• Lawrence – The Jayhawks are dealing with another rash of injuries. The injury issues could not come at a worse time.

    Kansas coach Bill Self reported Monday that senior center Udoka Azubuike “jammed” his left wrist in a fall at practice that day. Self told the assemble press contingent, “It swelled up pretty good. We’re going to let that settle down a bit and get x-rays sometime today. Doc (Jeff) Randall doesn’t think it’s broken. But we’ll see.”

    Azubuike has dealt with wrist injuries during his career at Kansas, missing most of the 2016-17 season, and then another wrist injury caused him to miss the second half of the last year’s campaign.

    When asked about Azubuike’s availability for the Jayhawks’ 6:35 pm Sweet 16 tip Friday in Houston against Ohio St., Self was non-committal. “There is just no way for me to know, Self said. If Azubuike can’t go in Friday’s game, sophomore David McCormack would start in his place.

    More bad news on the injury front as junior Marcus Garrett has a hamstring issue and did not participate in the work out. Garrett, who has dealt with an ankle injury much of the season, speculated that it was related to that same ankle. “Yea, when I try to protect my ankle, my other hamstring gets tight. Today it was really painful. I had trouble walking for a while,” Garrett said.

    Self added that Garrett “will play”, but hedged later saying “we’re hopeful.”

    Finally, sophomore Ochai Agbaji practiced Monday, but was seen with a tight wrap on his right elbow afterward. No information was available as Self had already spoken prior to the observation of Agbagi’s condition.

    As of Monday, Ohio State reported no injuries.

  • Fake news. This team was going to win it all.


    Fake news. This team was going to win it all.

    My exact thoughts.

  • They still will, have faith.

  • Garrett and Doke’s ankles were my fears about KU in the tournament in real life. We saw how ineffective Garrett was playing with a bum hamstring last year so playing on sprained ankle would probably look pretty similar because it would hamper his lateral mobility and his ability to change direction quickly

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 huh? This is the real tournament. What other tournament are you talking about?

  • Yeah, I watched the game last night. I watched Wisconsin play just before and knock Villanova out of the tourney again. KU-Wisconsin is looking good for the final. It’s all very real.

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