Why Sterling Silver Is A Precious Metal To D1...

  • Sterling silver has some interesting properties. For one, it kills bacteria.

    At 2 p.m. Eastern time today we will see if sterling silver STILL kills bacteria. Sparkling new NBA commissioner Adam Silver will hold a press conference today to discuss the recent allegations concerning LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racially-explosive statements that set the league on fire a few days ago.

    This is the first big test for Adam Silver, who took the reins from David Stern, long-time stagnant commissioner of the league, less than 3-months ago. Silver entered his new job with promises to bring needed changes to the league. At the top of his list, pushing newbie player age requirements from 19 years of age to 20. This new rule would, essentially, end the one-and-done (OAD) situation in college basketball. College players would be forced to stay in school for a minimum of 2 years.

    But now Silver has to face the emotionally-charged situation with Sterling. A resolution may not come that easy because Sterling has ownership of the Clippers and ownership of a vaguely-written contract upholding his ownership. There is no easy path for forcing Sterling out of the league, and Sterling’s professional background includes being a trial attorney. By the way, Sterling has the longest ownership in the league today.

    Before the Sterling situation it appeared the NBA may have bumped the age restriction to 20 as soon as 2 years from now. Silver has already started the ground work for change, offering to sit down with the NCAA to assure it would be done for a mutual benefit of both organizations, and politically-beneficial by carefully characterizing the change as beneficial to the players.

    We know changing the age for NBA entry will impact college basketball… especially for top programs who recruit top tier players who potentially can go OAD. Kansas basketball will definitely be impacted.

    Will the Sterling situation muddy the waters for a quick change in the age restrictions into the league? Good chance that it will. Or on the other hand, will the Sterling situation create a curtain of chaos that will make it easier to pass the new age restriction rule by keeping it hidden behind the curtains?



  • @drgnslayr I don’t follow pro ball, but who hasn’t been keeping up with this story? I’m really interested to see how this pans out. Sometimes it would be nice if people got what they deserved. By the same token, I thank God that we DON’T always get what we deserve!

    Love the “Sterling Silver” play, by the way!!

  • @drgnslayr

    I don’t think the Sterling situation will affect the change to the draft eligibility rules. They have to handle the Sterling situation soon. This isn’t something that can sit idly. The Clippers have lost more than half a dozen major sponsors in the last 36 hours and if the NBA does not act, they could stand to lose some of those same sponsors. There is no way the other owners will allow inaction to cost the league major sponsorships like State Farm Insurance, Kia Motors, CarMax, RedBull, Amtrak, Yokohama Tires, Corona, Virgin America Airlines, and Sprint, all of whom have cut ties with the Clippers since yesterday morning.

    Kia, Sprint, State Farm and CarMax are major NBA sponsors. I can’t see the league’s other 29 owners allowing there to even be a risk of losing those, which is why I think the punishment will be harsh and decisive.

    I don’t know what the NBA bylaws allow, but Silver will go as far as he can go to protect the overall NBA brand, particularly because the NBA is global now, and those types of racist remarks certainly will not sit well as the NBA looks to expand more into Africa and South America (along with Asian markets).

    So the decision on this will be quick, decisive and definitive. You can take a sledgehammer to this because, well, those types of remarks deserve a sledgehammer approach.

    The decision on the age limit is decidedly more nuanced and careful. Silver has the benefit of time. He can tweak this as time goes by if necessary. It’s not like he only has one shot at getting the age limit right. He has another chance every couple of years.

    He gets exactly one chance to get the Sterling response right, and that chance comes this afternoon. Mess that up, and he may not have another chance to get anything right.

  • @justanotherfan nice post. I have no idea what legal avenues they can take, zero! I’ve read that Sterling likes to take legal issues to court. That would be a nightmare to drag this out! Does he go away quietly?

  • @nuleafjhawk

    First law of business: you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate for.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 They said it is in the collective bargaining agreement that he has to accept the punishment given to him by the commissioner.

    So if he would take them to court he would be sued by the NBA for breaking that agreement.

  • @JRyman Thanks!

  • I’m really lost on this one.

    Sterling sounds like a shrewd attorney. Guys like that will undoubtedly leverage whatever they can to get the outcome they want.

    Who stands to lose the most? Sterling or the league? I’m thinking it will come down to a game of chicken.

    I expect this afternoon Silver will impose an indefinite ban on what he can for Sterling. That has nothing to do with Sterling’s ownership interest. If Sterling wants to fight this we could see a court battle drawn out for years and end up in the Supreme Court. I guess one of the biggest advantages in favor of the league is Sterling’s age.

    I have little doubt that the league has the most to lose in this battle, and I’m pretty sure Sterling will leverage on that… but how far is he willing to go with a game of chicken? He will be burdened with ‘sanctions’ from sponsorship. The debt clock will start running before you know it, but at that point, there will be considerable damages suffered by the entire league.

    I believe it does potentially pose a stall on the age restriction change, depending on how much opposition there is to making the change.

    It goes without saying that this situation with Sterling has come at a bad time in regards to ending OADs in college. But then… guess it is always a bad time when racial situations occur.

  • This is out of control and it’s boiled down to a lynch mob mentality. I agree with Cuban. Let’s not set a stupid precedent and punish all owners. Sterling obviously has issues. I blame the NBA for allowing this to happen. My understanding is there’s a long list of issues by Sterling the NBA should’ve addressed. Yet the NAACP was prepared to honor this guy once again with this history? Hello…Seriously? He must not be too bad. Yet he discriminated against minorities? I’m confused.

    I think the guy has problems. This one phone call isn’t the way to bring him down. How would anyone like it if they were unknowingly being recorded? Worse, how would you like it if the recoring was blasted all over the media? People need to calm down and at least give the man his freedom of speech. I hate a lot of words, ideas, comments, or life-styles, but I don’t think it’s grounds to crucify a person.

    Lastly, it doesn’t justify Sterling’s obvious problem, but how many people yelling have said something as nasty? My guess every single person that has offered an opinion, regardless of color, myself included. Sterling just said it while being recorded. This is between Sterling and Magic Johnson. Sterling didn’t hurt or mention anyone on the call except Magic.

    I don’t like the color red, am I racist. I don’t want red in/on my car or in my home. Am I racist? I don’t want certain people who wear red in my car or in my home. Racist? I don’t like certain people or their views, nor do I want them in my home because I simply don’t like them or approve of their lifestyle. Am I racist? It’s my right and my ‘opinion,’ but people are threatened by everything.

    Who has stood up and defended the fact that he trusted the person on the phone and that he was being recorded without his knowledge? They were talking about a private issue that was being worked through together. But it was blasted all over to achieve exactly what it did in a radically race sick society.

    I’m going to bait every caller I speak to going forward. I’m going to record their calls and then blast all they say over the media, especially if they hold an important position. This is where our society is headed. This whole charade is sick and it is all about MONEY now.

  • @truehawk93 I LOVE the color Red. My first car (yes, my first true love) was a 1970 Mustang Fastback - Candy Apple Red. I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it. You have offended me. If I knew who you were, I’d sue you for everything you had. lol.

  • http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/10857580/donald-sterling-los-angeles-clippers-owner-receives-life-ban-nba

    Well its been handed down that Sterling has been banned for life from the NBA and they are trying to force a sale of the Clippers.

    Maybe Magic should buy them?

  • @truehawk93

    I get your rant… but Sterling owns an NBA team. That is the difference. That is what separates his actions from ours. In his position, his remarks speak out over the league and relate his % interest in the league as that same % of representation. Therefore… when Sterling speaks, he is representing the NBA. It is political. It is financial. People get hurt not only from his words, but from the domino effect it creates. People are losing their job over his comments. It isn’t just between him and Magic. Maybe if it was you or I saying those things it could be argued to only be at that level. I don’t think anyone will lose their job or sponsorship if I said those comments.

    Not sure what the laws are in California… but in Kansas, you have the right to record a conversation with another party without their knowledge or consent. It only takes one party’s consent to make it legal.

    Sterling is a walking contradiction. He clearly has racist positions, but I don’t think it is based in hatred because he has also been generous in areas that have helped minorities. That’s why he has received recognition from the NAACP.

    BTW: careful… I love metallic burgundy cars! 😉

  • @truehawk93

    If a player had said the things that Sterling said, they would be fined significantly, probably lose all of their personal sponsorships and may even have trouble getting a new contract with another team.

    But Sterling owns the team. He has no contract. So if there are sponsorships lost, its the team that loses those, not Sterling personally.

    And that’s where this changes things. Follow the money trail. As I said earlier, once the major sponsors started bailing, I knew the sledgehammer was going to fall. A group just agreed to buy the Bucks (the Bucks!) for more than $550m. They aren’t going to let some idiot spouting racist bs harm their half billion dollar investment. Over the last few years the Pistons, Warriors, Kings, Nets, Pelicans, and Bobcats have all been purchased. Those new owners spent a premium on their franchises. If Donald Sterling is going to cost the NBA brand sponsors, he has to go because those 7 franchises with new owners haven’t even had a chance to recoup the value of their teams yet. If I have learned one thing about very rich people, it is that they absolutely do not tolerate anyone that devalues any of their assets.

    That’s the difference with Sterling. If this were a player, you could easily say that the player was fined X amount and suspended for the season or whatever, then leave it up to the individual teams about if they wanted to sign someone like that.

    And I wouldn’t exactly cry for Sterling. He will probably get about $800m reasons to quietly walk away from the NBA and the Clippers.

  • From my point of view, the NBA is a cartel. They make up their own rules. That can be good and bad at the same time. I heard Silver state that 75% of the owners can vote anyone out. Silver is asking for that, and he expects the owners to back him.

    Silver hit him with everything he could.

  • @nuleafjhawk You’re all right…LOL

  • @JayhawkRock78

    “Silver hit him with everything he could.”

    Sounds like it. And he may survive his first test and actually thrive from his actions. That’s what I’m hoping because many people around the league view Silver as the right guy to bring big improvements. Stern was just dead weight.

  • Now, let’s see how far this goes to end racism, at least in the NBA. They are one owner and $2m closer to ending it. I’d really like to know how they “donate” the $2m. I’d like to see a list of charities that $2m will assist. Funny how they fined him $2m. I don’t get that part. I guess we can take some money and throw it at a problem.

    Again, like Cuban said, this is just the beginning and all the other owners better take heed. You may not be a sick racist, but now where does it end? What a sad day for bball.

    BTW all: I love the color red.

  • @JRyman That’s exactly what I was thinking. Maybe now Magic can buy the Clippers. Or at least be part owner.

  • @truehawk93 My understanding is that the fine was the maximum amount allowed under the NBA bylaws and constitution.

  • Sad story all the way around. I feel bad for everyone. An 80+ year old man gets banned from a team he owns, for life. The message is clear. This type of behavior will not be tolerated. Adam Silver acted quickly and probably in the best interest of the league. I was impressed. Is it too late to rehabilitate an 80+ year old man? What happens to Sterling?

  • @truehawk93 I’m sorry, truehawk, but perhaps you missed the point of Sterlings’ remarks: He said (of the picture with Magic Johnson) that he didnt want his girlfriend with “blacks” or to be hanging out with “them”. Sounds like his comments went WAY beyond Magic Johnson. Sounds all-inclusive to me. He even included rich-and-famous blacks–so no, his pejorative comments were non-discriminatory amongst individuals. Lol, he offended all…equally.

    Using the color red is a misplaced logic. Why didnt you just use the color black & say you dont like black Ferraris, black Vipers, or black Corvettes or Fords? Because you knew Sterling wasnt talking about the “color” black. He was talking about the race. If you still dont understand, try this: Your college-age daughter (hypothetically) is out partying and posts a picture to social media with a group shot of her with 3-4 Native Americans. Now you get yourself recorded with “1 phone conversation” telling her you dont want her in “photos with ‘reds’, nor be seen hanging out with ‘reds’…”. Nobody is going to believe you are talking about the color red. Stay in context. Stay “true”, truehawk93. Sterling has been condemned almost universally, except by those that think like he does (of course)…

  • The best story I’ve ever seen on human nature is “The Good Earth” by Pearl S Buck. I can’t remember if it deals with racism, but it covers just about everything else.

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