5 games Sox/Royals this week.

  • Lockout postponed some games.

    MLB says we’re going to pack 5 games into four days this week.

    Sox have 3 off days over 8 day stretch starting next Monday. Maybe they could have figured out how to avoid 2 open dates on Memorial Day weekend for the Sox. Yes, Friday, and Monday of that holiday weekend are open dates.


    And after battling you all Sox go to NY to face the powerful Yanks. Gonna be a tough week of baseball from my perspective.

  • Game 1 to the Sox. Former Royal great Jonny Cueto got called up as he fills in for injured Lance Lynn. Pitched well for nearly 6 innings, ran out of gas, but unscored on. Sox stud reliever Graveman wasn’t a stud last night and he coughed up a 3-0 lead and in extras Luis Robert hits a bomb with the Manfred runner on 2nd and Sox win 5-3.

    Double header today. Good pitching matchup in game 1. In game 2 its’ the ever popular TBD for the Sox against Slinger who’s been giving up more runs than the third starter on a 5th grade little league team.

  • Royals kind of Witty I see, or is it Whitty?

  • Royals fired their hitting coach Terry Bradshaw before yesterdays game. Hired a new one today. MLB batters get a coach fired. The last great batting coach was Charlie Lau who taught George Brett how to hit.

  • Cheap baseball owners rarely give fans the pleasure of observing a true double header. You want to see both games today? a. hide in a bathroom stall, or b. leave the park and buy another ticket. MLB keeps losing ground to the NFL and NBA, although it still is the 2nd most popular sport among fans, even if the TV networks don’t know that. But when they make fans pay twice in a day, it’s no wonder they’re losing ground.

  • @wissox - used to love double-headers although they were exhausting just to watch!

  • @Gorilla72 Oh I agree. Nothing better in sports than a double header!

  • Doubleheader, Royals struck out a lot and left a bunch of guys on base in scoring position. In the 8th our train wreck reliever Joe Kelly gave up a hit and two walks and then got three guys out.

    Game 2 Sox lineup was emasculated by our ancient losing his mind manager by taking out Jose Abreu and Tim Anderson leaving us little margin for error offensively and lost, although our 3B coach foolishly challenged Benitendi’s arm and he threw a guy out at the plate with our best hitter, Luis Robert coming up killing the inning.

  • Sox win game 5ive. Sox printing World Series tickets after dominating the Kansas Royals today.

  • Fire Dayton plz.

  • @Kcmatt7 I could probably look it up, but who is Dayton and why should he be fired?

  • @wissox it’s the Royals GM

  • Royals won a MLB game last night.

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