I think we all saw this coming

  • I think we all knew this was coming. - This team was just WAY to inconsistent on the offensive end , I mean how many times did we come out and dig ourselves a hole at the beginning of games ? - -Multiple times. - I don’t think we have anything to worry about as far as guys leaving or testing NBA waters , certainly not Oachi , guy is probably the leader of inconsistency , he needs major work at being a consistent scorer. - - I think in the end result Coach was right when asked who his most improved player was from the year before - it was DAVID hands down & he had down times too but overall I think he for sure has grown the most easy.

    I remember guys on this site just dogging Marcus calling him a liability on the offensive end but towards the end - - beleive it or not he was probably one of the better 3 point shooters we had, Christan disappeared offensively - -Oachi became way to inconsistent - - Jalen fell off and forced alot of shots - -Bryce - -Bryce - - Well Bryce shot was just ugly, last night perfect example

    This team has lots of work to do during the off season , we got to get alot better offensively. - - I think this has to be one of Coach Selfs least talented , less athletic team he has had. Long scoring droughts - - lot’s of struggle scoring the ball. - Proof is right there in front of us. How many times were we in the 80’s this year scoring the ball ? - -most time was in the lower 70’s middle 70’s upper 60’s. - Not that long ago a lot of times upper 70’s lower 80’s – just really poor shooting the ball. we are use to high 40’% shooting the ball - -not this year.

    This team just didn’t have it. - -We need more athletic wings , bigger wings - -shot blockers, protecting the rim. - i some aspects feel like we under achieved this year just felt like I dunno just didn’t have it.

    This team was just ugly at times terrible decision making , bad turnovers , forced shots , worst 3 point shooting we have had for a long time just hoping for better things next year. - There is no way in normal circumstances USC should spank our ass like that. - -think we might have big turner over a lot differnt look especially with this transfer port like it is

    Possibilities of Jethro - - Jossell - - -Tristan - - Foster who knows

  • I think there were many issues. We definitely didn’t attack on offense. Early in the year, it looked like maybe this team would do it… a real motion dribble-drive offense. We ended up counting way too much on the post feed, hybrid hi-lo. Once it was apparent that this hi-lo would be our bread and butter, guys just cut back on aggression driving to the rim. It felt like we were a team that never really committed to a style. In the end, it was too much of that slump offense where we sit 4 guys on the trey line and they just stand there passing the ball quickly hoping the defense shifts off enough to get up a quick trey. That is why our trey shot percentage slumped. We had reasonable shooters and you could see that at times. But compare how we shot the trey and how USC did. Their shooters were usually wide open on the trey. We shot contested treys.

    It never really felt like we were prepared for games this year. Actually, I’m surprised we won as many games as we did. I compliment the fellas for hanging in there on many games and hanging more wins!

  • The offense just didn’t have it all season and this was the worst shooting team in the Self era. I think one thing was abundantly clear, Self needs two PG types on the floor in his starting lineup that can pick and prod a defense. Garrett needed a wing-mate all season long and we never got to that point where we had that. Harris had some nice late-season development. Thompson had mostly a lost season but we only lost 3 games when he played. Development is the key word for the guys who return. Athletically USC exposed us in a major way. They played up and the rest was history. Hopefully the core of McCormack, Agbaji, Braun, Wilson, Thompson, Harris return. Out of that core, only Agbaji is a plus athlete. Self needs 1-2 guys more that can just on raw talent do things. Dotson & Doke are the type of guys Self has to get back to getting. Guys that are better then most at what they do. He’ll develop them from there

  • USC was a bad matchup for this team. TXHawk predcited this when brackets had come out and he was right.

    Length bothered this team all year, recall two losses against TX.

    Our guys need to work on how to score against length.

  • The team looked exhausted. The weave seemed to be a waste of energy, no one looking for an opening. More of a passing drill than being used to free up anyone, with little effort to pass in and out to Dave or Mitch at the high post. Wilson was used there at first and then seemed to be playing random ball.

    Still, it was an interesting season. Have to be proud of the team for resurrecting the regular season with tenacious defense, amid making many adjustments in training and schedules due to pandemic.

    “…and some days the bear eats you.”

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