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  • To the KU fan in Burbon st in 2012 (really frat boy looking douche) - who claimed TRob was better than AD and that Trob would have a better pro career than AD and would win a ring before AD - hahahahahaha!!! AD is about to do what Trob couldn’t even dream about.

    KU fans as always talking out of their a$$. Best ya’ll keep your mouth shut. Maybe one day, when a KU player actually leads a team to NBA playoff and wins the whole deal, you can open your mouth. But we all know that day ain’t coming. Each one of you on the Embid bandwagon - ain’t going no where.

    Next time - keep ya damn mouth shut.

  • I hope you find the validation you are looking for in your life.

  • @BShark said in Ain't that a B:

    I hope you find the validation you are looking for in your life.

    He gonna be looking for it for a LONG TIME BUDDY

  • @daswiz you’ve had OAD reboots every year for a decade and have one title in 2012 to show for it. How much of an affinity can you really feel for players you only know for a year?

    You’re right about Embiid. As much as he was an enjoyable OAD, we hardly knew him and didnt even get to see him in a NCAA tournament. Do you brag about Enes Kanters pro career too? What a joy he was having him on your practice squad for a year, amirite?

    How great was it to have future NBA all Stars John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and Demarcus Cousins on one team (!) lead you to a loss in the Elite 8?

    The truth is, neither of our teams have won a title in roughly a decade. But at least we got to enjoy our players and see them grow at Kansas. Sorry you have been deprived of the same opportunity. It’s one of the most enjoyable things about being a fan.

  • @daswiz Well that unknown KU fan sure was stupid, not only for what he was thinking but for demonstrating his idiocy in public.

    It is sadly obvious, @daswiz, that you found his example highly compelling. Have you been practicing this public nit-wittery for 8 years?

  • How did this guy find this site? 😂

  • @Kcmatt7 The nice thing about this site is that it’s fairly well hidden (I heard about it from a friend) but it must come up on some searches.

  • @BShark It’s one of the things I love about the site. Just hysterical someone would take the time to sign-up just to come troll a random site…

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