Andrew Wiggins to endorse adidas

  • ###ESPN: Adidas has signed Cleveland Cavaliers draft pick Andrew Wiggins to shoe deal### Andrew Wiggins, the first overall pick of this year’s NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, has signed a shoe endorsement deal with adidas, sources have told

    Sources with knowledge of the signing say the contract is a multiyear deal that comes with a guarantee of at least $2 million annually.

    Wiggins wore adidas during his only year of college ball at the University of Kansas.

    It’s the first No. 1 overall draft pick adidas has signed since signing Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose in 2008.

  • @bskeet I’m happy he’s going w/adidas.

  • Imagine my (complete lack of) surprise! :-)

    In related news:

    Night follows day.

    Water is wet.

    SHOECOS rule! :-)

  • I’m going to eliminate all the politics and start a barefoot league.

  • ESPN article

    Nowhere near the 175 million falsely projected in the spring in an attempt to get Wiggins/KU in trouble…

  • @nuleafjhawk Actually, I’m going to start a completely new league - they can still call it the NBA.

    N aked B arefoot A thletes

    Hopefully they’ll play a lot of zone…

  • Take that Nike

  • Darn, I was hoping for Puma like the 86 hawks…or Pony…

  • What are the Vegas odds on Embiid signing with Nike? 1 in a Graham Number?

  • Let’s get a bidding war going between adidas and Birkenstock!

    Petro vs cork!

  • “Adidas has a long way to go to catch up to Nike, which owns an astounding 95 percent of the basketball shoe-market share (Jordan: 58 percent; Nike: 37 percent) in the United States, according to market retail tracking firm SportsOneSource. Adidas has a 3 percent share.”

  • When I first saw this story, I immediately wished to know how jaybate knew…and I want his thoughts on this upcoming season…and I definitely have a few (several) questions for jaybate before I depart for Vega$…

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