Global Pandemic of Boredom

  • Thanks on the congrats!

  • @wissox I’m taking the lovely couple were ok with it! Gonna have a reception later? Have to cost dad more than that, huh? So many people having to change plans, weddings, funerals, games, graduations, etc. You need to tell us about it.

  • @BShark people might even be dumping animals at this point. I’ve been doing situps and alot of walking. And I’ve taken up drinking Maker’s Mark, three shots a day tops - being worried about my slim figure Lol. Found myself drinking a bit too much beer there, at the start.

  • It was supposed to be on the 25th. We had to cancel, you’re right, lots of cancelled flights, motel reservations, etc. The church where my daughter attends told us two days before our very small gathering of 12 people couldn’t have the wedding there on that Sunday. A friend found us a beautiful and private backyard and God provided us with a beautifully sunny day and warm enough that sweaters/jackets weren’t needed. Then they had a drive by reception line that was kind of fun so at least some people who were local could stop by and say hi. We are having the reception later this summer…we hope.

  • @wissox It sounds lovely. My best wishes to the bride and groom!

  • I listened to a nick bahe podcast w/Self. Nick loves him some Self. I know I liked nick doing our game, 2 yrs ago? He could do all of our games. I hope everyone is well and wearing masks in public! 😷

  • @approxinfinity

    Mindhunter was fantastic. Upset the 3rd season looks toast after they released the cast from their contracts…

  • At first we redid our kitchen floors. Then I started painting all the trim in the house. That task is still on-going. Painted the walls going downstairs. Will paint the stairs soon. The weather has been a complete mess in the northeast so we started yard work but then had to stop. Started getting the grill and all spring summer stuff out but then the weather would take a complete crap on us. Been hard at work getting our 3 year old potty trained. He was real hit and miss when our schedules were normal but I had a week off recently and that really kicked in better habits. I think he’s on his way now. My other half started her garden inside since it was still too cold to plant outside. She’s hoping to transfer most of it coming up since it looks like winter will finally leave us. The last 3 weeks or so we’ve gone hiking every weekend. We’ve had to find trails that were toddler friendly but getting out in nature has been refreshing and he’s enjoyed it. Last week we found an abandoned marble quarry hidden in a cave. That was fantastic. We hope to Kayak soon as well weather permitting. We started re-watching Game of Thrones from the beginning in our down time at night. Currently at the end of season 4 which was a fantastic season by the way. The end of that season has been exciting to re-watch again.

  • Well you know when this all 1st came down and there was nothing I was thinking mercy what the heck am I gonna do - - -NO SPORTS - - NO NOTHING Well not to worry the wife took care of that with Honey Do’s lol.

    The Wife decided she thought it would be a good idea to put some fresh paint in the Bathroom & re-tile the bathroom floor, - -Then we progressed to fresh paint in the Kitchen & re-tile - - then Retile the utility room, she thought it would be a good time to re- organize the work shed , bring all her totes of yarn out and paperwork so she could go through and then re-organize in the shed. - - ya so I’m good lol - -LOTS to do, with this on top of my regular maintence of the yard and trimming hedge & bushes - -maintaining the Roses so guess no need to worry lol

  • @BeddieKU23 I’m impressed! Work and fun!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yes all while working full time still during this! Keeping busy. Hope you are as well

  • @wissox Congrats on catching the salmon. Im curious about your lighthouse plans. What kind of rocks have you found? Any interesting ones? And your daughters wedding! Wow. I’m glad you were still able to do it. I hardly remember much from my wedding. What I do was good, but I’m surprised I don’t remember more. This split between ceremony and reception seems like it will hopefullt leave the couple with more lasting positive memories. Thanks for all the suggested viewing. We too have watched a lot of TV. The Jordan Documentary has been a nice release. New footage of big sports moments in the past is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  • @BeddieKU23 we finally got the rest of our indoor plants in the ground. But even our “sunny” garden gets only about 8 hours of light with all the trees foliage in. I would be happy to replace our front lawn with beds but my wife has made it clear that this option is not on the table. 😉

    A marble quarry? Wow! Where?

    I’ve been thinking about GOT but don’t want to watch the tail when they’re mailing it in. I dont think we’ve rewatched Season 4. Good thought.

    Our youngest has been slow to walk (he’s the best crawler I’ve ever seen fwiw lol) but he seems very in tune with when he will poop and warns us when we will need to change him. He’s 15. Just kidding. Hopefully we can get him potty trained early.

    Impressed with your house renovations. Ive got windows on the front of the house that I need to replace and a treehouse I need to build. But… I’ve needed to do this for quite some time lol. I need to dig deep and knock it out!

  • @approxinfinity The predominant rocks on our shoreline are sandstones and limestones. I look for flat pieces that have squarish shapes. I’ve also collected little shards of glass that get sanded by the gravel/sand and make interesting little pieces for where I need to fill a spot. I’ve even put a couple of cool looking board pieces that are 3-4 inches long and an inch or two wide. Been fun to do. Trying to figure out the light and structure for the top right now.

  • @approxinfinity

    Congrats on getting the plants in the ground. What’s next?

    An abandoned Marble Quarry in Southern Vermont that is about 1 to 1 1/2 miles into a hike. You approach this cave and get inside and its amazing. Pictures I took didn’t do it justice. That was one of the best hikes we’ve ever been on. A few of our other recent ones ended up finding some really cool waterfalls.

    I forgot how good Season 4 was. That season is when you first start noticing how much more money HBO threw at the show. Tyrion was great in that season as well. The story he tells Jamie about Orson smashing the beetles was epic! We just got to the beginning of Season 5. It’s amazing how much you forget even though before each new season we would watch the previous season to “catch up”.

    I laughed so hard at the line about your youngest. Thanks for that!

    Thanks, we bought the house a few years ago so we’ve been hard at work making it the way we want it. All the floors in the house have been renovated to get rid of carpet. Paint on every wall is different. I’ve got a slew of other projects to do after painting get completed. I figured this was the perfect time to just get it all done before hopefully, a somewhat normal life can get back on track.

    Sounds like you’ll be busy with projects as well!

  • @approxinfinity

    Agree on Meetings. I hate them. Since Covid the amount of meetings I’ve had has decreased. We either do Zoom or Microsoft Teams now from our offices which is better then being stuck in a room with no where to go. I’m also guilty of not attending meetings I’m invited to just for the heck of it. If you need something from me and it takes an hour meeting to decide what a waste.

  • Hi All and just checking in. First day in weeks that I have even turned on my computer. Like a lot of you, my gardening has been my sanctuary and most enjoyable thing. This weekend I figured out how to turn on the irrigation systems (8 zones). Mike always did. The girls provided so much knowledge of the planting of some green beans, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. Began seedlings and have just now put them into the ground. Hadn’t been tilled in 3 years so during Feb and March spent a lot of time taking my frustrations out on weeding and clearing new patches. I ended up with thousands of wild sunflowers in there and began my butterfly garden last year and expanded a bit this year. Has been beautiful sitting out there weeding and watching hummers, butterflies, honey bees, bumble bees and birds flying around me. The girls and I had done a huge, 2 cart shopping trip on March 2nd and the last time I went anywhere was on March 9 for my mammogram. I’ve been doing a lot of baking (breads, cakes, cookies, cupcakes) and have traded some of the goodies to neighbors who have brought us milk and bread. Guy across the street is bringing me more sugar and vegetable oil this week as I used a whole lot more sugar for the hummers. Have a lively group of them. We set up the ping pong table and play a lot and then the girls can play basketball, tennis in the driveway and we are going to put up a volleyball net and play badminton. There is no shortage of work to be done around the house and I always look forward to a White Russian at the end of the day. I found a brand new bottle of Kahula and there was plenty of vodka and we had a bunch of milk, so that has helped me. Haven’t been able to keep my yearly doctor visits but am not feeling any issues and just keep livin’ ALLRIGHT ALLRIGHT ALLRIGHT Am so fortunate to live where we do as social distancing is not a problem. I just couldn’t imagine living in a small apartment in the middle of a huge apartment complex. I am spoiled. Does are getting ready for the fawn births.
    Have recorded all the KU games that were at first being broadcast and it was so different watching them again from a whole different perspective. So enjoyed seeing all my old favorites and so thankful for all that program has given to us all. Can’t wait for whatever comes next. I felt so sorrowful for the guys and coaches that they never got the chance to finish the season. I know how much it had to hurt them. RockChalk and Stay Safe!

  • @RockChalkinTexas sounds close to heaven! Have you checked out "self-perspective"s games? There are now 8. They are on KU athletics. He has done clips of some favorites and broken them down with his perspective. Really fun. Love to see your garden. Sounds lovely! Glad your health is great!🙏👩🌾🦌🦌🐇🐿🌻🌻🌻🥕🍓🥗🍅🥒🌽🥦🥬🧅🥔🏓🖼🏡

  • @RockChalkinTexas Great to hear from you. And, you are right - we are blessed to live in places where we’re not living on top of each other. I’m glad you have your girls and lots of fun activities to pass the time. I do a lot of cooking, some baking, but mostly big pots of stuff on the stove top. Can’t wait for all of this to be in the rear view mirror. I miss my friends, but am glad to have this site to keep up with all my buckets friends! I join @Crimsonorblue22 in being glad your health is great.

  • @RockChalkinTexas It sounds perfect. Are you attracting the hummers with anything? We have a hummingbird feeder that we haven’t put sugar water in. We should.

    My little guy loves bird watching. We have a pair of robins that have built a nest on the crook of the gutter where it meets the roof and they’re constantly on the deck picking up the grass that fell off their nest. He gets so excited 😂

    It’s weird being at home so much with the weather still being crisp. Time has slowed down and it had been moving so fast. I’m thankful for that part.

    I’m really glad to hear you’re doing well!

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  • Sorry for making gifs but that’s the only way I could post pictures from my phone because jpgs are too large.

  • @RockChalkinTexas So beautiful, just lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  • @RockChalkinTexas I love it! That’s a lot of garden to tame. Wish I had fence to keep the critters out. I made a bunch of pepper spray by throwing some peppers and garlic in a food processor and then mixing it with a gallon of water and some handsoap. My garden smells like my cooking (always heavy on the peppers and garlic!) when I spray it. I can’t imagine it not being delicious to the squirrels 😂

  • I don’t know if anybody has cox, but at 3, on 22 or 2022, the 08 Mizzou KU fb game at arrowhead is on. I was so mad at my son for leaving early to go to the game! Weather was bad. Obviously mom was wrong! First time though!

  • Self-perspective 11, Ohio State 2012, final 4 is up

  • @approxinfinity Our garden smells like coyote urine. That’s what my wife sprays to keep the deer away. Your odors sound much nicer!

  • @tundrahok said in Global Pandemic of Boredom:

    @approxinfinity Our garden smells like coyote urine. That’s what my wife sprays to keep the deer away. Your odors sound much nicer!

    lol! Hopefully that cooks off… 😉

    @BeddieKU23 finished season 4 of GOT again last night. Excellent season. Believe we’ll be moving onto Season 5 tonight.

  • @approxinfinity

    Season 4 was awesome, maybe the best of the entire series. We are at the end of S5 but we have slowed down since we started watching The Last Kingdom on Netlfix (which I recommend). Season 5 has been very good as well.

  • Not sure if boredom is still an issue but I thought I’d recommend some of the most entertaining stuff I’ve read in a long time. Jon Bois at sbnation is in the process of releasing a “sports” story called 20020. It’s the sequel to 17776 which billed itself as a story about the future of football. These two pieces are wildly creative, way off the wall, and difficult to describe without sounding like a lunatic. But I know some people on here enjoy that off beat creative energy so I thought this was a good place to share. If you haven’t read 17776, start there as the sequel might make a little more since with the background knowledge.

    To give just a hint, those titles are actually the year the stories take place and the story is mostly told through the characters of space probes that after many years have become sentient. So yeah. It’s out there.

    Here’s a link (and no your computer/phone isn’t breaking):

  • Jon Bois is a solid twitter follow as well.

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