3 min 29 sec of Alexander-iciousness

  • If you have 3:29 out of your busy schedule, like me (eye-roll), this might give you “goosies”.

    Please note the headliine at top of the page:

    Kansas Bound Cliff Alexander HS Basketball’s Most Powerful Force


  • I hope we can all contain our expectations for Alex. He is a big player that dominates. But let’s remember, he’s played against high school average to below average talent comparatively. I’m not disqualifying his abilities. He played in the McDs AA and has played against Okafor, which is a great indicator of his abilities. I just don’t want people to get inundated with high expectations and be disappointed. If he stays two years, Alex will be a huge force.

    I compare him to TRob in terms of physicality. He’s more polished than TRob at this point. He has the potential to dominate, but has work to do on both ends at the D1 level. He will be playing against guys older, more disciplined, and as talented. I can’t wait to see him against UK’s bigs. I think Alex is at least a two year project at KU. He would benefit from a strong junior year, if at all possible. But, we all know how that goes. In fact, I think he compares really well to Julius Randle.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    I’ll say one thing… no one will wonder if Cliff can dunk during his freshman season at Kansas (like they did with the twins).

  • @drgnslayr Or swat a ball into the stands…

  • Hopefully the severely sprained ankle won’t be an issue in the season … better now than later.

  • @HighEliteMajor Yea…another injured big, crap. That’s all we need starting the season.

  • @nuleafjhawk I thought he did a fair job keeping most of those balls in play. It’s little things like that he could learn from Withey or Embiid. Withey was the master at keeping the ball in play after a blocked shot. He was the reason KU got so many chances on the offensive end. It was the volleyball IQ that created Withey’s ability to change a game of baskeball. Embiid’s feet and soccer were his greatest assets.

  • @drgnslayr Like TRob, Alex punishes the rim.

    May we never forget…BTW, I love TRob’s dunk over Howard, priceless.

  • @truehawk93 SWEET!!!

  • Banned

    @nuleafjhawk you’re getting me pumped about this kid.

    I’ll tell you one thing I wouldn’t want to be anywhere around the rim when Cliff gets the ball down low. He dunks like he is mad at the rim or something.

  • That T-Rob video is full of sick and nasty stuff…

    That brought me back a few years and made me smile. He was/is special.

  • I wonder if Cliff has a mid-range game? He sure can dunk the crap out of it though. He looks a lot like TRob in his athleticism and skill set. I’m afraid he’s a bit of a tweener for the League. And the million dollar question: Will he play more than one season of college ball?

  • @truehawk93

    Right on! Loved the hammer down on Howard!

  • @dylans

    Tweener EXACTLY what I was thinking! Hopefully he’ll grow another 2-4". While I believe he will be good in college, the league has loads of 6’7"-6’9" guys many of which don’t make it…

  • @jaybate.

    Notice which ShoeCo sponsored his high school team?

  • Great highlights. He’ll be good, of course, But, it will be interesting to see how his offensive game develops. He does remind me of TRob in that respect. Powerful, relentless, with a raw offensive game.

  • Great thread! Man, that video reminded me of why that 2012 team starting 5 were so special…they had a relentless aggression built-in with TRob + Tyshawn. That made Withey, Releford, and Elijah better, didnt it? They had that swagger that went missing when they left. (In 2013, we replaced them with KYo and BMac, and shuffled EJs role…).

    Thomas Robinson is a MAN! If he can make it in the NBA, so can 6’9 Cliff Alexander…who comes in rated a top5 MickeyD, while TRob wasnt even a McDAA. I think & hope there is more to BigCliff than just dunks. The one thing we know Cliff has is swagger, and we definitely needed that. Oubre has that too, so our newcomers seem to add just what was missing a bit last year. I know Selden will be a strong stud, along with Greene and Mason.

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