This is the kind of Pub KU doesn't need

  • @Marco So How many people do you have to know before you “buy” it? If it’s not real until it affects you that’s a pretty self absorbed way to look at the world. 200,000 people. The equivalent of 9/11 every week. How many people did you know that died on 9/11? If it’s zero does that mean it’s not real? There are people who think that.

    For reference I know 5 people who have died. Not that that matters.

  • @benshawks08 That was a bad use of words, it is real and there have been deaths. My point is, it is time to reopen the country.

  • @Marco What isn’t open that you want to do? What does “fully reopen” mean to you? I eat from all my favorite restaurants, I just do it to go. I see my friends, just outside and from 6feet away. I’m not locked in my house in fear, but I’m trying not to actively put other people at risk. I can watch golf and the NBA on my tv, but I won’t be joining the 25,000 people at the UT football game. Heck, I even go play golf once every couple of weeks.

  • @Marco said in This is the kind of Pub KU doesn't need:

    Let me rephrase (instead of using not buy), there have been sixty-some confirmed cases of covid-19 where I live so far, and every single one of them has recovered - even a 95 year old lady (no lie). I have never said that are no deaths, but am saying that it is time to fully reopen the country.

    So because where you live, you don’t know anyone who died, you therefore think it’s time to reopen the country.

    My neighbors mom died of covid, likely got it from her asymptomatic nurse sister. Shes all messed up about it but still doesnt observe good social distancing policies, from what I’ve observed. My brother got it, said it was the worst illness he’s ever experienced, but he’s ok. My brother is a Trump apologist and I am assuming my neighbor is too.

    Afaict you’re arguing erroneously that the disease isn’t very deadly, and arguing erroneously for opening up the entire country based upon your singular personal experience, and arguing erroneously that your position isn’t political.

    Should we just move on?

  • @approxinfinity and that was and is a problem. And yes, we need to and should move on. We are the 3rd most populous nation in the world, and we have a thing called states’ right and American stubbornness that made the virus very difficult to contain. But look at Florida, about a month ago everyone was more or less saying that they were all getting ready to die (major para-phrasing) yet they are fine. Yes, time to move on.

  • Which part?

  • @benshawks08 I wear a mask, and socially distance as well. I’m not saying put people at risk, but many businesses have not been allowed to open in some states and it’s flat out wrong. I mean, come on, Disneyland can be open but not a barber shop or hair salon?

  • @Marco Indoor Vs Outdoor. Close quarters vs distance available. Amount of time in direct contact with another person. These are things we have learned throughout this pandemic. These are the things that matter when it comes to transmission of the virus from person to person. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to Disney world anytime soon. I’d rather not be in any place with thousands of people who I can’t account for how seriously they are considering the safety of others.

  • @approxinfinity The part that you know someone who died of Covid-19, that part.

  • @benshawks08 Nor will I go there. But to say that those places can be open while bankrupting small businesses?

  • @Marco so why is me knowing someone who died of covid part of the problem? Is the problem that I don’t agree with your assessment? I thought you were suggesting that none of us probably knew someone who died as a reason for why we should open up the country. If I do, doesn’t that weaken the premise of your argument?

    We can move on.

  • @Marco said in This is the kind of Pub KU doesn't need:

    @benshawks08 Nor will I go there. But to say that those places can be open while bankrupting small businesses?

    This isnt about disney vs barbershop. It’s about disney vs virus and barbershop vs virus. Our barbers here are open and just need to follow the governors guidelines :

    Clients are to maintain a minimum of 6 feet between each other.

    All patrons must bring a face mask that covers the nose and mouth during service. Services that we provide will be limited to those that can be done without removing the face covering.

    In addition, upon entry, all clients must visit our hand sanitizing station.

    We request that clients enter the building alone unless a minor or disabled person. In that case, the parent and/or caregiver will be allowed to accompany the client using the recommended PPE for their protections.

    Also, barbers are doing housecalls.

    There’s nothing wrong with business adapting to the times and meeting the needs to keep their clients safe.

  • The roaring 20s followed the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, so GOOD TIMES are ahead. Hang in there, everyone!

  • @DanR how’s the wife?

  • Hey @Crimsonorblue22. She’s doing fine, but it’s hard. Tested negative on the first round of covid tests at KU, so that was good, and got cleared to be on campus. Half classes in person and the rest online. Some students opted for all online which creates twice the amount of prep work to do both online and part in person, but she’s powering ahead. It sounds like she has a great batch of students (as usual), so that helps.

    Lawrence got a little more lively in the past month with students back, but campus still seems deserted. Usually I can hear the marching band practicing this time of year, but I don’t think I’ve heard them. That might change in the next couple days if the temp drops and I can open some windows!

  • @DanR I was wondering how the strike went today for her classes. I bet she has the more mature kids that are staying smart! My cousin has 2 kids there, both have some labs classes they have to be in. The boy is a fb manager, he’s been quarantined once already, roommate had Covid, also a manager. He didn’t get it but his roommate was actually pretty sick. 4 of them, 1 bathroom. They managed to keep it contained.

  • Ah, I’m quite jealous of you all who have most things open. NC (Chapel Hill especially) is basically still on lockdown. Most of the downtown restaurants closed either temporarily or many called it quits permanently. Some even have GoFundMe’s to make it through. Public parks are about half open, hair salons are 1-2 people at a time, grocery stores have cut hours, schools are closed through January (including UNC), and only college football (no fans) through September. No high school sports until next year. I’m very happy for you all who basically get to live like you have, thank your lucky stars. In other places it’s still brutal. And I’m not sure when things will turn around. Probably waiting on a vaccine, and then we may not have much of an economy left. Sad situation.

  • @FarmerJayhawk yeah. Or if we make not wearing a mask properly (ie no nose sticking out) indoors in public a $1000 fine we should be able to open stuff like barbershops. As long as people are allowed to be selfish a-holes or ignoramuses, this isnt going to work. Hopefully we can open up more stuff before a vaccine.

  • Les Miles did the hawk talk radio show live at Johnny’s West in Lawrence tonight. With an audience.

    I don’t get it. Why not just do it in a studio or over the phone? This just seems like one of those easy things to skip.

  • @DanR said in This is the kind of Pub KU doesn't need:

    Les Miles did the hawk talk radio show live at Johnny’s West in Lawrence tonight. With an audience.

    I don’t get it. Why not just do it in a studio or over the phone? This just seems like one of those easy things to skip.

    The deal with Hawk Talk was you had to make a reservation ahead of time because of the limited seating. Les wasn’t signing autographs or any interactions with fans and their set up was away from the diners. It was as safe as you could get.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Not as safe as doing a remote show. My sister called yesterday to reserve seats. Reply from the bar was “mistake on the publicity. No reservations.” She ended up not going because it sounded like no one really knew what was going on.

  • 70 people where I live have tested positive for Covid-19, all 70 have recovered, no deaths - one of whom, no lie, was a 95 year old woman in a nursing home. We are the 3rd most populous nation in the world, are not authoritarian and have two little things that are called state and civil rights. Quite frankly, I expected the losses to be worse.

  • @Marco well how lucky for you that you live where you live and not in New York City, where they dug mass graves to bury the dead on Hart Island eh?

  • @Marco I read this has been the deadliest 3 months in American history. But yeah. Sure. Coulda been worse.

  • @approxinfinity I saw that on TV, when they were digging them… I am not claiming to have all of the answers, and am certainly not heartless. Man, I hope that we get a vaccine soon. I really hope so.

  • @Marco I just think it’s really really bad. And it’s hard maintaining being optimistic without trending toward being a little unrealistic. Hang in there. Tough times are still ahead but we will get through this.

  • @benshawks08 It could have been, had we not banned international travel. I would have banned it as soon as the first reports came out, not have waited even a day and certainly not a month.

  • @Marco a ban on international travel didn’t stop us from getting our ass kicked. The virus was already here. Seriously, with proper containment in the US instead of doing nothing for 2 months we would be in contact tracing mode with the country mostly opened up.

  • @approxinfinity Mistakes were made, no doubt.

  • This post is deleted!

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