Prediction of BB final record at the end of the season

  • Since we’re on the cusp of the regular season, we might as well some fun with our predictions for the final record of the 2013-14 KU mens BB team. The winner will have bragging rights and the right to beat us over the head with their correct prediction.

    I’m going to guess 36-5.

  • I’m going with 36 - 4.

  • 32 - 8

  • 31 - 9

  • They will be 31-10 and play with civility.

  • 30-7

  • There is only 40 games in a season everyone. I want KU to get to and win the NC but Im going to guess a bit under that. So Im thinking more along the lines of 32-7

  • Maybe I’m wrong, but looks like there’s 32 regular season games (excluding exhibitions) then 3 possible Big 12 tourney games (4 if you’re a bottom seed) and 6 possible NCAA tourney games. 41 total games are possible - less obviously if you lose in either tourney.

  • ?? I counted 13 non-conference, 18 B12, 3 B12 Tourney and 6 NCAA Tourney

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  • Lulu and Dan are right - thought I excluded all the exhibition games but counted one anyway. It is 31 regular season games (13 non-conf + 18 Conf) plus 9 possible tourney games = 40

  • 29-8

  • JayDoc, you seem even more pessimistic (although we both presumably have them going deep into the NCAA tourney) than I am… care to list your nine losses?

    My Eight losses:

    Duke One in the Bahamas (venue sucks/anything can happen) @ Florida 4 B12 games (@OSU + 3 we play poorly) 1 loss in the B12 tourney or only make it to the final 4.

    That would be a legendary season for most schools. 🙂

    KU, I guess you expect an early exit. Could definitely happen.

  • 40-0. I’m the first to call it? Book it!

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  • I just remember KU’s 08 season. 37-3. Biggest win total for KU Bball.

  • I’ll call 35-5.

    Both Duke and Florida are going to be tough.

    OK State is going to give us great game and I kind of think that even with the loss of some starters, Iowa State wants some payback. So I think they give us at least one tough game. As far as the 5 loss…things happen so especially early in the season with a young team it could happen with anyone.

  • DanR -

    Not pessimistic, I just think this young team is going to have some significant growing pains early on. I am doubtful that we will win conf championship number 10, but I am expecting growth and predicting a successful season ultimately with a run to the championship game.

    Losses could look something like: Duke, (possibly one Bahamas team: UT?), Florida, @OU, @ISU, @OKST, @Baylor, plus a loss in the Big 12 tourney final and one unexpected home loss

  • never doubt Bill Self JayDoc. I do however think this team has a larger margin for error than we all think. That being said, we ARE beating Duke. We will sweep OU and ISU. Road losses don’t look good in the selection committees eyes and I don’t see KU getting anything less than a 2 seed. Well, its what my magic 8 ball says anyways. PS. call me JaynurseRN. Rock Chalk!

  • Hope you’re right Lulu - if anyone can do it its Self. Just think this might be the year the amazing run ends.

  • So I guess I am a bit wishy-washy on my total losses this year for KU. I truly believe we will beat Duke. Mostly by the new rules giving us FT’s from Duke’s flopping and body checking, and giving Duke foul trouble. If I think we will sweet OU and ISU this year, where should the 7 losses I think we will sustain come from? WE WILL at least tie for a 10th straight conf. championship. If Rush and Rio &co can do it as freshmen, then this team can Absolutely do it too. Come on guys.

  • @lulufulu85 If we’re going to beat them, we need to abuse them on the interior, because their guards are more experienced than ours, but their bigs aren’t and ours are more talented. I think Ellis, Black and Embiid need to step up in a big way, and Naadir needs to demand the ball to bring it up court and keep our turnovers in the realm of reasonable. If we can run a controlled offense, while getting out on the break, and feed our bigs, we should win.

  • actually I meant Sweep, not sweet. LoL shaking my head

  • 33-5.

    I think this team drops at least 2 non-con games, but come conference play, outside of OSU and Baylor, I don’t really see anyone in the conference that can beat KU. They have too much raw talent to cough up a game to a bad team like TCU or Texas Tech, because Self can just keep going to the bench until something clicks.

    I can see losing once in the Big XII tournament and there’s always a chance to drop one in the NCAA’s. A 33-5 season would be an incredible run. That probably won’t be good enough for a title, but it would be a great season.

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