OBJ — yay or nay to Chiefs

  • So the rumor mill is flying. Chiefs one of like four teams he’s interested in. Would ya want him to be a Chief, or not. Dude’s a head case IMO. But would be nice to have! Yay or nay?

  • He would be the #2 receiver. Pun intended

    Short answer no. He’s a drama queen

  • Josh Gordon was suspended six times and we took a flyer on him. Granted for much less money than OBJ would command. Still, need a strong second receiver to take the pressure off Mahomes, Hill and Kelce and OBJ would fit the bill. Plus, Reid has a reputation for letting personalities flow within the organization while keeping them in check. Not the biggest OBJ fan, but if we get him I’d welcome the opportunity.

  • @rockchalkwyo If he can catch the ball, sign him up. It’s not like we’ve never had drama queens.

  • For basically free? Sure why not.

    I think he won’t do much but might as well.

  • Surprisingly, I agree with most, though not a fan of the selfish diva either. He would basically be a cheap rental for the rest of the season, and a free agent in 2022 if he didn’t work out.

  • Chiefs need a second WR.

    OBJ plays WR.

    Mecole Hardman has not been the answer. Pringle is not the answer. Gordon is not the answer. Robinson is not the answer.

    OBJ might be the answer. Sign him and find out if he can help this offense get out of this funk.

  • Some reporting that the Chiefs are leading the OBJ race at the moment:

    “The latest chatter around the NFL points to the Chiefs pulling ahead in the pursuit of the standout wide receiver, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk notes.”

  • Well, there ya go. OBJ to Chiefs was just clickbait. Rams? didn’t see that coming.

  • @rockchalkjayhawk said in OBJ — yay or nay to Chiefs:

    Well, there ya go. OBJ to Chiefs was just clickbait. Rams? didn’t see that coming.

    I never wanted him anyway. Just an unproductive headcase. 😏

    Don’t look now but Baltimore lost last night. With a win against the Raiders and some help from the Vikings vs. Chargers this week suddenly things aren’t as dire as they were two weeks ago. I think this is the week Mahomes puts it all together and we go on a run. He’s just too talented to be this pedestrian.

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