Kansas Senate Race

  • Interesting news today, that Sen. Cruz talked Trump out of endorsing Marshall.

    So what’s everyone’s call on the primary? I think Marshall squeaks it out like 42-38-10-5. Kobach really underperforms in the first district due to who he is as a person, and Marshall has every endorsement you could possibly want from there. Only chance I think Kobach has is really doing well in the 2nd and 4th, and Bob Hamilton & Lindstrom taking a bunch of votes from Marshall in the KC burbs, similar to the 2018 gubernatorial primary with Barnett and Selzer playing spoiler.

    If Kobach wins, I think Babs rolls in the general. She’ll have a tremendous money advantage and Kobach has a real ceiling. I think 15-20% of Republicans would vote for her over Kobach. Marshall is your typical Generic Republican, so he wouldn’t have near that kind of crossover vote. He’s generally well-liked in GOP circles and has the establishment support. He’s also a pretty good fundraiser, so the money disadvantage he has now could be made up. But he doesn’t have to spend as much as Bollier to actually win. She has virtually no name ID in the state and will struggle to define herself absent massive spending. All the GOP really has to do is not have Roger’s support crater with Trump voters and he’ll win.

    That’s my spiel for today.

  • Kobach is such garbage. Unfortunately I can’t vote in the primaries, which is how a lot of local elections are decided here (multiple Rep candidates then run unopposed). I guess I could lie, but you know, I’d rather not.

    Unrelated to the Senate race but local politics…

    The county commissioner here is corrupt as hell, I hope he gets voted out in a few days but I’m not counting on it. He ended up clearing an investigation from the AG, and they fired someone else but if the roads out here don’t improve (they have been getting worse and worse in part because funds that should have been used were redirected for personal use) then really he will have no excuse now.

  • This is the trashiest race I’ve ever seen! I’m on a Cardio machine now, later

  • The farmers in sw Kansas will vote for Marshall. Ole tea party people will vote for kkkobach. Crazy mf’s (pardon my language) but unless u have seen the ads😱🤡 Hamilton will get the looney tune people. Since he has 12 kids, that could be a few votes. He’s totally funding his own campaign. But he did hire a an illegal to work for him😱! Kkkobach, yrs ago was for pro choice, 😱 and Marshall tried to and did run over and injure a neighbor, think rand Paul.🥰 he was guilty but the judge or prosecutor closed the case and sealed it. It was his partners son. And, there’s more, Marshall gave someone an ABORTION, get this, somebody had an ectopic(tubal) pregnancy. It’s not called an abortion! Marshall was against the wall. Crazy stuff! None of them wear masks at their gatherings. Kc⭐️ Is not promoting any of them, only one that would answer questions was Marshall and he said he didn’t want their endorsement. They switched debate platforms up so they wouldn’t all attack Marshall and he wouldn’t go. If you are in Kansas you know what I mean.

  • Please just anyone but Kobach.

    I think Marshall wins. I really do. And then I think the senate race will poll right and he will end up winning pretty handily.

    A Kobach win is a disaster scenario for GOP imo.

  • I like Barbara! It’ll be tough.

  • @Kcmatt7 will kkkobach Get a regular job? I know he took a lot of money from people, just to fund some of the wall.

  • Just swinging by to say WE REKT KOBACH

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