What is the worst that could happen?

  • Okay… we have HEMs great work showing us our possible path to a finish this year.

    Seems we have exhausted about everything now… or have we?

    What is the very worst case scenario of what could have happened this March?

    Be creative.

    I’ll give it a go -

    Our first March Madness game is with Wichita State. They somehow made the tourney.

    The walk off virus that hit that team happened just before our game, so WSU came to the big dance with only 5 players, 2 were without a scholarship.

    We were at full strength, everyone healthy and well.

    But we decided to not show up on the court and WSU pounds us by 30!

    It is not only proclaimed as the biggest upset in D1 history… it is mentioned that there will never ever be a bigger upset in the future!

    Our future is toast as we become the laughing stock of college basketball and mentioned negatively in every conversation about D1 from here on out!

    Anyone have one better than this?

  • @drgnslayr Worst case scenario would be a bus or plane crash on the way to the game and everyone is killed.

  • Worst case scenario- KU in line for the number one overall seed, plays no games due to a pandemic. Leaving nothing but what if’s for all.

  • Okay. Both you guys win!

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