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  • ###Texas wins recruiting battle; Kansas still team to beat###

    Sometimes the best tonic for trying to overcome your school’s failure to land a coveted recruit lies in turning on the young superstar with a barrage of insults.

    “Didn’t want him anyway.”

    ###Kansas in the mix for last hot basketball prospect in 2014###

    LAWRENCE — Kansas target Myles Turner will sit in front of a camera on Wednesday afternoon and unveil his college announcement in a televised ceremony.

    There will be a 7-foot high school senior, some specialized programming on ESPNU and a lot of intrigue.

    There will likely be hats.

    ###Myles Turner expected to choose between KU, Texas today###

    Myles Turner used Twitter to invite his Trinity High School classmates to a special ceremony today in Euless, Texas.

    “Boy oh boy What a journey … If you can get out of 5th PD (hour) I will be committing at 3 p.m., (in) THS upper gym tomorrow #stoked,” Turner, a 6-foot-11 senior center wrote at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

    ###Decision day comes for KU recruit###

    LAWRENCE – Kansas target Myles Turner will sit in front of a camera at 3 p.m. Wednesday and unveil his college announcement in a televised ceremony. There will be a 7-foot high school senior, some specialized programming on ESPNU, and a lot of intrigue.

    There will likely be hats.

    ###Nation’s top players have recruited Myles Turner, too###

    By around 3 p.m. Wednesday, we’ll know if Bill Self’s Class of 2014 recruiting haul includes two McDonald’s All-Americans or three.

    The No. 9-ranked high school senior in the nation according to Rivals.com, 6-foot-11 center Myles Turner will announce his intentions to sign with the men’s basketball program at either Kansas University, Texas, SMU, or maybe even Duke, Oklahoma State, Ohio State or Texas A&M during a news conference airing live on ESPNU.

    ###KU recruit Myles Turner’s decision day nears###

    The recruitment of Myles Turner is nearing an end with Kansas University and Texas generally regarded as the leaders for the 6-foot-11 senior center from Trinity High in Euless, Texas.

    Rivals.com’s No. 9-rated player nationally is expected to announce for one of those schools — or perhaps close-to-home SMU — at a 3 p.m. Wednesday news conference, which will be televised by ESPNU. Other schools still given a chance to snag the McDonald’s All-American: Duke, Oklahoma State, Ohio State and Texas A&M.

    ###ESPN video No 2 Hoops Recruit to commit Wednesday###

  • The wait is almost over.

  • @drgnslayr want to do a poll? Yes we get him, no we don’t. I say yes!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I have no read on this. Honestly I thought with the initial wait that the ball was in our court; that he was waiting to see what Embiid was doing. However, I don’t know what to make of the long wait AFTER Embiid declared for the draft. My gut tells me that the wait isn’t good for us, and that he will sign elsewhere.

  • @icthawkfan316 reading a few tweets saying he’s headed to Texas. He must really want to play at home. They return everyone. He needs Hudy too. I’m fading fast!

  • No. I think he’s going to Texas.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I think maybe Self had made such a good sales pitch he was waiting and hoping Embiid would stay, then he would be more justified in saying no to Bill. When Embiid declared he stalled even more because he was just looking to give Texas every opportunity to do & say the right thing and a last chance to do so down the stretch, because in his heart he wanted to go there but his head was telling him KU.

    Idk, at least that’s the best narrative I can come up with to explain the wait.

  • @icthawkfan316 makes sense!

  • I feel if Turner decides Texas he did them a disservice by waiting soo long that his signing will influence no one else’s decision. However if he goes to KU or Duke; those classes/teams are pretty complete without him.



    15% field

    And no decision would surprise me, unless he goes to the D-League.

  • Another great day for Kansas! Always great to be considered. Best wishes to Myles Turner. He will be a fun player to watch next season. Lots of great programs to consider. Looks like it will be another exciting season of NCAA Basketball. Looking forward to supporting the Kansas Jayhawks!

  • If hats are involved, I go with NO based on our previous record with the ones who do the picking with a hat thingy.

    Let’s all say a prayer at 2:59 PM CST that we see no hats. Can’t hurt.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Historically hats are a bad sign but we won our last one after the Illinois fake and switch

  • The signs appear to point to Texas. The “experts” (Espn, etc.) usually, not always, have it right. The good thing is…we’ll be fine either way.

  • @Hawk8086 On point! That’s the beautiful thing about Kansas Basketball!

  • SMU

  • I thought Wiggins was going to Kentucky and Randle to KU, so did the “experts”. I thought KU would make the Sweet 16 so Embiid could take over. Shows what I know.

    I’m done with predicting where kids will go (only going to offer my opinion 🙂 ).

    Go to KU Myles. KU offers one of if not the best trainer in the USA. Bill Self is a wonderful big man coach, just look at his track record of getting bigs drafted. KU needs a rim protector for the tournament and already has his backup in Mickelson. Myles won’t be the only stud on this team so all the pressure won’t be on him with Selden, Oubrre, Alexander(HS POY), and Ellis(HS POY) already there. The only pressure at KU will be to win, not to carry the team.

  • I think we might be good if he comes here.

    I’m glad he’s not going to kentucky and with all their recruits this year, I include Duke in that.

    Even if he’s a Kevin Durant type talent, Texas will only be able carry that so far, not too worried about him in the Big12.

  • I like to make my predictions in the evening… with a cocktail in hand…

    I hope I’m wrong… but I’m sensing Texas. Here is why:

    “Myles Turner used Twitter to invite his Trinity High School classmates to a special ceremony today in Euless, Texas.”

    Sounds like a party. Would it be as festive if he picks Kansas? Sounds like a Texas party.

  • . with a cocktail in hand

    @drgnslayr Uhmmm let me see you seem like a Jack and coke type guy, maybe a whiskey water?

  • @drgnslayr you are no fun!

  • @JRyman

    I used to be a whiskey man… everything from Irish to single malt.

    I don’t like to make predictions because I rarely drink now! 😉

    When I was young and crazy… my drink of preference was a “Peacemaker.”

    It’s the drink Mexicans and Mexican tribe members had with the Native Americans up north. (legend… factual? Who knows?)

    3 shots of Mescal (or tequila) with a twist of citrus (lemon, lime or orange).

    It’s a shooter… and it was like coffee… rough to do at first until you get used to them. Then… it became addictive.

    Definitely not a drink for married folks!

  • @drgnslayr I rarely drink now too at lunch, or on mondays or tuesdays, and even sundays, but the rest of the week is open.

    Canadian Wizer’s, not not Windsor, comes in 12 years and up and is very smooth, easy to drink straight up on the rocks.

    Never a big Irish whiskey man tho.

  • @drgnslayr I used to drink.

    A LOT. Mostly beer. But unlike D. Sterling, I did not discriminate. If it had alcohol in it, I would drink it.

    Until I saw the video tape of my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday party. (26 years ago this November).

    God’s truth - I haven’t had a drink of any kind since then. If alcohol made me that stupid, arrogant and obnoxious I didn’t want any part of it.

    Oh, I don’t miss waking up underneath toilet stools either.

    AA should seriously videotape folks who are drunk and want to quit.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    “Oh, I don’t miss waking up underneath toilet stools either.”

    Alcohol is all about amount. Seems there is a sour spot you don’t want to end up in. Either drink light and wake up sprite… or drink so much you can’t remember the stupidity and splash.

    I’m thrilled to turn the reins over to the next generation on drinking… Now I drink for the taste, not the effect. One will usually do the trick. Craft beers, wine, cognac, whiskey… I’m good for one, and on a big night TWO!

    BTW… loved the reference to Sterling.

  • @drgnslayr @nuleafjhawk

    I once heard a comedian say they wanted to run for President so they press could look up and find all the things they did when they blacked out in college when they were drunk.

    I had a few of those nights, now I’m the guy who sands in the driveway with my neighbors having a few on the weekends. To risky to drink and drive, not only due to the police but the danger it may cause others too.

  • With age comes maturity. Thanks to everyone that shared memories of there youth. Mine was pretty much the same. I have no wishes to be young again.

  • @JRyman

    Drinking and driving have long been out of sight of my rear view mirror.

    I’m often the designated driver now! Funny thing is, sometimes the stress of driving around all the drunk drivers late at night makes you thirsty for a drink! 😉

  • I am… not as old as you guys I guess. 22 and go to college. About to enter the prime of my drinking career.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich Be careful…

  • Too bad, Turner seems like a good kid and a great baller. But on the bright side we no longer have to worry about a 7 footer who can vastly change the look of your team who probably will not be available in March due to injury.

  • @dylans great point!

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