Unranked blue bood programs

  • Kentucky (in a crap conference pretty much every year), North Carolina and Duke are all unranked. When was the last time that Kansas wasn’t? And unlike that of Gonzaga, we play in a real conference. Do we not have - with everything that has transpired, and yet he still puts together solid recruiting classes and keeps on winning - a great coach or what?

  • Michigan State isn’t ranked either.

  • KU could theoretically be 10-5 after this weekend. Would they be ranked after 3 straight losses. Hopefully we are not staring down that reality

  • 229 weeks in a row

  • I think the crazy thing is that when you watch these teams they all legit suck too. I sort of include us in this.

    You don’t watch any of those teams and think “well by the end of the year they’ll be better.” Nope. They suck.

  • Kind of funny the B10 being so good this year but one of the teams isn’t MSU

  • I will say KU has beaten some good teams actually. Creighton. Tech. WVU.

    Even if we lose tonight our only loss outside the top 5 will be OSU.

    It just seems like this KU team is squarely outside of the top 10 but inside the top 20

  • Osu beat TT too, right?

  • Our streak is in jeopardy. Believe it.

  • What our guys need right now, they can’t get. What they need is a home game to a packed AFH where they receive all the fan love. This has always carried us to higher ground in the past.

    Since we can’t have it… wish someone would put together something online to bring in the Kansas fans from everywhere to applaud our fellas.

    Any ideas? My idea… is to have a site where fans hit a record button and have about 10 seconds where they can scream and clap. That gets recorded and added into one big looping applause soundtrack so the players can, once again, hear the fan love! Anyone know how to make that happen?

    This isn’t where we vanish… this is where we step forward and help!


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