’s a good point and reinforces that there are plenty of talented kids here that fly under the radar and end up at a school like Sac State. KU should be looking in these areas… It’s fine to let them go to Sac State and see how things shake out, but with the transfer portal, they should be looking to cherry pick more.

  • @approxinfinity said in .... And in Bucketeer News (that is, news about bucketeers):

    Wow man! Are these games televised?

    I don’t think the game this Friday will be televised, but that could change. If it is, it probably will be regional. The playoff games have been streaming on NFHS network.

    The California State Championship will almost certainly be televised out here but not sure about nationally (ESPN+??) There are absolute studs on some of these teams. I’m frankly amazed that my son is holding his own on the field with some of these 300 pounders. (To be fair, he struggled against Serra in the first meeting, but we’ve talked about how rare it is to get another crack at a team. He’ll have a chance to improve on Friday night.)

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