What's YOUR Excitement Level?

  • 30 days until the first football game. How enthused are you?

    1. I CAN’T WAIT!!! I’ll lose sleep every night between now and September 6

    2. Pretty Stoked. I think Charlie’s got his act together now and we should definitely be bowl bound.

    3. I think we could win a few games. It should be fun to watch some of the new guys.

    4. Not that wound up about it. I’ve been a Jayhawk fan for a long time and I have a pretty good idea what to expect.

    5. Oh Dear God, can we please just skip it and get to BASKETBALL? Someone wake me on November 4th.

  • Somewhere btwn 3 & 4

  • Well, 2 parts, I can’t wait, going to the first game. But, I have very little hope! I also have so much respect for the athletes. I try to stay the whole game.

  • @nuleafjhawk what s yours? 5?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 No, not at all. I always look forward to the start of football season. I LOVE football. I’m really stoked about the Chiefs game tonight and I’m looking forward to the start of Jayhawk football too.

    Having said that, I’ve drunk (drank? drinked? Sorry - not a wordsmith) a hell of a lot of koolaid over the past 50 years and I’m very skeptical. I desperately want us to succeed, but I just don’t have a lot of faith in Charlie. Sorry.

    To be fair to Weis, it’s not just him. It’s us too, the fans. I know it seems stupid to stick around when you’re behind 45-3 at halftime, but it’s very demoralizing to the players when they look up and see 27 people in the stands.

    We all play a part. The University, the coaches, the players, the fans and the community. Have you ever been to Pittsburgh, Ks on game day? These people SUPPORT their team. There are red & gold flags and gorillas everywhere!! I’d sure like to see that kind of support in Lawrence.

  • Ditto, between 3 and 4. If I lived close enough I’d buy season tickets to support the team. I cherish every chance I get to be in Lawrence-let alone a game day. That said, I would probably be giving the tickets away some games.

  • Right now I am a solid 3 but it could easily move up or down depending how the team performs…obviously.

    Interesting that coach Weiss said that KU could make a big statement with a road win at Duke. Duke finished last season ranked 22 and has the bulk of players coming back and has garnered top 25 votes in many pre-season polls, while KU is at the other end of the spectrum. Yes, a win ta Duke would be huge but I just don’t see it happening; I surely hope I am wrong.

  • I’m a modified 2.

    1. Pretty stoked. I think Reagan has his act together. We should score some points and maybe even go bowling.”

  • Some good news, the fb team had over a 3.11 gpa for the summer. I’m impressed!

  • If I could have answered at work, I would have said a 4 or 5, but a friend just called and offered me a ticket for LSU-Wisconsin in Houston in 3 weeks. Now I’m a 1!! Sorry, I’ve just never gotten into KU football, I know I should. I did hop on the bandwagon in the Mangino heyday, (were we really undefeated and ranked 2 or 3 in the country?!!)

  • Banned

    @nuleafjhawk I have my fingers crossed. I so badly want KU football to rise again. I know we won’t be world beaters, but man if we can just make some noise and tell the world hey we can play some football at KU too. I can’t put into words other than to say I’ll be stoked.

  • Football nihilist.

    Weiss for 5!

  • This is NOT Basketball !! it is ALL Meaningless.

    I want to read BASKETBALL on what I thought was a Basketball Web-Site. Put all this “TRASH” in a single topic and put it on the BACK Page where we don’t have to Crawl Over It!

    Please get back to BASKETBALL and our Hawks !! Thank You !!

  • @RedRooster “KU Football News / Other Sports”

    If you don’t like it, don’t read it

  • As an alumnus (yes, I’m sorry, I’m going to play the alumni card) and a fan idealist, I think if you don’t help plan and prepare for the party you don’t get to go to the party. 2008 is a great example, all the KU fans that came out of the woodworks to be a part of the celebration had to feel awfully awkward shedding the loyalty of the other teams that they began rooting for instead of KU. And therein lies the problem. How stupid would you feel if KU suddenly regained the swagger that they had a few years ago (I know, it’s a long shot)? It’s a part of being a fan. I’ve been a Chicago White Sox fan my entire life. They’ve been terrible that entire time…but when they were able to put it all together in 2005 it was one of the sweetest feelings ever. That’s what being a fan is about. The KC Chiefs are the same exact way. When/if that team ever puts it together and wins the Super Bowl, it will be the sweetest feeling ever for Chiefs fans.

    To me, it’s a gutless move and it makes KU fans look really, really bad to be so one-dimensional. I go to Ohio State now and when I get asked whether I’m a Buckeye fan, it’s laughable to me. I’d never dream of rooting against KU or picking another team besides KU. It seems incredibly gutless to me for some KU fans to root for the Jayhawks during one part of the year, and root for another team during the football season, especially if they ever play each other. To me there aren’t moral victories. What I mean by that is, if KU lost to Ohio State in the Final Four or in football for that matter, I couldn’t be like 'well at least it was Ohio State." F that! Losing sucks no matter who it is. To me the biggest thing is that It’s good for the university to have a football team that can at least go to bowl games. And if you care about KU as a school at all, then you should want the football team to be successful.

    To answer the initial question though… I am excited for KU football the same as I am every year. The first game is always the eye-test, which KU usually fails by allowing some horrible D2 team to put up 21 points. However, this year I am cautiously optimistic. The few times that the KU offense was humming last year it was when they were running the spread (then Weis would go to a pro-style offense with subpar talent and KU would quickly go 3-and-out). Now, KU will actually be running an offense suitable for the college game. With the addition of another proven wide receiver in Nigel King to go with Nick Harwell, Cozart will have some weapons at his disposal (provided he can get the ball there). KU has some high level talent, and with the right kind of scheme I think KU can take a big step forward. An element that a lot of people don’t realize is that KU’s defense was pretty good last year (and that’s when they were on the field for 40+ minutes a game). You can argue that increased time on the field led to higher production value statistically, but I was impressed with the defense’s ability to keep opponents from running all over us. Think about it, the Texas Tech game was close (we were actually leading 14-3) until Weis went pro-style…and called a fake punt from our own 15 yard line. The game against TCU is won with a competent offense. Simple as that. The game against WV showed what KU can do when the offense can actually get first downs. The game against K-State is another example. Defense played pretty well, but with Jake Heaps and James Sims trying for a school record in turnovers, that game became un-winnable. I’ll stop there, but you get the idea.

    So to actually answer the question, I’m probably at a 2.5. I’m excited to see the changes and I’m confident they can actually lead to some success. That being said, I’m by no means expecting a bowl game, and I really don’t know where to even speculate where we land in number of wins. But I’m cautiously optimistic.

  • @MoonwalkMafia Good post! I wish you had not revealed the whole Buckeye thing (HATE 'em! kinda lol…) but I agree. I could never understand how you root for one team in basketball and another in football. Or baseball, or hockey, or … That’s just crazy to me. Maybe we’re too one dimensional. I prefer to call it sane.

  • @nuleafjhawk Well, I’m in grad school at OSU, and I did my undergrad at KU. Needless to say, my loyalty lies with KU… But thanks! I’m glad we’re on the same page!

  • @MoonwalkMafia Here’s how I became a Jayhawks hoop fanatic and a non Jayhawk football supporter. I wasn’t born in Kansas, never lived there either, except for my three years as a student there. I didn’t know anything about KU sports upon coming to Lawrence. While at KU I did go to the football games, but I had to buy the tickets in order to get basketball tickets, so I went. The games were fun but not in a fanatic type of way.

    I graduated, still followed KU hoops because 1. They were very good and 2. They were on TV. Football wasn’t on TV up north where I went after graduating. Pre internet days made being a football fan of KU’s just a check the score in the paper type of thing.

    By the way, I’ve been a Sox fan since the early 80’s. Suffering a bit right now, but the thrill of 05 still is strong.

  • @nuleaf-Between a 3 & 4 at best. Weis was virtually run out of Southbend on a rail., & trust me, many would have liked tar & feathers as a topping… After not one but two washout QB transfers, I can imagine they’re laughing up there now even more. My kids lived & went to school there from 2010 till last fall so we went to a few games. Is a really magical place for CFF, but Weis was considered a dismal failure & is not getting the recruits here either. At least at ND he landed (wo)Manti Te’o. But again, that didn’t wrap up so hot either…Let’s just kindly say my faith is not in Chuck, that is unless he’s a participant in a hot dog eating contest. Now if that’s the game Leaf I’ve got some $$$ for that flippin’ pot !!

  • @globaljaybird he’s lost 80 plus pounds!

  • @globaljaybird said:> I’ve lost 25 myself by am still 10 over the obamacare limit. So what about recruiting vs Osu & the rest of the big 12 big boys??

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Good article - thanks for posting it. It says Mangino has been the only above .500 coach at Kansas in the past 61 years ??? I haven’t researched it, but IS THAT TRUE?

  • @globaljaybird Congrats on losing the weight! I wish I could drop 25 or so myself. Would you like to share your secrets?

    I thought I had a good idea, but after thinking it through it was too radical.

    I was going to eat less and exercise more…

  • @nuleafjhawk There are really no secrets leaf, just work. Before my retirement from my career in 2009 I walked from 10 to 20 miles daily. No woofin’-every bit of that. Was almost a half mile from where I parked to my shop office. After a bad rotator cuff tear & surgery in Spring 2010, I started to puff up progressively. By Winter 2011/12 I was 35-40# over fightin’ weight, so I actually took on two part time jobs during the ensuing year. I still work about 30 hrs weekly with appx 5 mi of walking daily, plus finish mow 3 acres & keep about 40-50 trees pruned & manageable also. Gardens are generally bigger & better than this year, but things have been a tad neglected with Woodrow being so ill his final few weeks. Things are so quiet out here now it’s sometimes tough to stay motivated & busy, but mainly keeping physically active is the key for any type of wellness plan, whether it is for physical or emotional reasons. Honestly, I’ve done some damn good work throughout my life when really ticked off & focused while trying to manage & master a family & career.

    Oh, & I gave up beer also…surely that has a great effect on the process. Food is much more difficult to manage. When I want a belt now, I go the WC Fields route & “keep the bottle of brandy handy in case I encounter a snake… …which I also keep handy” !!

  • @globaljaybird I appreciate the wisdom and advice. I know what it takes, but lately motivation has been the real problem. Man, when I was in my 20’s - mid 40’s, I absolutely would NOT miss a workout. Everything else had to wait until I was done. (Not such great advice for a marriage/family plan, but fortunately I was able to work out at a time that didn’t affect my wife and kids!)

    Sometime in my mid-late 40’s I finally figured out that I wasn’t going to be the next Mr. Universe (same realization I had in my 20’s that I wasn’t going to be the next Jack Nicholas) and that kind of deflated my balloon, so to speak.

    Nowadays, I can find excuses that aren’t even logical to get out of working out. (You should never work out during a solar eclipse, right?) I do enjoy walking (when my feet will allow it), but I ALSO like to eat. I’m in my mid 50’s and I still work (If you can call sitting on your butt at a desk all day work), but I really hope I can find that “fire” again to eat right, exercise right and do what I can do to stay healthy.

  • @nuleafjhawk About motivators: The Good Book says “Faith, Hope & Love” but Lombardi said “Fear & pain.”

    Realistically for me it has to be a balance of the combinations to keep a consistent perspective. The older I get the more difficult that becomes. We really want some Grandchildren, but so far that has not been in the cards. Would be thrilled to get a pony for a little one, but it’s way too much work for an old geezer to take on just for self enjoyment. I fed my neighbors horses across the street couple of sacks of apples last evening about dusk, but HE is the one cleaning the road apples. He has a boarding stable with about 60-70 head. So better he than me !!

  • When I see them out tugging that old manure spreader in fall & winter with the ominous dark & aromatic cloud behind the tractor, I can’t help but remember my Dad’s old colloquialism “The wind blew & the sh*t flew-couldn’t see a thing for a day or two.”

    Sorry; at times I can sound like a very small mind expressing itself, but on occaision I can still get a laugh so I keep trying.

  • Like the new avatar global. And thanks for the quote-I miss the old sayings my parents and grandparents used, but I never heard that one. Very good.

  • @JayhawkRock78 Thx. Rock.The avatar is copied from a Ted Watts painting from his website tedwatts.org. The actual painting may possibly be with other of his murals in Allen Field House. Haven’t been there for many years so can’t say for sure. If you’re not familiar with his work, I would definitely encourage you to visit the website-it is absolutely amazing if you love sports. Ted painted portraits of every Heisman winner in history until the past few years & were on display in a dedicated rotunda in the CFFHOF in Southbend, In. when I visited it in 2010. Since the new hall has been moved to Atlanta, I don’t know if that gallery was included. He still lives in one of Steve Owen’s homes in Oswego, KS. He is truly a National treasure from the heartland, & possibly the greatest sports artists of all time. I know of no other even in his league. But I’m also the ultimate homer. Check it out:

       [link text](link url) www.tedwatts.org

  • Global, Just checked the website and yes, what a treasure. I have strong memories of his work hanging on the walls in Allen Fieldhouse during my days at KU. I attended a KU Relays reunion a couple of years ago as saw more of his work at that time-I didn’t know about his work outside of KU Sports so thanks much.

  • @JayhawkRock78 When family used to gather at my mom and dad’s place, when it got late my dad could be heard to say “come on mother, let’s go to bed so these people can go home.”

    @globaljaybird Did you lose Woodrow?

  • @brooksmd Yes sir Mr. Brooks. Woodrow has been in God’s green pastures since July 8th so this will be my first season without him in 12 years. crimsonorblue noticed the avatar change 2 weeks ago & when she asked, I posted it then. I miss him so badly I could not even speak of it for almost 2 weeks. He was much more than a friend, he was like another boy to us. It’s so very kind of you to remember brooks, thank you for your thoughts.

  • @globaljaybird Sorry to hear that. It’s just so unfair the way our four legged family members become a part of our heart, but are with us for so short a time. I’m sure he left you many great memories. Take care my friend.

  • @brooksmd Again, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words of solace. You are dead right-it is not fair that they are gone so soon. He was just a fireball & sweetheart rolled into one big furry pushover. At times they almost seem divine in the comfort & exhilaration they so effortlessly & willingly render to your soul, the courage they ardently present without question at a moments notice, or their ability to create that special little room in your heart and home that becomes so quiet & empty when they leave. All that they really ever ask for is your approval & praise & I did that to his final breath. Woodrow was just in Heaven when he knew he pleased you. Even a ill as he was his last day, he growled at my vet & approached when I brought him in the front door. It has become increasingly so much more difficult for me to let them go through the years, it will not be an easy decision for me to take on another. At our age brooks, we are living & walking proof that time can heal many deep & painful wounds, but I just don’t know if I’ve enough remaining to endure this again. Thanks so much again for the lift of spirit-it does help my friend, it truly does.

  • I am a 1 and 3. 1 in that I am excited for the season to start and see how our Hawks do. 3 in that my expectations aren’t too high. I look forward to winning a game or two we shouldn’t but possibly losing one we should win. No matter what happens, RCJH!

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