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  • I’ve recently cut the cord from cable. Although I don’t miss it a stitch, I am getting anxious about the upcoming bball season. Does anyone have an idea of the breakdown of games for this upcoming season, and the streaming options that are available for them? Will there be certain games that aren’t available to stream? Much appreciated

  • Welcome to to the cord cutters, PHC!

    I dunno where you live, but if you’re not in Lawrence like me, you can find most games on CBS / ESPN and ESPN+.

    Sked is here.


  • @rockchalkjayhawk

    So the games that are on ESPN & ESPN2, are those streamable? I ask because I was not able to watch MNF last night on my ESPN+ app. Live in KS, by the way

  • @P-H-C It sounds weird but ESPN+ does not give you ESPN or ESPN2. You’d have to find a service with those on it.

  • @P-H-C Do you have any streaming services?

    I use You Tube TV. I get most of the ESPN channels in the basic package. $65 a month.

  • YouTube TV is a surrogate for the standard cable packages. There are competing services to YouTube TV but it is far and away the leader.

    I cut my cable as soon as I learned about how YouTube TV worked. That covers 80% of KU games with the rest being on ESPN+. That is a separate subscription which you can get standalone or bundled with Disney+ and /or Hulu.

    And that should give you access until CBS puts sports on paramount plus or some other crazy shit like Amazon prime buying rights to some college sports.

    It’s hard to anticipate where it will be in a few years, but the bottom line is that it’s moving toward streaming services and away from traditional cable.

  • Two thumbs up for YouTube TV! Unlimited DVR, too!

    So I’m looking at this schedule:


    When it doesn’t list a broadcaster… surely that means the games will be broadcasted but not negotiated for yet? Half of the Big12 schedule not televised?

    If you hit the download button… it shows the schedule with different TV possibilities.

    Someone help me out here…

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