Guys are you bored ? - -Need excitement ? - come on .

  • My fellow bucketers’ -If you ever get bored and looking for different - - you need to come see me lol.

    Just a couple of days ago early morning left the house to make a quick trip to Walmart for some things , coming back home turned the corner on my street and low and behold there sit a Sheriff’s Cruiser blocking the street - -couldn’t get to my house , looked on up the street and saw another Cruiser/SUV & and unmarked sitting right in front of my house. - -My 1st though was -HOLY CRAP is my wife ok , so I called her and ask - she said ya why ? - -so I told her what had happened and she looked out the front window and she says - - - Holy S - - -.

    She precedes to tell me look a couple of houses on up our street - -and WOW there was an Armored Vehicle - and another tactical SUV - up in the Neighbors yard and countless Unmarked Cars ended up counting like 14-15 LEO vehicles of various types - -Sheriff’s cruisers and pickups lining the street - -I was like Wow , so I turned around and decided to go around and try to get home from the other direction only to be stopped by police.

    I told them I live within the perimeter - they said they couldn’t let me in because they had an active Warrant at the moment -said if I went back around told the Deputy they might let me through. There were all kinds of Swat standing in my Neighbors yard - - ended up throwing a flash bomb in the house and took ram and busted door down - - YAZAAAAAA - WOO- - -WEE

    Ended up 4 arrested- -The father and 2 sons - -who were 17 yrs old and another. - Charged with Marijuana – Opiates , Fentanyl Drug Para , - -Cocaine - one of the 17 yrs old was charged with 30 kilo’s - -well that breaks down to 60 pounds as a kilo is 2.205 pounds - -quite a bit of Cocaine , Charged with Sales and distribution -

    So see fun - -fun - -BUT for me , this is almost a daily occurrence. -If it’s not something like this - - then it’s drive Bys - -we are surrounded o all 4 sides by gangs. - -We have had the Bloods walking down the street 4 abroad in the middle of the day just to show colors - -letting the neighborhood they were there - -that’s always exciting. - If it’s not any of that - -I’m tellin ya seen it al- - seen Hookers walking down the street all times of night - -seen naked women that is so stoned they have no idea what’s going on -All kinds of fun - -So you get bored come see me - -FUN TIMES lol

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