KU Basketball lowering Season Ticket Prices

  • Read an article stating that for the 1st time in more then a decade KU announced that they will be reducing prices for Season tickets. They cited feed back from fans - - -market research and because of the Pandemic .

    They are splitting pricing into 8 tiers replacing the previous 3. - -Price ranging from 1,650.00 for tier 1 - to 500.00 for tier 8. - -The cheapest ticket last year was 975.00 , this year there are 4 tiers below 975.00 this year & of course the 500.00 which is in the upper Corner of The Phog probably not a bad idea at this point.

    They talked about how many sellouts they have in a row and even though it was listed as sellouts they said it was quite noticeable that there were more empty seats in the upper level then in the past. Coach Self talk about how important the fans are & both Long & Self talked about how things were tough. and they wanted to accommodate the fan - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’m guessing at least half, if not more, of the longtime (old) season ticket holders will skip next season, so here’s your chance if you’ve been dying to get some good seats.

    If you are young and don’t know the traditions, no “whooing” during the chant, don’t leave before the buzzer, and no storming the court… ever.

  • Wondering if I should buy and sell about half of them on stub hub, could probably turn a profit. The wife may not like it tho lol.

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