Newell: Analysis of KU's offense

  • I think this article has been mentioned in another thread, but I thought it deserved it’s own because it’s very well researched and, of course, well written.

    Personally, I think we are very lucky to have Jesse writing about KU Basketball. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up at or some major media outlet.

    Enjoy him while we have him:

    ###Newell Post: Could switch in offensive philosophy help KU basketball?###

    top 10 offenses 2014

    In the blog, Jesse not only lays out a case for why KU struggled last year compared some other familiar teams (although, I would love to see how UConn compared), but he also provides some history of basketball analytics that explains how the metrics work.

    At the end, he masterfully defends himself against some folks who think he’s criticizing Bill Self and trying to tell him how to coach. My take is that if the data speaks that strongly, then perhaps the coaching staff should take note. For all I know, they actually have the same data and were aware of the problems, but this was simply their achilles and they couldn’t overcome it.

    In any case, just want to say bravo! Jesse and thank you

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  • I’m on board with Jesse.

    Self’s hi/lo is based more on “not letting the ball stick” than any other offensive set. The 3-guard perimeter pass around has to whip around quickly to create openings.

    We don’t have enough wrinkles in place to take advantage of other opportunities… like when an opposing guard overplays a pass to attempt a steal.

    We always score high marks in “team offense”… meaning… our assist percentage on baskets is quite high. On paper, that sounds terrific… but perhaps it overshadows other deficiencies, like the ability for players to make one-on-one moves to the hole, especially on isolations.

    I don’t think there is any question to the level of predictability involved in our offense. Who in here can’t predict almost every shot to come in our possessions?

    I’d prefer we think a bit more like Fred at ISU. Take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of us. Most of those opportunities exist from match-up situations. And since we are such a great recruiting school, we should have match-up advantages at many positions every game. By building strategies that are razor-pointed at isolating certain defenders, we also have the advantage of going after certain players to foul more, hence get into foul trouble.

    Our offensive predictability really kills our chances in March because our opposition can take one quick look at our scout tape and know exactly what we are going to do, giving them very efficient practice opportunities to execute a winning strategy.

    We do well in league play mostly because of Self’s defensive talent.

    I can’t believe the posters who blasted Jesse. Guess we are good enough in their minds and there is no need to have an open mind and look for ways to improve. Guess we just don’t have the potential to win in March like a UCONN can. Nonsense!

  • I can’t believe the posters who blasted Jesse. Guess we are good enough in their minds and there is no need to have an open mind and look for ways to improve.

    @drgnslayr Well put.

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