Rock Chalk Satisfaction !

  • To flip the coin of drgnslayr’s thread from a couple of days ago - who are your favorite Jayhawks players and coaches of all time and why?

    Everything favorite about KU basketball, for me, starts with Wilt. After that:

    1. Danny Manning. The guy is just a prince. Intelligent, humble, honest, incredibly talented. Top notch dude.

    2. Nick Collison. Same reasons.

    3. Jacque Vaughn. Same reasons again.

    4. Raef LaFrentz. I’m starting to see a trend here.

    5. Paul Pierce. More of the same.

    I guess my guys are all going to have the same attributes, so I won’t list any more. I could have listed about a hundred other guys that fit the same mold, but you guys help me out please.

    Favorite coaches - Bill Self, Roy Williams, Ted Owens. I had to list Ted because he was he coach when I was growing up and started loving Jayhawk basketball.

  • @nuleafjhawk I could list a bunch too! I will just add to your list, in no particular order

    TRob, need no explanation Mari, same thing Ben, same thing plus I love how he’s giving back and coming back to school, forever jhawk! Sherron, the guy loved KU! Better stop! Coaches, Larry brown, then Roy, Self now

  • Ditto on the athletes. I could add a ton more but won’t.

    Your list of coaches is okay -are you only including coaches you’ve seen work? If so, I’d put Self first, and Brown a notch lower Brown above Roy,Roy a notch above Owens based on what they delivered. If this is really all time I put Naismith on top for inventing the game even though he had the worst record and then Phog Allen above the three you listed.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Chamberlain. The greatest of anything is by definition irresistible.

    Jo Jo White–He stripped surgically and with cat like quickness to go along with being able to do anything superbly that any coach ever asked him to do. KU’s greatest guard until Chalmers. Most charismatic basketball player I ever saw. The quickest hands in the history of the game.

    Manning. The man who put KU on his back and put it back on the map. He oozed greatness as a player and never stopped oozing it despite the injuries later. The authentic strong, silent type in an age of girlie men and sensitives.

    Rush. One of two men that put KU back among the champions and the only KU player I ever saw that could lock down 1, 2, 3, and 4 positions.

    Chalmers. The other one. Plus, any player that wants to fight Self in a huddle during a game, but resists, has the right stuff.

    Pierce. Greatest Jayhawk not to win a ring. Stunning NBA career. Had Roy just shut up and played through him there would be another banner hanging.

    TRob. A heart and a motor and an upper body bigger than any Jayahwk in the history of the game. The king of the forearm smash and the author of the Sistine Dunk!

    Marcus Morris. The guy who could do it all AND stay loyal to his Philly Steak roots.

    Ben McLemore. Because he shot the ball from three the way god always meant someone to.

    RussRob. Because he transformed himself, transmogrified more accurately, from a high school scorer into the greatest all around defensive guard I ever saw, and because he is who I really want to be the coach of KU some day.

    Tyshawn Taylor. Because he was lightening on wood and I love speed.

  • @jaybate 1.0 you really like jo jo! Me too!

  • If I were to create my KU squad Roy through Self, here’s what it would be:


    PG - Sherron Collins

    SG - Kirk Hinrich

    SF - Paul Pierce

    PF - Thomas Robinson

    PF - Nick Collison


    -Mario Chalmers

    -Joel Embiid

    -Jeff Graves

    -Brandon Rush

    -Rex Walters

  • I doubt you guys will be able to guess who my favorite Jayhawks player is…

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich mine too!

  • I’m fortunate to get cox, having a blast watching these alumni have fun. Some of your favorites out there, Russ rob and Sherron. All for a good cause! Todd Reesing playing good.

  • Can’t do favorites. Too long a list.

    There’s a spot in my heart for all of them… but the most memorable/inspirational guys to me (the ones who never left anything in the tank every game):

    Richard Scott



    Tyshawn Taylor


    *since 1990

  • OH…MY…GAWD!!!

    How could I have left Hinrich off???


    If not Kirk, then who was it?

    What should be the criterion for minimum number of attempts?

  • I originally had in mind a Top 5 favorites, but it can’t be done. Like many of you, I just LOVE so many of them and for different reasons.

    Kirk, Scot Pollard, Billy Thomas, Aaron Miles, Jerod Haase, Calvin Thompson…aaaarggggh - there’s so many!

    But one group I originally forgot to mention -

    Any player who stayed at KU for 4 years (or more) !

  • @nuleafjhawk Add me to your closing declaration, Any player who stayed at KU for 4 years (or more)! That reduces my enthusiasm for Wilt and many others who were Kansas greats, but not quite so endearing.

  • There is no way I could pick a favorite 5 because it seems every year another kid comes along that tops somebody from the past. I do have 2 locks that I feel will never be topped. Number 1 is Wilt and hanging on to his shirttail, for obvious reasons, is TRob. What we all should recognize is the class that so many players have brought to Kansas basketball. RCJH (beer)

  • @REHawk Forgive Wilt, Please. He came to Kansas, but because of some idiotic state legislators, he was not allowed to play for the coach who recruited him from Philly . . . a long way in those days. Wilt knew that had Phog been on the bench, we would have won a national championship. (Phog would not have been out-coached by Maguire as Dick Harp was.) The next year, the opposition learned from the championship game. Wilt was being triple teamed, and Harp couldn’t figure a way to help him out. Total frustration. The most dominant player ever to play the college game, and (our fault) we were unable to maximize his potential! PS In hindsight, this is where all that Tar Heel crap started!

  • I would take Releford every year to lead our defense!

  • @741hawk

    Interesting take, but could you argue the same in the NBA? I think he won 1 title. NBA coaches not know how to maximize his talent there either? I’m not sure.

  • Since it’s sometimes hard to compare generations I’ll just go from my time at KU and mention my favorites from 'era’s.

    85-88 Danny, 'nuf said.

    Post Danny to 93 Adonis Jordan.

    Mid 90’s Pierce

    Late 90’s-early 2000’s. Our one relative downtime during Roy’s tenure. No one stands out.

    Roys last years Kirk, with a slightl 2nd place with Keith and Nick and Drew.

    Prelude to a championship Wayne

    Late 2000’s Mario

    Recent years BMac or Joel

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Great idea!

    I have so many favorites… but Langford is a guy who I always think should get more attention. I loved his game.

  • @drgnslayr yeah and I liked Sasha kaun too, and …I like a lot of players, some just 'cause.

  • I always liked the unheralded underdogs that came in when needed and performed solidly. Jeff Hawkins and Michael Lee among the older players and Kevin Young, Conner Teahan and even Jeff Withey among the more recent players come to mind, and the ultimate role player…RussRob.

  • @JayHawkFanToo yes! Love Kevin and his fro!!! He was so happy to play for KU! Fans love him too!

  • I’ve always had a soft spot for Darnell Jackson. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a player grow up so much in four years. There were times his first two years where he looked lost - he always gave it his best, it just didn’t seem like he would ever be a rotation player. I can’t remember which year his mother and grandmother were in that horrible car wreck, but he was a man on a mission after that. Hitting the gym harder than anyone, listening to Coach more than anyone, keeping his focus even when the minutes weren’t there.

    Once he got his opportunity, he was probably as mature as anyone I’ve seen at KU. That was a grown man out there, with the soul of someone twice his age. He wasn’t as athletically gifted as say, Darrell Arthur, but he more than made up for it with his effort and quiet leadership. He developed into the greatest “garbage man” that KU has ever had (with apologies to Richard Scott, Tarik Black, Kevin Young, Jeff Graves, etc.). I was so proud to see the look on his face while the confetti rained down in the Alamodome. That was a great team, but nobody in that building deserved that ring more.

  • @Virgil_Caine dang!!! What’s he doing now? I love this thread. These guys were all family to us!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Darnell Jackson is currently playing in the Philippines…

    Darnell Jackson play history…

  • @JayHawkFanToo heard on twitter, Embiids physical had some red flags-from Cleveland. Some say a ploy, because nobody else has said that. Heard anything? Rumor hopefully!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Are you referring to this story?

    Embiid’s potential red flags…

    At this time there is conflicting information and who know what is true. Remember the report about Arthur just before the draft? It surely hurt his ranking quite a bit, even when there was no truth to it.

  • @JayHawkFanToo yes, I don’t understand trading and how you can makes false statements to make a trade.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    yes, I don’t understand trading and how you can makes false statements to make a trade.

    To be sure, I did not make any false statements and I am not involved in any trades… 🙂

    It makes no sense that the statement would come from Cleveland since they have the first pick, and even if they want to trade him, it would be to their advantage that he is healthy so they can get the most value for him. Hopefully they get it sorted out by draft day.

  • @wissoxfan83 And from the 60’s, there was Bill Bridges, Wayne Hightower, Walt Wesley, and Jo Jo White. All phenomenal players. Other than the NCAA championship games, one of my favorite games was when KU outlasted Kansas State in four overtimes in the 1962 Big Eight Holiday tournament at Municipal Auditorium in KC. Another was the 1974 regional championship overtime game against Oral Roberts. ORU was really good after just three years in D1. Another was in the 1988 regional championship game. At the beginning of the game, I didn’t think KU would beat the Wildcats, and was surprised they won. And it seems that Missouri and KU had lots of good games in the 90s.

  • Cedric Hunter, Calvin Thompson and Ron Kellogg…oh if they had a 3 pt line in 85!!!

    Stupid red jerseys…

  • @jaybate 1.0 NO list is ever complete in KU lore without mentioning MR. KELLOG, the greatest shooter in KU history, and my all time favorite KU player.

  • @VailHawk Mr. Kellog, the greatest shooter to ever play at KU. OMG, could that guy shoot!!!

  • @jaybate 1.0 I must concur heir jaymiester, quick as a cat JoJo & the greatest of all time Wilt. After those two, it’s anyone else’s take as for the sheer numbers of great, HOF Jayhawks. Plus I agree with @Virgil-Caine about the soft spot for Darnell Jackson. He accomplished so much personally & athletically a championship novel should be written about his journey. And, I must add meritorious mention to another great Darnell, that being Mr Valentine who gave us magnificent play at the guard spot during his four years on the Hill.

    Rock Chalk !!

  • I remember Max Falkenstien calling Ron Kellogg “Special K”. Seems he played his best on Saturdays.

  • All time starting five

    Wilt Chamberlain

    Jo Jo White

    Kirk Hinrich

    Danny Manning

    Paul Pierce

    I would still have Wilt playing at age 40.

  • @globaljaybird

    Oh, jeez, I forgot thunder thighs. DV is always the guy that I forget and then feel stupid for doing so, because he was soooooooooo talented and played so well in a system and with talent that didn’t fit him too well at times. But usually REHawk reminds me. Now you give me the assist. Thanks.


    Kellogg WAS the greatest shooter on a roll KU ever had. He could get hotter than Ben McLemore even. You are right. Thanks for the wake up call. Forgot to mention Special K. And Calvin Thompson’s gun is only overlooked because he seems in recollection more steady and less red hot. On any other team than one with Kellogg, Thompson would be raved about as a long baller. Truly a shame those guys missed the trey era. It was a great, great team in the two ball era, and it would have been team of the ages in the three ball era.

  • @wrwlumpy that, seriously, is about as good as it gets. Can any school match that? Maybe a UCLA starting five with Alcinder and Walton as twin towers, but could either guard Manning out on the floor? Maybe a UNC five. But that sure is sweet.

  • @jaybate 1.0 I had also forgotten his moniker, thx for the assist.

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