The Rules For A Safe Ice Bucket Challenge...

  • Here is the right way to do the Ice Bucket Challenge:

    Here is the wrong way to do the Ice Bucket Challenge:

    Wrong Way

    My thoughts are with those firefighters to recover fully. But shouldn’t they have known better?

  • @drgnslayr @drgnslayr Back in the 70’s when building houses for Dad, I witnessed guys getting arched removing socks from electric meters. A gold wedding ring makes a very efficient conductor & can leave a nasty burn. Just 440 or 220 will nail your keeyster if grounded. This was a common practice to use power tools on construction jobs in the era prior to cordless tools. Only alternative was the old “Yankee” driver if you were prosperous enough to own one. Was possible to get charged with theft by utility companies if caught, but out in rural areas in the countryside was very unlikely to get nabbed. Man the things we’ve done to make a living & feed the young-uns’.

    Hell, even 110v can kill you if wet. I cannot believe these guys were this fliipin’ stupid. Don’t mean to be facetious by any means, but if these guys weren’t brain dead before, it’ll be an absolute miracle if they’re not now.

  • @globaljaybird

    As trained firefighters they should have known better. One of them had been in the department for many years.

    I got my hot air balloon pilot’s license back in the 70s… and we were constantly warned to avoid power lines, but if we somehow were entangled in them, never… NEVER throw out a nylon rope to the ground because even a rope can conduct juice and fry you.

  • @drgnslayr They are Kentuckians after all.

  • @drgnslayr Electricity will follow water in a similar fashion as fire will follow a vapor or liquid accelerant. The lapse in judgment by these men is just absurd. Ignoring this no-brain, common sense property is more like a violation of kindergarten rules than safety 101.

  • Think maybe this was a direct result of a testosterone problem relating to wet T-shirts? WTH !!

  • I had seen headlines about the firefighters but had not read further to realize what they had done. Sad for all involved.

    The video link with the clip I watched above had an ad for the new movie “Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For”. That’s the new movie by Robert Rodriguez (with co-director Frank Miller). Robert is our client and my boss and I got to watch Jessica Alba during filming this spring. During the practices we were allowed to watch, but when it came time for actually filming her on the stripper stage she asked us to leave. All the extras were there. WTF? How many hundreds of thousands of people are going to watch the movie and she was worried about me and my boss? My boss went to the premiere and after party last night here in Austin. I declined to go to the Cast and Crew Showing Wed. night. as it was too late and too long of a drive for me.

  • @RockChalkinTexas Just because we’re (I’m) old, it damn sure don’t mean we’re blind !!

  • I know a lot of people that are tired of the barrage of ice water challenge videos.; even the newscasts are full of them. I personally wish they would stop wasting water and energy and just donate the money. Just my personal opinion.

  • For the love of God, can we please get over this idiotic ice-bucket thing NOW?

    Has anyone ever had a bucket of ice water dumped on them? It happened to me when I won my first Super Bowl and I dang near had a heart attack. I’m SURE others really have had heart attacks as a result of this moronic feat.


    Now a well placed bucket of tepid water on a lovely lady… . .


    Oh yeah - just kidding about the Super Bowl

  • @nuleafjhawk

    I’m with you… the heck with ice water splashes…

    I’m willing to make a donation if someone will pour the following down my throat from an ice bucket:

    S P L A S H !

  • @drgnslayr lol - leave it to you.

    I think I’ve got a six-pack of that out in the garage. I’ll let you know when I find them.

  • nuleaf I hope you aren’t serious. I have nothing but respect for you but this craze is the best thing that’s happened in the fight against ALS… EVER! My buddy has battled ALS for nearly a decade and it is a terrible, terrible thing… Every year in September they do a walk to raise money. This year they are doing it at Arrowhead Stadium. Team Struttin’ for Scott. You should look them up. Crazy fun bunch of folks, with huge hearts. It is a hard thing raising money for something other than cancer in this country. They’ve raised about $86k in 9 years.

    A great effort to be sure. but the Ice Bucket Challenge has created more awareness and $$$ for ALS than ever before. 25 times the amount from this period last year. $53 million dollars since July 29. Compared to 2.2 last year.

    Yes of course just send money, but without participating in the Challenge you aren’t spreading the word, and that’s where the money really comes in. It’s not idiotic at all.

  • @KGphoto KG - I had NO idea about the ALS. So I want to apologize if I offended anyone, but I wish they’d come up with a different scenario. Have someone dump a bucket of ice water on you and you’ll know what I mean - I think it has the potential to be dangerous.

    Honestly, I did not know about it -I’m very socially inept. I never watch news - just sitcoms and reality shows. When I “read” the newspaper, it’s sports/comics and classifieds.

  • he really is socially inept!!! Jk! He’s a pretty funny, but compassionate guy. Guess we need to inform him w/cnn updates!

  • If you see the condition of my buddy, you’ll take a bucket of ice water all day to help end ALS. Our whole family has done it. It’s not too bad really. At least it’s summer…

    Besides I don’t think it would’ve taken off if it was the Tepid Water Challenge. Who wants to watch that?

  • @KGphoto

    We are all just joking around. This craze has been one of the best fundraising trends of all times! Who ever thought this up was brilliant and deserves a total hats off from everyone!

  • @drgnslayr btw, this post got a bunch of impressions for our site and several organic visitors to our site from people querying about ice bucket challenge rules and safety. It’s always interesting to me what gets the traffic. Choosing the right title (that matches what people will query for) is huge. Winner!

  • @approxinfinity

    I’m pretty sure the phrase “Safe Ice Bucket Challenge” gets a lot of searches. And now that I’ve mentioned it again, we’ll probably even get more hits!

  • @drgnslayr Sad story slayr, firefighter dies from ice bucket challenge.

  • @globaljaybird

    Never thought I would run in to a “Yankee” reference on this site. I collect Yankees. They are the coolest tools that were ever invented. Not the best. Nothing beats a power drill, but, oh, man, spray a little WD-40 on a Yankee and I can amuse myself for hours on end just compressing and decompressing it. I have six of them. I use them for nothing but screwing around with. They smell like my Dad’s tool shop, when I get just the right amount of WD on one. 🙂

  • @jaybate-1.0 Not even close to the best in this day & age but when I was a twenty-something numbskull, was a tremendous difference in working hard & working smart. Hang on to those Yankees, they’ll be worth a small fortune to collectors someday. I’ve already informed my boys of the past histories of the Stilson & Diamond monkey wrenches from the old Missouri Pacific days of my Dad & Grandad. Also the antique MOPAC lantern with the magnifying glass over the bulb, Grandma’s hand crank meat grinder & scruboard, & the mostly hand illustrated novel depicting the devastation of the Galveston Horror at the turn of the century. Some may say why on Earth would we hold on to such things that are so archaic, but I’ve always felt it is a special way to stay closely connected to the special people that made their living with them, who were our forefathers. How in tarnation could we ever understand where we are going if we don’t know where we’ve been ? In the day jb, Yankee drivers flat kicked ass out of the competition for the blue collar guys. They proudly placed some damn good food on the table for many of our families and you can get a couple of extra loud Amens from ourcorner on that !!

  • @globaljaybird Amen! My dad’s got like 3 Yankees that I got my eye on. They came in real handy a few times when I was a kid. He just won’t turn loose of them yet! 🙂

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