Southern Illinois Fancy Dogs, Aug. 29

  • By scheduling the quick replacement game and setting it earlier, our guys get to start practicing much sooner. For now, I’m going to ignore all the clairvoyant’s predicting the end of all sports and just enjoy the anticipation of the beginning of college football.

    After barely getting by Indiana State in our opener last year (24-17) and noticing that the fancy dogs beat Indiana State 23-14, this appears to be a more difficult game than New Hampshire. The dogs were a rush oriented offense with a total of 3,047 yds to 2222 yds passing. They return a 5th year senior at QB, #3 Lyles and Sophmore Javon Williams #15 who rushed for 1065 yds and had 17 TDs.

    I’ll take any form of college football that KU may put on the field. Fans in the stands, cardboard cutouts or empty seats, whatever just start throwing the pigskin around as safely as humanly possible.

  • Bout the only thing to look forward to at this point. I don’t have any expectations for this season, it would be nice to win at least 4 games for the first time in a decade but losing so much upfront and a big question mark at QB will make that tough. I love Miles going all out on highschool talent so that our numbers will get better in a few years instead of Beaty following exactly what Weis did with Jucos. I think no spring ball with the production we lost will hurt us compared to teams that are returning a good share of players.

    My biggest question is what will happen if one the players test positive? Will they shut down the whole program for 2 weeks? It’s also disappointing that we didn’t have March Madness but the cases numbers are way up from March.

  • @kjayhawks I’m especially interested to see if Coach Dearmon focuses more on our running game this year. Doesn’t KU have to highlight the talents of Pooka Williams? I see that Torry Locklin is now listed as a running back on the roster. Jeez I hope these guys get to play this fall.

  • Missouri Valley hasn’t announced their decision on fall sports yet, but I’m assuming they’re going to cancel it this upcoming week when they have their meetings. I honestly don’t see a non conference schedule happening unless the Group of 5 conferences agree to play non-conference games, but I doubt even if those leagues play that they’ll do non-conference games.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I’ll be fine with Big 12 games only. Just give me some football but keep it safe for the players and staff.

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