Royals 2022 Recap

  • Another disappointing season in the books. The Royals will lose 95+ games and likely end the season holding onto a Top 5 draft pick.

    John Sherman did make a big move to let GM Dayton Moore go. I know some have mixed feelings on it. I think most agree that it was time to move on.

    JJ is going to get to call the shots, officially, starting in 2023. I think you’ll see Matheny gone. I think you’ll see basically all of the coaches gone except for some of the guys in the minor league system.

    Now, the positives of what the Royals have going on. They are really young, and they have a lot of good young talent. Singer looks like a #2 in a playoffs rotation. I think they’ll do what they can to bring Greinke back as well. But they need to go spend $50M this offseason on pitching if they want to compete. Just the truth.

    I think next year’s offense will really look significantly better than they did this year. A lot of rookies who I think will come out next season and play better.

    • C - Salvy - as long as he can handle it, keep him catching. I wasn’t sure his bat would be good enough to put at 1B or DH but I have to say the last 3 seasons he’s shown it is.
    • 1B - Pratto - By far the biggest disappointment of the rookies. But I believe his patience at the plate will end up serving him well. I expect him to be a 20+ HR guy next season with a significantly better K rate.
    • 2B - Massey - He looked good this year for a 2B. I think he showed he can outplay Lopez and send him to the bench.
    • SS - ? Do we put Witt back here? Do we go sign someone? Do you play Lopez here to start the season? Can Mondesi come back?
    • 3B - I say leave Witt at 3B. Royals have a star in Bobby Witt. I expect this season to be basically his “bad” season.
    • LF - Olivares/Eaton - Eaton is a great fielder. Olivares had a decent stick. One of them will get time here.
    • CF - ??? Really not sure what they’ll do here.
    • RF - Isbel - Meh. Fine.
    • DH - Vinnie - Solid DH. Going to hit 30 bombs next season.

    If I was building the order right now:

    1. Melendez
    2. Witt
    3. Vinnie
    4. Salvy
    5. Pratto
    6. Olivares
    7. Massey
    8. Isbel
    9. Lopez

    I really don’t think they need to do much with position players in the offseason. I wouldn’t be upset with an OF or a 3B with some power. But I really think if they were to make better analytical decisions building the lineup that the offense could be top 10 next season in OPS.

    The bigger issue is simple, it is that we gave up the 4th most runs in baseball. And unless you have the team putting up the most runs in baseball it is going to be hard to win games. The biggest thing that needs to happen this offseason is the team spends money on FA pitching. Trade some prospects if you have to. But the pitching MUST get better.

    If it were me, I’d slide Bubic, Keller and Lynch into the pen or maybe even send them down. I’d do what I could to bring back Greinke. And then I’d sign the rest of my starting pitchers. 4 guys for $60M, break it up however you want. For me, it would be throwing money at Syndergaard and Sonny Gray. And then probably go after 2 of Kluber, Odorizzi, or Mike Minor. I’d look for guys you think could have a bounce back year. And if they suck, then you just move Lynch back in to the rotation.

    The goal next year shouldn’t be playoffs (though I don’t think that is impossible). But it should be to win more than 75 games. They just have to find a way to make that happen. I think they have the core that they need. Now it is all about spending the money to win and using better analytics to drive decision making.

  • @Kcmatt7 love the rooks, just fell off the cliff these last what 2 weeks?

  • KC, Really nice analysis and summary. I agree 100% that Royals need to sign at least 2 starting caliber pitchers.

    My other point is on Lopez, unless he can improve his batting in the offseason, I just do not see him as an everyday player.

  • @AsadZ ideally Mondesi can play a full season for once… but can’t bank on that.

  • I do like Nicky

  • How about JJ devise a creative trade package deal including Mondesi, Dozier and O’Hearn for a solid starting pitcher and perhaps a prospect. Yankees come to my mind for such a deal.

  • I’d personally hate to see it, but I wonder what Salvy would bring in a trade.

  • @nwhawkfan he should have been traded at the deadline last year.

    At this point I’d keep him. I think the team is closer to competing than their record. But only if JJ is given the money to make it happen.

    If we aren’t in it at the deadline I’d definitely shop him.

  • @AsadZ not sure they’d get saltines back in that trade package.

  • No way!

  • On Salvy trade, I think Royals have missed the window. Unless Royals get a cannot refuse type of offer my view is to keep him.

    He is the only veteran player who can provide valuable locker room leadership to the younger players. He is the glue, a likeable person who can keep the mood positive even during tough times.

    He will have to understand that going forward his PT will decrease unless he is hot at the plate.

  • @AsadZ more DH. He’s the soul of the Royals. I know. It’s about the wins and money.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 but then what do you do with Vinnie? He is going to be such a stud.

  • @Kcmatt7 that’s why you get paid the big bucks, figure it out.🤣

  • Royals have traded Mondesi to Red Sox and Taylor to Twins for pitching prospects.

    I hope Royals can also find a partner for Dozier.

  • Hated the Mondesi trade. I’d have rather gambled he plays well the first half of the season and risk getting literally nothing in return.

    Dozier I don’t think they could get much more than an even more washed up relief pitcher than they got for Mondesi. He’s 3 seasons removed from his .800 season at age 30. He’s a poor defender as well. If the NL hadn’t implemented the DH, I do think Dozier would have had some trade value. Perfect late inning pinch hitter because he has HR potential and can play four positions.

    At this point, just Designate him for assignment and cut your losses.

  • Royals signed Chapman to a one-year deal worth 3.75 million. I think it is a good gamble to boost back end of bullpen.

    Hopefully he will regain his control.

  • @Kcmatt7 Haven’t been paying too much attention. Is KC dumping expensive bats in favor of pitching?

  • @dylans kind of? Got a decent return for MAT.

  • Royals have signed Greinke, one year deal worth $8.5M.

    I think it is a solid signing to boost starting pitching and provide veteran leadership to young pitchers.

  • @AsadZ somebody has to get outs lol

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