Tyreek Trade Likely

  • Per everyone on twitter.

    My thoughts: https://twitter.com/BShark5/status/1506651618217021451

  • @BShark Hill is gone. - -traded to Miami for 5 draft picks

  • They was talking on ESPN how Devante Adams move is having a ripple effect. Hill seeing the money Devonte is getting - - Hill seein Patrick and his huge contract and thinking he should be getting some of that money too

  • Holy shit turds. They traded him! Insane. Can’t wait to hear this rationale. Wow. An entirely new WR crew coming in. Smart with KC in win now mode?

  • KC in talks with one of my boys from GB - -Valdez Scantling - - BOY did KC ever screw up

  • Anyone want to take bets that the Chiefs won’t be a top 5 offense?

    It was probably the best combo of complimentary players in the league, but this is a fine move in the end. They got a shit ton back for him.

  • @Kcmatt7 said in Tyreek Trade Likely:

    Anyone want to take bets that the Chiefs won’t be a top 5 offense?

    It was probably the best combo of complimentary players in the league, but this is a fine move in the end. They got a shit ton back for him.

    Not gonna bet against Andy and Pat.

  • No way they could keep Hill while paying Mahomes (his contract kicks in next year), Kelce, Jones, and several others without absolutely falling into salary cap hell. If Hill wanted nearly $30M a year (which, given some of the other contracts that receivers have gotten, makes sense) he wasn’t getting it in KC, but could probably get it somewhere. It’s a business when players get cut, so its a business when they can get paid. Wish Hill the best in Miami, but KC had to get something for him if they couldn’t get an extension.

  • Veach has a much better draft track record than he gets credit for. And with 12 picks this year it is hard to believe they won’t fill some serious gaps. And now they don’t HAVE to restructure Mahomes deal this year at all. Which gives them even more flexibility down the road.

    Fwiw about Veach:

    • 2021 - 6 picks. 3 starters. Backup TE. Backup EDGE. Powell the only “miss”
    • 2020 - 6 picks. 4 starters. Backup EDGE. Keyes the miss.
    • 2019 - 6 picks. 3 starters. Fenton. Backup OL. Thompson the miss.
    • 2018 - Disaster except Nnadi.

    2018 - didn’t have a 1st. 2019 - Traded first for Frank Clark.

    So realistically the guy has drafted exceptionally well the last 3 years. It could have been better, but all in all that should inspire some confidence that the roster should still be one of the best in football.

  • @justanotherfan This is the Packers situation except Hill wasn’t a free agent and Davante was. Now is where Mahomes/Rodgers need to earn their money by bringing less talented WR’s up a few levels instead of relying on a stud WR…although you could make the argument that in Kelce KC still has theirs.

  • No receiver is worth QB money. That said it’s kinda sad to lose Tyreek. Good luck in Miami with Tua.

  • While it is emotional to see Hill go, this is a wise business decision.

    With extra picks Veatch has greater flexibility, can move up in the draft and/or trade some other pieces.

    If Veatch plays this well, KC can end up with several high quality players on both sides instead of one elite (WR) player.

  • Yep definitely a defining moment in what is now either opening another 5 year window for success with a good draft or closing it with a miss.

  • The great Tyreek Hill debate going on now with Anlysts - Both good points. - One saying as a top KC executive and knowing now that the Raiders had just sign Devonte Adams , how in the hell do you not do everything possible to retain Hill? - -( good point ) saying you do whatever is necessary t keep him. Saying they better hope to GOD they hit a home run with these draft picks & then saying they wanted to e able and sit back and watch the Chiefs try and find ANOTHER Tyreek in these picks as these types just don’t come along every day

    Saying KC has went from automatic Coneence Champion , to where they gonna have to bust their ass. - -Saying that the AFC West is gonna be a beast , and to think that one or two or even possibly three from this division not making the playoffs because they gonna beat each other up plus what Miami has done then you got Bufalo -Cincinnati some really good teams gonna be sitting at home in January.

    Asking how they gonna replace Hill’s speed, giving examples like taking a 10-12 yard pass and turning it into a 44 yard gain or taking it to the house , they did say that KC has a free agent in town right now and he is the only receive that is faster then Tyreek after the catch and so happens to be my teams GB free agent Valdez Scantling is the only one faster then Tyreek afte the catch , I’m hoping GB get’s him resigned but not looking good.- I found out GB was talking to Seattle about D J Metcalf and Tyler Lockett I could live with that lol- I beleive good chance Scantling ends up in KC

  • Something I have only seen mentioned in one article is Hill’s age. Speed is great and Hill is a fast reliable receiver but how about next year or the year after? Father Time is unbeatable and that 4 year mostly guaranteed contract is likely to bite Miami in the butt down the road. Perhaps sooner hopefully later Tyreek will no longer be able to maintain his speed advantage and I can see KC wanting to get something out of a trade before that day happens.

  • Watching teams scheme against Tyreek and Kelce made me realize that Chiefs O has to be multi dimensional and this deal can help towards that cause.

  • Well this sure is getting interesting. Now they signed Marquez Valdes-Scantling. So the WRs are now – JuJu – Scantling – Hardman – Josh Gordon still on the roster?

    Also, defender Arden Key is in town for a visit as well.

  • Yes on Gordon

  • Looks like the Chiefs have their eyes on two former pro bowl CBs… Stephen Gilmore and James Bradberry.

  • AFC West has shaped out to be The strongest division in NFL now.

  • @AsadZ said in Tyreek Trade Likely:

    AFC West has shaped out to be The strongest division in NFL now.


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