AFH voted No. 1 Venue by Sports Writers. DUH!

  • ##Media poll: Allen Field House best venue for college hoops

    Posted on May 7, 2014

    Athlon Sports asked a dozen college basketball media members—including writers, broadcasters and former players—to rank their 10 favorite hoops venues, and, to the surprise of no Jayhawks anywhere, Allen Field House came out on top.

    Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium was a close second, yet, while Allen and Cameron far outpaced the rest of the field and were the only two arenas named on all 12 ballots, KU’s hoops haven scored nine first-place votes compared with one each for Cameron Indoor, Butler’s Hinkle Fieldhouse and New York City’s Madison Square Garden (home court for St. John’s University).

    Picking Allen Field House No. 1 were ESPN’s Jay Bilas (a four-year starter at Duke), Fran Fraschilla, Jeff Goodman and Dave LaMont; Bleacher Report’s Jason King, former KU beat writer for the Kansas City Star; Mike DeCourcy, of The Sporting News; Eric Prisbell, of USA Today; Rob Dauster, of College Basketball Talk; and Dick Weiss, BlueStar Media.

    Pat Forde, of Yahoo Sports, was the only voter to rank Allen Field House lower than No. 2, placing it fourth behind Hinkle Fieldhouse, Cameron Indoor and Louisville’s KFC Yum! Center.

  • @RockChalkinTexas Awesome! Yah we already knew this.

  • @RockChalkinTexas We need more NC banners to add with that venue.

    Let me guess, Dickie V picked Cameron?

    I just couldn’t vote for a Yum Center…I’d feel a little weird voting for Yum. Is it just me, or does the Yum Center sound like a gentlemen’s club or strip club? I dunno.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Since I’m a pessimist, I will speak of the negative Pat Forde of Yahoo. That guy writes so much stuff I disagree with, but this takes the cake. No one had even heard of Hinkle until Butler did their thing. (I know it was in the movie Hoosiers, but that doesn’t count).
    A brand new arena in Louisville? What is this guy on? I’ve seen games there on TV, while it is rocking, it has little charm.

    I think ours and Dukes are 1-2 hands down. I do love the quirkiness of Vanderbilts arena but of course they’re irrelevent. I’ve gone to quite a few LSU games since moving here and if they ever had a powerhouse it would really rank up there. It can get loud even when it’s two-thirds full.

    If Nebraska could become relevant their place could become popular too. It’s a great new arena that has a lot of character.

  • The Pit, at New Mexico is definitely a home court advantage.

    And as far as Pat Forde goes, there is a reason he is no longer with ESPN, they couldn’t even handle the crap he spews.

    As for the Pinnacle Bank arena in Lincoln for Nebraska, I got to go to a game there, it’s loud, and it’s new, in a few years it won’t be sold out any more. They don’t sell beer at games, but at other events there they do and its now a place to be seen, not to see a game.


    ##KU’s Bill Self gets it right, this time in the classroom

    By YAEL T. ABOUHALKAH The Kansas City Star Updated: 2014-May 8

    University of Kansas basketball fans were disappointed when head coach Bill Self’s Jayhawks didn’t advance nearly as far in this year’s NCAA tournament as hoped.

    Give KU coach Bill Self some props for the off-court accomplishments of his players.

    And I got in a little hot water with KU fans for saying Self had acted like a $5 million-a-year spoilsport for his disappointing behavior after KU in March clinched its 10th straight Big 12 title.

    But give Self, his staff and his players some credit where it’s supposed to count, too: in the classroom.

    The Star reports today that Self’s program, for the seventh straight year, has earned a top honor from the NCAA.

    It’s the Public Recognition Award, which recognizes a high level of academic progress by players, placing them in the top 10 percent of programs around the nation.

    “Kansas was one of 40 NCAA Division I men’s basketball programs to achieve the honor. The streak of seven straight is matched by just 12 other Division I teams,” The Star reported.

    Self’s defenders constantly say that he does most things the right way. He attracts top talent to the university, he coaches them with strong discipline, his team wins a lot more than it loses and — to top it off — he makes sure they go to class.

    In a day and age when the term “student-athlete” is mocked more than ever by the actions of too many players, coaches and athletic administrators, this accomplishment at KU by Self and his team deserves attention.

  • “Pat Forde, of Yahoo Sports, was the only voter to rank Allen Field House lower than No. 2, placing it fourth behind Hinkle Fieldhouse, Cameron Indoor and Louisville’s KFC Yum! Center.”

    Seriously? Yum! Center? You consider a building soaked in frying oil and the constant smell of rancid chicken ahead of AFH?

    Must have been stoned and had the munchies.

  • @drgnslayr I guess it would depend what criteria you were using to rank the venues. But c’mon, nothing with a name like the KFC Yum! Center should be ranked ahead of Allen Fieldhouse. At least the other voters got it right. My top 5 would be AFH, Cameron, Corruppt, Assembly, and The Pit.

  • @drgnslayr Pat Forde graduated from Missouri, fyi.

  • @HighEliteMajor …and he wrote for the Louisville Courier-Journal for several years.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Aha, now it all makes sense. He erased Paige and wrote in Yum instead

  • Instead of the Yum center you’d think they’d name it the Crum center.

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