Top 5 Dunkers

  • In no particular order:



    darrin Hancock.

    Kenny Gregory.

    Wilt (I don’t think it was legal tho).

    Honorable mention EJ his freshman season

  • Nice list! My take is slightly different: Top5 KU dunks

    1. Thomas Robinson– (against Baylor in AFH) transition break, alley-oop from Tyshawn…Robinson went 14-15ft high to get the 1-hand tomahawk jam, which he slammed it down-da-throat with Blake Griffin-like force.

    2. Darnell Jackson– (at OklaState, 2007). This one is still on YouTube (“Darnell Jackson Dunks on Oklahoma State”…this was the 1-handed put-back of a missed Chalmers running floater attempt…Afterwards, Darnell did his 3 gorilla-chest-thumps, looking left and right with his signature jut-jawed expression… Words do not do justice to the emotion behind what DJax was going thru.

    3. Ben McLemore– (any number of breakaway authority-jammz). Best one probably off left baseline…

    4. Andrew Wiggins– his absolute picture perfect sky-high oop dunk, from Mason assist…against either EKY or Stanford? Breathtaking athleticism, man, I will miss this kid, the consumate OAD ‘professional’, who never wavered in his goal, or in his team-first demeanor. Nothing but the best for WiggyBaby.

    5. Jeff Withey– Simply because of the feelings and emotion behind how far TallJeff had to come to be a BillSelfBigman, his dunk against UNC where he took off mid-lane, and just pressure-flushed it over the top of Roy’s SoftBigs (the game prior to the Michigan game in 2013). Another great Withey jam was when he dunked on 7ft Jordan Enriquez of KSU in AFH, and broke Enriquez’ nose in the process. Those plays made Withey the NBA draft pick he became.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Marcus Morris sophomore season, after hearing all frosh year how the Twins “couldnt dunk”, he took off at the FT line, slammed it, and ended with the attitude-facial grimace as he squatted down facing the camera (we see this in the pregame intro video, precisely because of the ‘attitude’ it delivers).

    Tyshawn Taylor a poster-boy for the athletic combo-guard with major hops! Any of his transition runout dunks, or alley oop receiving dunks. Best one probably when EJ stole the ball against Purdue and Tyshawn already beat everybody down for the perfect alley oop from EJ. The 1-2 punch that broke Robbie Hummel’s Purdue team’s back.

    Elijah Johnson another of this poster’s favorite athletic combo-guard guys, best in the shadows as an assassin, either in 2012 off-ball with Tyshawn at PG, or receiving an alley oop dunk from Thomas Robinson (such a rare ‘reverse capability’). EJ + TT are my “lesson no.2” for all of Jayhawk nation to remember regarding a Self guard-tandem that can take over a game. Lesson no.1 is, of course, RussRob + Chalmers.

    Kirk Hinrich A rarity for Roy: a combo guard that plays D, and has deceptive athleticism. Kirk’s dunks seemed to surprise everybody but himself. He’s had an awesome NBA career because of his hops and toughness!

    Julian Wright That dunk!.. where he runs back holding his jersey away from his chest simply cuz it was sooo nasty!! That one lived on in the intro video fro a few seasons…

    (Now, Jayhawk Nation, prepare yourselves for Cliff Alexander…)

  • @ralster love all those. Must add Tarik’s dunk over Ridley, the bench going nuts! We’ve definitely been blessed to see some great ones!!! Fun times!

  • Agree on B-mac and Wiggins.

    Other particular dunks that stand out:

    Chalmers one handed dunk vs. Georgia tech with the kick follow through.

    Brandon Rush from Russel Rob off the backboard against Carolina in the Final Four (elite 8?)

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yes, forgot Tarik’s, but that one was BIG. Tarik deserved to be sent out better than we did for him. Exemplary young man.

    @jayhawk12 Yep, I almost put in a Chalmers dunk, where he got in and tomahawk jammed a put-back amongst the flatfooted bigs. I saw him do the same exact thing in an NBA game his rookie season.

    Also, everyone check out the YouTube of “Thomas Robinson dunks over Dwight Howard”…absolutely epic stick-back, and the Laker bench reaction is to die for…(unfortunately for my list, that isnt a “ku” dunk…but probably TRob’s best dunk I’ve ever seen).

  • If we go NBA then we have to include Xavier Henry over Jeff Withey. Incredible.

  • @jayhawk12 let’s don’t count dunks ON Jhawks!!!

  • This dunk is one of my favorites, not only for the expression of absolute domination on Withey’s face but also for the fear in Cobbins’ …

    Withey posterizes Cobbins.jpg

  • @JayHawkFanToo I like it too! Withey had some great faces, especially the one w/blood on him.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Withey’s socks are the ones I bought and wore the day of the last Missouri game. My son and I were at the game and at half time he made me take them off! The rest is history! Never wore them again! Our family is weird!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    You mean this pic?


  • @Crimsonorblue22

    It is not weird if it works…

  • @JayHawkFanToo that’s it!

  • Darrell Arthur had a NASTY dunk on Joey Dorsey of Memphis in the National Championship game. Yet another PTP’er on that 2008 team…

  • I was a big fan of Keith Langford’s dunks. The slashing drive dunk with our relative run n gun offense provided some great entertainment.

    BMac is my favorite dunker from KU.

  • @wissoxfan83 Yeah, Langford really had some hops, especially in his freshman and sophomore years. I believe his knees wore down a bit, so he wasn’t quite as “showtime” in his later career. There were also plenty of quick possessions to go around in his first couple years under Roy, whereas Self liked to pound inside to Simien once he took over. I think poor Keith was the one player that never really adjusted to the coaching change, though he still had some remarkable games under Self.

    Loved the mention of Darrin Hancock as well. I recall a couple sweet windmill dunks, and another where Calvin Rayford laid it off the backboard for him. He was pretty exciting to say the least, and he definitely had some solid contributions during the '93 Final Four run.

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  • Lester Earl could throw it down, before his knees and back went out on him.

  • Tyrel Reed’s dunk in I think the Big12 tournament was fun to see, I think he was amazed too. It really sparked the crowd and the team.

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