Ok, I A going to voice my opinion so be it

  • Well it had been a pretty good Sat morning - -then I came on here and found out I had stepped on somebody’s toes - - -hurt their feelings . So to that I say this when I joined this forum I was under the understanding that this was a open forum, a forum where you can post threads , debate , & voice opinions - - - - -hmmm

    I also saw threads where you could make those posts. I had NO IDEA that there where hidden exceptions to these topics - - qualifications. So todays example is KC Royals /OTHER Baseball , hmmm - - even though it is stated OTHER I didn’t realize thats not the case - - it has to be Royals - - only Royals even though the header says KC ? Other. - Also didn’t realize that their had to be a certain umber of a teams fans here before a fan of another - -I thought didn’t matter if it was ONE fan or ONE HUNDRED FANS team was allowed to post. - guess I missed that - -you have to have a X amount of fans before you can make a post about your team. -my bad.

    So I guess with having said this I guess we need to look at other topics. I guess that means if ONE K/State fan comes in here then they will not be allowed to as quote ( rub it in our faces ) about say their football team because we don’t want anyone rocking the boat - -and they are not a KU fan they have no right to come to an open forum and talk sports even though it may not be sugar coated with things about our team. it’s no different whether I talk about NY in the Baseball section that says KC/ OTHER MLB - or it’s anything KU related. If it’s dealing with football - - -Yes this ONE K/State fan would EVERY right to come on aKU board and have the right to say he likes - - it’s a open forum for Christ sakes. - Yet I guess the headins need to be changed to like KC Royals/ No one else

    Look I’ve been here for a minute, and honestly I’m not here to win any popularity contest I’m here to be able to talk KU sports - - Baseball sports - - whatever the case may be. It’s awfully hard to not it looks like to step on some’s toes - hurt their feelings - to that I don’t know what to say , because if I can’t come in and be able to express myself without people getting so defensive then that’s - - -just sad -I’ve had people attack me on here. I use to get real defensive but have had some talks with people here private and like they have said it’s not worth it -So now I just tell them have a great day and move on.

    This isn’t forum to get into a battle of words exchange insults - that’s not what this site is for. - Yet if people are going to get offended by comments made well - - - - – . People need to look at how the titles to this different Headings are listed. - -Again in Baseball umm NOWHERE did I see where Yankees fans can not post. From the beginning I didn’t post that to as they say rub it in your face simply stating what a great start they were having and BOOM we have to come back with certain remarks - -NOW I’m rubbing in face lol. - - OK that’s it. - -that’s what it is.

    Bottom line is I’m not going anywhere I’m going to continue to remark on others posts. - As for me I don’t care if I EVER get a comment on any of my posts - -but if fans from other teams are truly not allowed to post in here then things need to be changed-- Time to grow up

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    Time to grow up

    Couldn’t agree more. That includes accepting some pushback when you write lengthy discussions about a team not liked in KU’s vicinity by most people. Some annoyance, but no hurt feelings justifying your post.

    It is sports. People have different rooting interests. You post yours constantly. People respond–which is really what you are trying to provoke.

  • I’m not a Yankees fan (in fact I have some animus for the Yankees) but I’m ok if you want to gloat. They are having a pretty good year. And everyone is entitled to root for their favorite teams (as long as it’s not Mizzou 😉

    Everyone needs to have a thick skin, but also be respectful. I think another key is to keep those conversations in the right forums (which I think you’ve done here…)

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  • @jayballer67 A little

  • @BShark said in Ok, I A going to voice my opinion so be it:

    @jayballer67 A little

    Lol , seems you have to be a little in todays Society lol

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