How long until the big 5 start farming?

  • When do the domino’s start to fall? If you were Mamadou Ndiaye or Isaac Copeland and just found out you could be getting paid if you transferred to a different school. Does the NCAA or school have to let you transfer if you or your family are in a financial bind or do you even need a reason? Will the big 5 start to farm the smaller schools for proven top talent? If you were being paid to win like Bill Self is do you start farming today for the top players looking for a pay check? We need a rim protector TODAY so how long before a Coach starts actively farming other schools.

    I wouldn’t even stop at players. When do we start hiring top coaching/training personnel? These other schools are essentially farm teams now right?

  • @Statmachine

    This already happens to a large extent on the coaching/training staff level. The question is whether the new NCAA rules will allow a player to transfer up without having to sit out a year. Also, whether they will allow players to transfer if schools change conferences (i.e. if a school drops from the Power 5 to the Sun Belt, can a player transfer out with no penalty).

    This is where we have been for a while - it’s just that the curtain has been pulled back and we can all see what is happening now.

    I would imagine the transfer situation will start to really churn soon. Since D1 scholarships are renewable on a yearly basis, I can imagine that even more players will be non-renewed now as coaches are under pressure to produce results (wins). Players from lower level schools will be transferring up with the opportunity to get a larger stipend, while others will transfer down if they can’t compete. This is what the NCAA fears, even though it has been going on for years, anyway.

  • I just think we live in a different world today.

    Internet, tv and other media spreads information at light speed.

    For that reason, when rules change or about anything changes, the field of schools, coaches and players quickly hear about it, and also hear about how others are reacting.

    That means the impact of anything happening occurs quickly and in proportions we’ve never experienced before. Imagine back… before the internet and broad-span network television. News traveled slowly and so were the reactions.

    We are all experiencing this right now in Ferguson, Mo. How much of the fuel on that fire came from media now and in the past year? There were other events that happened a while back and it is feeding this fire. It is feeding this fire because the news spread and informed people across the country. There are no more back doors in the sticks. Everyone’s back door is out there for the entire world to grab on to.

    Sports is no different.

    Reactions in the future are bound to be more abrupt. That kind of puts me on edge… but these are the days we live in.

    Look at recruiting. Look at Kansas and Bill Self in just the past few years. I recall just a while back we were discussing Bill being in a recruiting slump. He definitely has the ball rolling these days. Look at how many top tier players have Kansas on their list. We haven’t even contacted many of them before they have us on their list. That is a part of what is going on and how Kansas is now one of those teams that top players automatically put on their list, even if we don’t have a scholarship to give. It is part of the national hype, the national sports network broadcasting the who’s who in basketball.

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